Monday, August 31, 2009

Were on The Pocket Blog!

Hey guys, our site has finally made it to The Pocket Blog, and Malcom and I can't thank Allan enough! Since were on the blog, I thought we should have a pretty cool post waiting for our new viewers, and what better than some crazy, awesome Pocket God pictures! These pictures are not glitches, but merely some awesome/weird/funny circumstances that I put my pygmys through, for you enjoyment, and that can be done by anybody ;) So check out my cool pictures (part 5):

This one is called: "Wow, that's a big Dino!"

During the Eclipse...

Party on the roof (I got this one from someone else in the TA forums, and its done by using a glitch)

Fishing for Birds

"Help... it's too crowded!!"

Part 6 will feature;
Shoo, get outa here
"Ahhh, our God is back... quick, hide!'
"Yay, no more Jimbo!"

If you have any other cool photos, or fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll try and feature it here!

Thanks Allan!

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  1. Wow! SUPER congrats! This really brought my attention to your blog, dude, and it's awesome! Very nice work, and don't stop blogging!