Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awesome Signatures

Hey guys, I was just searching through the Pocket God Forums again, but not for fan art this time ;). I was looking at some of the member's signatures, and I found a couple that really stood out, and screamed Pocket God! Here take a look:

This first one is from the member Arikags, and it features him (a pygmy) finding an egg, but not noticing what's behind him XD!

The next one is from The_Dude's signature, and it features a bunch of pymgys on a sinking boat, near a shark! I really like this one because I've always wanted to see a boat in Pocket God, and I hope one day there will be an update about it :)

This next one is my personal favorite because it portrays Pocket God in a very "dark" way. Metalbear's signature is about pygmys discovering fire, and some being able to control it, and others who are not-so lucky ;)

Awesome signatures guys!
I also found a pretty cool photo while searching through the Pocket God Forums, and it features me in it as well :D! Take a look at the "Pocket Sages":
If you have any other awesome signatures or funny fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll feature it here!


  1. who does the pocket god forums and a link too because i want to join

  2. The link will be in my next shout out post that is coming really soon, but here
    also, the banner on the top of the blog tells you who the admins and mods are :)