Friday, August 14, 2009

New Location, New Ideas

Hey guys, Dave has announced that there is going to be a new location in the update following the shark update! I've decided to list 3 great ideas, and I think one of them is going to be picked, but I don't know which yet, so read and leave comments telling me which new location is your favorite!

1. Volcano: This location would feature a pygmys on an "island" surrounded by lava instead of water, and would have a burnt tree with no leaves, and a statue that breathes fire when triggered. Also, the new god powers could be summoning meteors, and explosions, and the earthquake could crack the ground and the pygmys and or lava will fall/flow through! The way you get to this island would be either flicking the pygmy near the island, or riding the shark or a boat, or just switching to it in the menu bar. (Thanks to malcomjudd for help on this idea)

2. Cave: This "new" island would take place on the other side of Egg Island, and the way you would get there would be to flick the Dino back on the rocks, then the rocks would break, and the pygmys would walk over if you drag one of them close to the side of the screen. On the other side of the island, there would be a cave, with stalactites (rocks hanging from the ceiling), and you could spear pymgys on them, and also there would be poisinous spiders, and poisinous water that the pygmys would try to drink.

3. Sky: Touch the red dot, and then a storm comes, and sucks the pygmys up in the air, and then they land on a "solid" cloud with a rainbow going through it, and birds can come and bite the pygmys, and if you raise the sun too high, it burns the pygmys, and they either melt or get caught on fire, and jump off the cloud and get "flattened". Also, if you press the top of the rainbow, a light drizzle of rain comes, along with golden rays of sun, and the pygmys become happy!

Vote on your favorite one by leaving a comment! And hopefully when my blog gets featured on the pocket blog, Dave and Allan will see these ideas and choose one ;)


  1. The cave also, but i'd like to have the volcano also eventually :p