Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fan Art (First Attempts)

Hey guys, I just got a ton of e-mails from all of you, and some pictures/drawings really stood out, so take a look at some of my favorite Pocket God-related pictures:

This picture is my horrible attempt at the same icon that Malcom made (except my version). I did the whole thing in Photoshop, so it was hard to draw, also I'm a bad artist... writing is my thing! Anyway, I'm babbling, take a look:

This next picture was created by saintsalive, and it was meant to "trick" some of us into believing that this picture was the next icon, and the picture after that was an in-game snapshot. Great works saints ;)
(in-game snapshot)

This next picture is the icon for theprez, and he designed it himself, so check it out!

This last photo, was taken by dasuperj, and could fall into the cool pictures category, but since he cropped it, I thought I'd put it in the fan art section! Take a look at Zombie Vs Zombie:

Keep the fan art coming guys, and if you have any that you want to be featured on the blog, e-mail me at!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool Pictures (Even More Zombies)


Hey guys, my last cool pictures post got so many great reviews, becasue everyoen loves zombies, and I got tons of new e-mails with even more new zombie photos, and requests to post EVEN MORE ZOMBIES! So check out part 2 of the Zombie Invasions into The Pygmy Den:

This one is called: Race To Blood

I'm Hungry

Levitating Zombies?

"No, please... go away!"

If you have any cool photos e-mail me at!

Part 14: World Tour Will Feature:
Heat From Within
"Hell" On Earth (By sylux024)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Malcom's Ghostly Review!

Hey guys, the state of the island is now out and the update is going to be great!

Nice! Now that we found out what dave has been doing in two days, he finally released the new SOTI (State Of The Island). What I kinda don't like about SOTI is sometimes, dave talks about things I don't really care about. Like, who's Vicki and her boyfriend? No offense here dave but do we really need to know that? Sure it told us what have you been doing in the last two days but is it really that necessary?

For me, I really don't like the new title. A few days ago, he was choosing from Good Will Haunting, Pygmygeist, or An App Full of Boo. I liked the Pygmygeist better! DX The icon really looks cool BUT I think the icon looks very familiar. Remember what the vampire will do if sunset is upon him? But as I have said, it looks really cool and I have no idea how Allan does those icons with Flash.

The ghosts really sound cool! So if a pygmy dies in the Graveyard, it will do a lot of things right? I'm sure theres an icon toggling this feature on and off. I really look forward to this update because I really want to do something more with the Graveyard. I wonder what the ghost's idle animations are.

So the DLC packs! This will really help PG even if its just for the t-rex. Why? People have been begging for island customizations since the PG update: Idle Hands. The other thing people won't get are babies or girls. It wont come guys! This will really satisfy the people's requests...

So the update could come out on october 9, Dave has the game faster with their optimizations and they have befriended the guy behind geoDefense Swarm. Too bad im not smelling crossovers coz they already have The Creeps! as the Defense Type game.*

So, overall, I can't wait for this update, love the icon but it looks familiar, the update functionality is great and I need to earn myself 99 cents for the DLC packs.

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


NOTE: We are almost at 20,000 views and 100 posts!!! My god, we have come a long way!

Drifting Through Time: HELL DAY

Hey guys, so this is my most random story yet. I couldn't think of anything else to do with the Aguandos, so here is part 2 of Drifting Through Time!
Drifting Through Time: Hell Day

The Aguando's God was furious when the Aguandos escaped his fiery clutches. He said to Himself, "When I find those coward Aguandos who cowardly hid from me in a cowardly way, I'll torture them like I've never tortured them before! I'll zap them while the piranhas are eating them, I'll burn their flesh while they are being eaten by Ants!! I'll make 'em pay. I'LL MAKE THOSE AGUANDOS PAY!!" After the Aguando God said those things, he left the Island to find (and torture) His poor Aguandos.

Meanwhile, back at the strange land where the Aguandos landed, PygmyBob was figuring out where they landed with his close friend, Apollo. They saw ugly "pygmies" wearing some kind of green-camouflage skins holding metal, noise-making sticks. PygmyBob then decided to call these strange "pymgies," Pleeps. The place where they landed was chaotic! All of the Pleeps were wearing the green things and they followed their leader, who had a gold star on his green outfit. He usually shouted and the other Pleeps would follow. When the leader with the gold star saw the Aguandos, he shouted and then the other Pleeps tied their hands together and they were all knocked out.*

When Apollo awoken, he saw that they were in a dark room with only one hanging light at the top and they were strapped in chairs. He tried waking up the other three Aguandos: PygmyBob, Aar and Juhi but there was no luck. Trying to untie himself from the chair, he overheard one of the Pleeps talking to another Pleep. After hearing them, he then knew where they were. He tried getting out of his chair but the rope was tied very well. During his struggle, the Pleep told him to shut up but he ignored him. He continued breaking out, because the information he overheard from the Pleep scared him. Still trying to get out, one of the Pleeps hit Apollo with the end of their metal sticks, an Apollo was out cold again.

PygmyBob now slowly began to awaken, and he tried waking up Apollo, but it seemed he was still out cold. He then tried Aar and Juhi but they were already awake. Before PymgyBob could ask what was happening, The leader with the gold star came out of nowhere, and asked, "Who they were and where they came from?" Upon hearing this, PygmyBob stood up to the leader with the gold star and said, "Why are you asking us these questions?" Intimidated, Pygmybob said, "W-we just want to be like those other Pleeps." Pointing at the people who were doing thousands of push-ups. Surprised, the leader with the gold star said, "Well, are you now? Allright. Since you are new- comers, we will give you Hell Day..." Then he left. PygmyBob woke up Apollo and told him that he "tricked" The leader with the gold star, and Apollo screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHAT?! You made us join a MILITARY CAMP?!?Thats almost as BAD as our torturing God!" PygmyBob's eyes bulged. He frantically ran around the area and he suddenly grabbed Apollo. "We have to get out of here! What have I done!!"

When darkness was upon them, PygmyBob had another ingenious plan to get out of the military camp. The plan was simple, when the big steel gate opens, they would make a run for it, and try to get outside. PygmyBob told the Aguandos that this would be like a prison break and that they would have to be very careful. So when everyone was asleep, the Aguandos went close to the metal gate, unseen, waiting for it to open. The Aguandos patiently waited for the gate to open but it didn't. They waited for hours on end, and then, the gate finally opened, slowly. The blood in the Aguandos veins stirred up and they ran as fast as they could! They were running and running until an open field was shown in the distance, they ran for it, then, BAM!!! They ran into another metal gate but this gate was much larger than the last one. This place was suddenly filled with light, and there was a booming voice, a familiar voice that told them, "There is no escaping my Camp! Oh, you people are Dead! Drop and give me 5000, ready, BEGIN!!!!" The Augandos were doing 5000 push-ups when they saw that the leader with the gold star was the one talking. The Aguandos spent the whole day training, doing push ups and other gut wrenching stuff.*

Meanwhile, the Aguando's God was now following the coconut husk trail in the sea, asking directions from the Sharks that once followed the Aguandos in the Raft...

Sir 967 Sir! Sir 968 Sir! Sir 969 Sir! Then the Aguandos threw themselves to the floor, tired of the horrifyng things that they did that day. The Aguandos couldn't stand it, this place was equally as bad as their old home. They did more than 10,000 push-ups, and had lots of bruises, and didn't have any food, water, or rest. The Aguandos had a Hell Day today and were not looking forward to tomorrow. They pleaded, cried, screamed for freedom but none of their cries were heard. The leader with the gold star didn't have any mercy. The sun was rising, and it was time to start the day with 50 laps around the camp. After that, 5000 push ups and 3000 more for being lousy. While the Aguandos were being tortured, the sky suddenly went dark, and there was a strong downpour of rain and lots of lightning. The Aguandos knew what was happening, but didn't know how to react, should they be happy or frightened? The Aguando's God came out in a thick black smoke with a booming voice, and said, "Who is responsible for bringing my Aguandos HERE?" Suddenly, all the hands pointed to the leader with the gold star. "YOU?! Did you torture my Aguandos?" The leader with the gold star gulped. "Nobody tortures MY Aguandos but ME!!" As the Aguando God launched forward, the leader with the gold star pulled a rifle from his back and shouted an epic battle cry!

Stay tuned for the last part of Drifting Through Time made by swigo8! The next story after Drifting Through Time is being written and its title is somewhere here (hidden), written in my part 2 of Drifting Through Time...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glitches: Dead Pygmy Walking (part 1)

Hey guys, I know your probably wondering why I didn't post about glitches sooner, well I was trying to make sure I got ever last one of them, and put them in one easy place to find, instead of switching from blog to blog :) So without further ado, here are all the GOOD glitches in Dead Pygmy Walking *next update ill post them sooner, promise ;)*! Take a look:

Crazy Rod: Go to Egg Island, and only turn on the egg, the dino, and the fish. Then get a pygmy to pick up the fishing pole, and while he is fishing drop the egg on him. Then let him pick up the pole again, and then drop the egg on him again, and this time when he picks up the pole again, he will be in the water fishing or the rod will go crazy.
This can also happen, if you drop the egg on the pygmy when he has a fish on the line:

Invisible Spear: This next one happens at random times, so if you find out how to recreate it, let me know!

Popcorn Pygmy: Summon a vampire on Skull Island, then summon a pygmy also, and the vampire will try to attack the pygmy. But when the vampire tackles the pygmy, the pygmy will just bounce off of him, and land on the island. If you do this in the corners, the pygmy will bounce forever.
Put a pygmy in the grave, then throw him out, and he will bounce off the vampire into the grave etc...:

Transparent Pygmy: While the pygmys are spinning (from when you bring them underwater), quickly drag a piece of chum from the chum bucket, and drop it in the pygmys hands while they are spinning. The pygmy will become transparent, but will still be part of the game. If this doesn't work on the first try, be patient, timing is key, take a look:

Black Sky: This glitch makes Skull Island a lot creepier, but can be done on any island. Start on Skull Island, then make all your pymgys zombies, and then tap the screen repeatedly to make them dance. While they are dancing, use your other finger to press the storm button on and off really fast, then start dragging the sky quickly. Make sure the zombies don't stop dancing, and stop the dance at the right time, and the sky should turn dark black, but without the storm clouds there, take a look:
This can also happen, if you stop the sky at the right time:

Invincible Burnt-Pygmy: Put a pygmy in the fire, and make sure he becomes burnt. then take that pygmy to Skull Island, and put him in the grave, he should become alive again, take him out of the grave and he will be burnt. Then turn him into a zombie, and when he comes out he will be normal, and invincible, but if you touch him, he will become a zombie, and if you touch him again, he will disintegrate, take a look:

Ooga Zombie: Play Ooga Jump with a pygmy, and when he falls try and make him fall into the open grave (takes practice). When he lands into the grave, he will still be alive, and your Ooga Jump score will remain in the upper right corner. TURN GRAVITY ON! If you turn the screen upside-down when he is in the hole alive, he will fly out and the screen will be messed up. If you turn him into a zombie, then turn the screen upside-down then quickly back, he will not be able to move. And if you burry him halfway, then turn the screen upside-down and back quickly, he will fly out of the hole and many things can happen.
You can also "mess" the screen up so the water isn't visible but the clouds are if you Ooga Jump the pygmy into the grave, then tap him. He will fly out of the hole and then shoot up, and splat down like in Ooga Jump, and this will happen to the screen:

Where's My Wood: This glitch has been around forever and is still here! Turn the fire wood on/off really quickly, then switch islands really quickly, and this will happen above every island:

Storm Ooga Jump: Right before you drop the pygmy on the cloud, and as he is about to hit it, press the storm icon repeatedly, very quickly (takes practice), and your pygmy will either Ooga Jump on a white background:
Or, he will Ooga Jump while the storm icon is on:
Also, while he is falling, press the storm icon really quickly for a long time, and the pygmy will fall forever, take a look:

Wondering Spear: While the Dino is out on Egg Island, drop the spear in a pygmys hand, and while he is about to throw it, and begins to release, switch to Skull Island, and the spear will land there! (Thanks to spidey146 for the picture and glitch!), take a look:

P.S. I know there are many variations of the glitches I posted above, and also many glitches that make the app crash, and just some tiny glitches that don't really affect the game, but i decided not to post those, and let you find them by yourself by following these glitches, and doing your own variation ;)

If you have any glitches e-mail me at!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cool Pictures (Zombie Invasion)

Hey guys, ever since the brand-new island has come out, so many ideas about cool pictures have been popping in my head like crazy, and others too, because e-mails have been flying in with great ideas! So check out how the new island, and the zombies are invading The Pygmy Den:

This one is called: Dance-Off

Vampire Vs Zombie (By spidey146)

"I told you I could fit your math in my mouth..."

~Can't Touch This~

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Part 13: Even More Zombies will feature:
Race To Blood
I'm Hungry
Levitation Zombies...?
No, please, go away!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pocket God World has been updated! (9.5)

Hey guys, the Pocket God World has been updated once, and this time it includes a smokey volcano, and some lava! Also updated, is the bat (it was moved to the graveyard location to make it creepier!)
Take a look at the new and improved Pocket God World:

(Click to enlarge)

Also, if you wanna know about past Pocket God Worlds, check out this site created by hdgreen, and it will give you all the information about past changes made. Click Here!

P.S. For those of you who were wondering about future features, these items will not be added because they are only part of the game, not the actual world:
Lava shooting
Shark-Fire Button
Coconut split in half
Storm Clouds
Ooga Jump (in-game) Clouds
Menu Button/Spawn Button
Bobber for fishing pole

P.P.S. The ghosts and Spider will be added when they come out!!!

News Update!

Hey guys, as you all know, the deadline for the "Pocket God and You" (Twitpic) contest is coming up (in around 1 day!!!), so hurry up and take a picture of you playing Pocket God in an awesome spot, or in an awesome way. If you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, Davlan (Dave + Allan) will reward you with a 64g IpodTouch! So get off your computer and get a picture, you have nothing to lose!
Also, we wanna see your pictures here on the Pygmy Den as well, so leave a comment below with the url of your picture, and Malcom and I will choose our favorite 2 and post them here (if you want)!
Here are some of my favorites so far:

(By Ipoptouchlover)
(By anonymous)

Also some news you may not have heard yet, is that the Pocket God toys are finally out, and looking good! They come in all sizes, and colors, and can be bought for $19.00, $40.00, or $7.00 (depending on size/material)!
Check out some awesome Pocket god toys (and check Dave's twitter for more news):
BTW, my favorite is the clear one :)!

P.P.S. Malcom will post his pictures here when we announce the winners and our favorites!

Flash Report!!

hey guys, just received word that the next update might be submitted friday night and the next update is also going to have a DLC pack of t-rex skins which costs $0.99. so here are some news that might interest you guys.

Apple seems to have some problems about the app distribution process so the next update MIGHT be in its way. :-O!! LINK

here's some bigger news.

does anyone here also has tap tap in their iPods? look what i found in the Tap Tap Report:

- We have received unverified accounts that there is a tribe of people living on a remote South Pacific island, with no outside contact, that have fashioned 3 rails out of fallen palm trees, and smash coconuts as they come rolling down them. Is Tap Tap Revenge in our DNA? We've dispatched Ed on the S.S. Tapulous to investigate, and will report back.

do you know anything about this Dave? :D

new leaderboards are up! seems like there ARE lots of functionalities in the next update. they are:

1. Carried Away by Ghost
2. Pulled into Ghost World
3. Scared to Death
4. Hard of Hearing
5. Become Ghost

i wonder what these new things DO...

for the people who are waiting for the next part of Drifting through Time, the next part MIGHT be out on the weekend.

this is malcomjudd, reporting.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cool Pictures (Messing With Pygmys)

*****!!!!!!****!!!!!!Note: The next couple of cool picture posts have loads of zombies, and a lot of fan art also, so get ready! Also, once I post that one, I'll be all caught up for new cool picture posts. So if you're waiting for your picture to be posted, keep in mind, I have the posts written with your fan art in them... I just don't post them all at once... because that would get boring, and I'd run out of ideas, also it would get really repetitive...
Stay tuned for the posts... Cool pictures: Zombie Invasion, Even More Zombies, World Tour, and Wrong Place Right Time (there's plenty more coming!)
P.S. I'm gonna name the title of the next Cool Pics post at the bottom of the current post, along with the titles of the pictures in that post, to keep you guys excited, and guessing ;) I'm babbling again, Anyway...

Hey guys, I just got a blast of new ideas for cool pictures, but the pygmys suffered a little bit this time... ;) Check out these awesome new photos that my poor little pygmys suffered through for our entertainment:

This one is called: "Whaaaaaa"

"Your wish is my command"

A New Way To Make Fire!

Where's Dale? (By darkie_manu)

Part 12: Zombie Invasion will feature:
Vampire Vs Zombie (By spidey146)
"I told you I could fit your head in my mouth"
~Can't Touch This~

If you have any cool pictures e-mail them to me at!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drifting Through Time

Hey guys, this is part 1 of our 3 part Pygmy Adventure series, and I have the honor of starting it off! This series is based upon The_Dude's idea, and is so unpredictable that not even Malcom nor I know what is gonna happen next. I will be writing part 1 (this story), then Malcom part 2, then I will finish it off with part 3! So stay tuned, we'll be posting 1 or 2 every week! (Thanks to Malcom for the Icon!) Well I tend to babble, so without further ado, here is part 1:

Drifting Through Time
By swigo8

Deep, in the middle of the wild Pacific, a group of stranded Pacificers formed a tribe known as the Aguando. The Aguando were a peaceful young tribe, made up of strong, young men, and they were a brave people, but they lived in fear of their God. This God had many names, and was feared by the Aguando because it liked to inflict pain upon innocent pygmys, and kill them for no reason! But the Aguando would not end after the death of a pygmy, it would then "respawn" that same pygmy, and torture it again, whether it be by lightning, tsunamis, volcanos, or animals that lived on the island, their God forced all to torture the innocent Aguando.
After years of being stranded, and trying to start their own village, one pygmy, pygmy Bob, was fed up with their huts being destroyed, and their lives being put in danger, so he gathered all the Aguando, while their God was tending to other business, and he told them
his plan to get off their island, and away from their evil God. His plan was not too elaborate, but he stated that they must build a raft from the drift wood that just floated up on shore, and that they must hide it from their God, otherwise he would destroy it! So after what seemed like months for the Aguando, they finally had their raft built, and pygmy Bob told them to execute the next part of their plan. After taking a vote on who they should be the one to "anger" their God, it was decided that it would be pygmy Bob's close friends Apollo.

Apollo stepped out from the trees where all the other Aguando were hiding on their raft, and he started dancing. This dancing irritated their God, and it showed that Apollo was happy, and their God did not want any pygmys to be happy, so he summoned a tsunami to get rid of Apollo, and send him to the dangerous waters below, where the piranhas, and super-sharks slept! But as the tsunami crashed down, Apollo ran back to the raft, and jumped on, and the giant waved crashed on the raft, and sent the Aguando flying off the island. But they stayed on their raft, because of their tight grips!
A few hours passed, and their was no sign on their God. The pygmys began to relax, but not pygmy Bob, he knew of the journey that they would have to face next, and he wasn't smiling...
After a few days on the raft, some pygmys began to go crazy, and others were unsatisfied with all the coconuts on the raft, and began to think about eating eachother, and they turned to their leader pygmy Bob, and asked how close they were to new land, and how much longer this journey would last. But pygmy Bob just told them to relax and eat their coconuts, even though deep-down, he knew something bad was about to happen.
Many more days past, and sharks began to follow the raft and eat the trail of coconut husks that were being dumped over board. Lightning began to almost strike the raft, but pygmy Bob did not seem to be affected by the lightning or the sharks, he seemed worried about something worse, much worse...
With only enough coconuts for 2 days worth, the pygmys desperately needed to see land, and thanks to Apollo's keen eye, they did... but it was not like anything they've ever seen before!
Way off into the distance, 30 or more miles maybe, there stood a huge piece of land, that made their island look like dust. As the raft drew closer, the pygmys became more anxious, and began to celebrate! Everyone jumped high in the air, despite their lack of energy, and they began to sing, dance, and cheer, but not pygmy Bob... He still had the horrible look on his face, as though the worst was about to happen, and that everything until now would fail in comparison to what was about to come!
When the pygmys finally got near-enough to the land to make objects clear, they became a little unsettled by what they saw before them. Their were huge hard things shooting out of teh ground, fast metal things with wheels, oddly shaped "pygmys", black grounds, dirty air, loud-noises, and huge metal rafts...
After almost 3 weeks of drifting through time on the pacific, and losing 9 out of the 13 pygmys aboard, the shock of looking at this new land, they were about to enter, scared them even more than losing their family and facing sharks!
Bob, after not speaking or moving for more than 2 weeks, stood up, walked onto "shore", and took a deep breath, and knew this was going to be the hardest obstacle of all, surviving in___________!


Stay tuned for part 2 of 3 written by Maclom!
He will tell you guys the title later this week :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

(Different Systems) and (Next Update Wishes) Polls Are Over

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've updated all the polls, and given you the results on old ones (that you probably don't remember, which will make this even more fun to look back on). But I have added two brand-new polls, and I am delivering the results now :)! Take a look at the results for the "Would you buy Pocket God if it was on a different system (choose a sysytem)" poll:

1st Place: Nintendo (DS or Wii) 64%
2nd Place: Computer 40%
3rd Place: Playstation (including PSP) 31%
4th Place: Only On Iphone! 26%
5th Place: Phones 22%
6th Place: Xbox 21%
7th Place: Other... 15%
8th Place: GameCube 13%
9th (Last) Place: I Hate Pocket God 4%

If you just read this and yelled at your computer, swigo8 your an idiot, the percentages are so off! They add up to over 200%, not 100%! Then your screaming what I'm screaming (partially). I think there may have been a bug in the system while I was away, so the percentages got all screwed up :p Anyway, that doesn't affect the results, of which I agree with them, and voted for Nintendo also :D
For those of you who said I hate Pocket God... your on the wrong site, and I know your just kidding. And for those who voted Other, leave a comment below and tell me what system you are talking about.

I know the "Next Update Wishes Poll" has been over for a while, but since I was gone for a long time, I'm just getting around to posting the results! This poll was pretty focused on a few answers, and I know that Davlan (Dave + Allan) have checked our blog, so this has definately helped them see what viewers want, and when they want it! Take a look at the results:

1st Place: More God Powers 42%
2nd Place: A New Location 26%
3rd Place: More Creatures 22%
4th Place: More Idols 2%
5th Place: A Crossover 2%
6th Place: More Achievements 1%
7th (Last) Place: A Mini-Game 1%

I wasn't shocked to find out that more than 40% of you guys want more god powers for this update, and even I voted for more god powers as well! Luckily for you guys the next update is gonna have more god powers (kinda), and also more creatures (kinda) :) Also for those of you who want ANOTHER new location, I think you'll be happy in about 3-4 updates... (look at the right side of Skull Island, it doesn't end, and the bushes are starting to get higher...)

Since these polls have ended, its time for 2 brand-new ones to start, to take a look at the right side of the blog to get voting :)

PS Stay tuned for the Pygmy Adventure Series Part 1: Drifting Through Time (it will most likely be released by tuesday/wednesday night!)! So keep checking back, and follow us if you haven't already :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Back and Busy!

What's up guys, I just got back from my field trip!!! and was checking over the blog, and I feel really confident that Malcom can run it pretty well without me, if I ever have to go away again, great job Malcom :)!
Anyway, I just got back, and immediately went and did four things:
1.) Update -> Sync -> Play Pocket God Episode 26: Dead Pygmy Walking, and I couldn't agree more with Malcom's Dual Review!
2.) Checked the TA Forums, and found out some pretty interesting news... and a lot of SPAM!
3.) Checked the blog, and was extremely happy with it, but I still gotta get some new polls going, write THE BRAND NEW STORY!!! and post a few things.
4.) I checked my e-mails, and to my surprise I had around 400 fan art and cool pictures e-mails :O!!! So I'm pretty busy right now, and you can expect the new story by Tuesday night (so keep checking back)!

With the new update out everyone is focusing on two awesome things... the next update (duh!), and the brand-new updated Pocket God World! Well, even with all my work, I managed to make the new PGWorld, so take a look at version 9.3:

(New features include: New location, expanded underwater, fixed doodler and clouds, new Pocket God sign, dug-up dirt, and extension to the boulder!)
(Click to enlarge)

Back to the news about the next update!
The title has been released, by Dave, and it is called Episode 27: Good Will Haunting!
The title is a spoof on the movie good-will hunting, but has nothing to do with that movie at all, Dave has already announced that it has to do with Ghosts, and the new update has 33 new animations! So Davlan (Dave + Allan) have their work cut-out for them.

P.S. Expect some brand-new posts, new stories, new polls, many glitches, new fan art, and cool pictures coming in these upcoming weeks! Malwig8 (tell me how that sounds) is busy!

P.P.S. The first part of The Pygmy Adventure Series will be entitled: Drifting Through Time!