Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fan Art (part 3)

I was searching through the TA forums, and other pocket god-related blogs, and I found some pretty cool pocket god comics, and fan art.

This first photo is a comic created by Hodapp of the TA forums, and it may not appear to be "worthy" of being featured, but it always brings a smile, and something new. Thanks Hodapp.

The next photo is a picture of a pygmy "picking coconuts". To do this, just flick your pygmy near the palm tree, and take a snapshot.

This next design was created by hdgreen, of the pocket god forums, and a beta tester for pocket god. He designed this photo, and now it is the first thing you see when you go to the pocket god forums. Thanks hdgreen, and I look forward to seeing more icons in this "quilt" of updates!

This next picture, is a pygmy that has aged quite a bit :p For those of you who are begging for a time-control update, I hope you enjoy this picture.

I hope this picture gets you guys just as excited as it did to me! I found this picture in the pocket god forums, and I think if we ever get the temperature change update, it'll look something like this, but maybe it will cover the whole island!

Don't forget to send in some fan art, e-mail me at or post pictures here or in the TA forums! :)

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