Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

 Hey guys, it's time again for every Pocket God-Junkies favorite seven words...


Check out the new and improved pocket god world (the new one is the second image).

Here is the old version (12.4):

(Click to enlarge)

Take a look at the updated version 13.1!

(Click to enlarge)

What's new in this version:
  • An ice hole has been burnt through the Ice Island
  • Looks like a guest has already moved in (Squid)
  • Our lonely island has a new sharp friend (Swordfish)
  • Higher quality and takes up less room

What's new to come (maybe):
  • The creepy dark sky around The Pygmy Graveyard
  • Small sun/ice cold sky around Ice Island
  • Hot sun/hot sky on Octopus Island
  • Some clouds
  • Whirlpools
  • Storms
  • Ice Geyser/Volcano Eruptions
  • New Update (confirmed to be added)

Stay tuned for the new and improved Pocket God World version 14.0!

Comment below and tell me whether you like the new and improved Pocket God World or not, and let me know what you think should be added or improved.

Stay tuned for glitches and beta builds...


Friday, January 29, 2010

Cool Pictures ("Houston, We've Got Glitches")

Hey guys, check out some more awesome pictures of glitches and "uh-ohs"! Take a look:


Get off my nose!!!



What I think of Pocket Devil (by Grace)

Part 36, Malcom's Hot 'N Cold will feature:
1, 2, 3 Smile (by Malcom)
Heads Up! (by Malcom)
Hmmm, that's confusing... (by Malcom)
The Fantastic Four (by Malcom) This one is awesome!!!!!!!!!
Ugh...Help! (by Malcom)

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malcom's (not so) Dual Reviews!

Hey guys,

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted here, I was just too busy with school, beta testing, and internet problems that interfered with my regular posting. I'm sorry about that, and Allan's sister too.

So, the SOTI (State Of The Island) came out, and then update the update right after! I hope Apple's approval times are always like this for Pocket God updates! Great Job, Ice Hole is an update that includes Temperature Change, a Squid, a SwordFish, and my favorite, the ice geyser (easter egg). If you pinch the sun, it can change the temperature and it can freeze or burn the pygmies, depending on how big/small you make it. The burning pygmies (from the hot sun) burn a hole on the ice island. In this ice hole you can find the squid, the swordfish, and the ice geyser.

The icon for this update is alright with me, could've been better though, same goes for the Now Showing screen for GJIH (Great Job Ice Hole).

This update is probably the most gruesome update yet! I mean, pullin' heads off pygmies, pygmies impaled by the ice geyser, and sword swallowing! That's kinda harsh to small kids who play (and love) Pocket God. So we didn't get like an ice age or global warming in this update like everyone suggested but we did get the squid with a kinda cool microgame. I just think that the eating animation of the squid is too fast and I can't really see it that good. Ah, the ice geyser. I always liked hunting for easter eggs... don't worry guys, I'm not gonna spill the beans on how to make the ice geyser, but here is a hint: if you put something really heavy in the ice hole, you'll get something that is "pwnsome". Another thing that I don't like about this update is the swordfish. Whats wrong with the swordfish... It can't be cooked (future update?).

Oh, I almost forgot about the DLCs. They are AWESOME! This is my favorite and probably the best DLC that Davlan (Dave + Allan) have ever made. This DLC contains a dance cutomization pack with dances like single ladies, fan dance, stayin' alive, the robot, and my favorite, pants on the ground, with complete audio sung by Dave (I never knew he was the one that sung that until he said it in his SOTI). For those who are wondering what is this Pants on the Ground dance, it was a song Larry Platt (a 62 year old dude) sang in the American Idol Auditions that became a hit (which simon guessed correctly). Here's a video of his audition:

I would give this update a B+ and an A++ for the awesome DLC pack. I wonder what the next update might contain, comment below with your ideas.

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


Monday, January 25, 2010

Technical Difficulties

***The problem has been solved, thanks for anyone who volunteered to help, but I managed to fix the problem, while also bringing our blog more into the future for formatting and design, and controlling better posting, by updating our blog. The blog will look a lot more "colorful" now!***

We are experiencing major technical difficulties on the blog.

Our posts formatting as we write the posts are very disoriented, and posting photos is becoming increasingly hard, for we cannot see the photos when we draft posts.

Malcom will try and fix this early tomorrow, so hopefully we can resume posting at a continuos pace, and talk about the new update, show photos, dual reviews, spoilers, cool pictures, glitches, the pocket god world (looks awesome), and all that very, soon.

For now, there is an awesome spoiler game located underneath this post!

If anyone reading this has any experience with serious blogging, computer background, has taken computer classes at a moderate level, or knows anything regarding formatting and settings adjustment, please e-mail us at one of these (preferably both) e-mail addresses:

Thanks, and hopefully the blog will be up and running later today, or tomorrow.

Please contact us, and be patient!


Spoiler Game!

Hey guys, the crew over at the Pocket God Forums have supplied us with an awesome Spoiler Game showing us 5 very revealing spoilers if you manage to find them all that is ;)

Remember to read all the directions very carefully, and become a member. The only way to view all the areas in the forum that have spoilers is by becoming a member!

Remember you have to become a member to view everything, it is FREE, EASY, and FAST!

Good luck, and stay tuned for Great Job Ice Hole, it will be out very soon (apparently Apple's approving time is within 5 days)!

Get searching!

P.S. Malcom's Dual Review for the SOTI (State Of The Island), will be out shortly, along with the actual SOTI, more cool pictures, and the icon.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even More To Report

Hey guys, with Dave's permission, and the announcement found on his twitter, it is now safe to give you guys some more hints, and get you even more stoked about the new update. Here are some new things in this update:

New Features:

An Ice-Hole
Temperature Change (Hot and Cold)
Flaming pygmies
A Squid/Octopus
An Achievement "Game"
A Swordfish
MANY, MANY new sacrifices
A Dance DLC (its awesome!)

The "_______" stands for new features that have not been announced yet.

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Really Quick News Update

Hey guys, swigo8 here with a very quick news update, and a couple spoilers and hints.

First, we betas have started receiving builds, and we are already testing build number 2 (of around 5).

The update will most likely be submitted by Thursday or the end of the week.

Second, beta tester hdgreen posted some "spoilery" news about the upcoming update. (Note: he says the update is called Nice Job Ice Hole, but he made a typo, it is actually called Great Job Ice Hole.)

Third, here is a little rhyme I made about what things you can find in the new update (not to revealing, but enough to keep you guys guessing, and occupied). Take a look:

This update has a whole lot of new features, and maybe, even a few new creatures.

I will keep posting upcoming news,

Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Poll Results

Hey guys, sorry about the long delay on a lot of these poll results. Also, there are a few polls that I have the results for, that I haven't posted yet, because they deserve their own posts, and will determine the future of the blog. So I will get around to posting them soon :).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the results for 3 polls:

*UPDATED* What is your least favorite feature on the blog?
(In order from least favorite to favorite)

1st Place (Least Favorite): Pygmy Adventure Series 37%
2nd Place: Ideas 10%
3rd Place: Games 10%
4th Place: Achievement Tips 8%
5th Place: Dual Reviews 7%
6th Place: Glitches 5%
7th Place: News Updates 4%
8th Place: Contests 4%
9th Place: Beta Tester Stuff 4%
10th Place: Polls 2%
11th Place: Cool Pictures 2%
12th Place: Fan Art 1%
13th Place (Favorite): Pocket God World 1%

I am taking these results into consideration, and I will be posting fan art more frequently (I have already started that), also, there will be another poll about the Pygmy Adventure Series, to see if Malcom and I should continue it or not.

*UPDATED* What is your favorite feature on the blog?
(In order from most favorite to least)

1st Place: News Updates 22%
2nd Place: Glitches 21%
3rd Place: Cool Pictures 15%
4th Place: Beta Tester Stuff 8%
5th Place: Pygmy Adventure Series 8%
6th Place: Games 6%
7th Place: Pocket God World 4%
8th Place: Ideas 4%
9th Place: Contests 3%
10th Place: Achievement Tips 3%
11th Place: Polls 1%
12th Place: Dual Reviews 1%
13th Place: Fan Art 1%

The results don't completely match up with the poll before it, but same concept.

What are your top 5 favorite ways to torture your pygmies?

1st Place: Ghosts 53%
2nd Place: Zombies 44%
3rd Place: Killing with Shark 36%
4th Place: "You know you like Pocket God" 35%
5th Place: Ooga Jump/Flatten 32%
6th Place: Must go to the Bathroom... 30%
7th Place: Spider 28%
8th Place: T-rex 27%
9th Place: Burnt Food... 24%
10th Place: Cooking Them (bonfire) 24%
11th Place: Burning with Magnifying Glass 21%
12th Place: Hurricane/Lightning 20%
13th Place: Dodo-Bird 20%
14th Place: Piranhas 18%
15th Place: Flicking in the Volcano 18%
16th Place: Gravity Deaths 18%
17th Place: Spearing 16%
18th Place: Fishing Accident 14%
19th Place: Crushing with Boulder 11%
20th (Last) Place: Drowning 11%

Personally my favorite ways to kill my pygmies now are on the Ice Island... and some new features in the new update ;)... Stay Tuned!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fan Art 10 (A Pygmy's Nightmare)

Hey guys, check out some more awesome fan art sent in by our viewers! Take a look:

Speaking of a pygmy's nightmare... this might scare them a little bit, but I don't know if Davlan (Dave + Allan) would ever incorporate oldskooler81's idea of SPAM in Pocket God... but that's just my opinion ;). For those of you over at the TA forums, you probably understand this photo a little more (SPAM = Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages), we used to have some problems with spamming over there, thus explains the photo. Anyway, I'm babbling, take a look:

Hmmm, that's a pretty interesting food pyramid... Still great work gavinrotty!

This next drawing was sent in by katyah, and it features the Pocket God World if it were to be drawn by hand. Great work katyah (the dinosaur is awesome). Take a look:
(Click to enlarge)

This next photo was sent in by Pocket God-Junkie spidey146, and it features his iPhone's homepage screen. This is the definition of commitment. Great work spidey, take a look:

This next piece is by Cameron Bess, and it is just all around AWESOME! There's soo much to say about this piece, but I tend to babble, so I'll leave the interpretations to you, while I admit that I'm a sucker for a good pumpkin sculpture ;). Take a look:

Amazing work guys!

If you have any awesome fan art send it to, and I'll feature it here!

Part 11 is coming soon!

Fan Art 9 (Back And Better Than Ever)

Hey guys, I know its been a while since I've posted any fan art, so I thought I should change the "rules" a little bit ;). Instead of only posting 4 pieces of fan art I'm gonna post 5 in every post! So without further ado, here are some awesome pieces of art sent in by our fans:

Remember way, way back in the day when I chose my favorite 4 icons from The Pocket God Forums, and posted them, well... I forgot to post Saintsalive's even though it easily ranked i the top 5. So check out Saintsalive's (God of the animals) awesome icon:

For this next photo, I'm kinda glad I waited so long to post it because its always fun to look back and see what us viewers though the next update would look like ;). Check out Oldskooler81's interpretation of what the spider was going to look like in Pocket God:

This next picture was posted by oldskooler81 of the TA forums, and it's his interpretation of what a "1 year anniversary" update for Pocket God would look like with DLC. Great job oldskooler81!

This next drawing is one of my favorites. It was sent in by Pocket God-Junkie cameronbess, and it features a "mask" of a pygmy turned vampire! Take a look:

This next image is awesome because no one has ever done anything like it before for Pocket God fan art, and I personally think its funny and awesome. Check out gavinrotty's idea of putting a pygmy in Super (pymgy) Monkey Ball...I think it would make a pretty good crossover ;). Take a look:

Great job guys!

If you have any fan art that you want to be featured on the blog, just send an e-mail to, and I'll feature it here!

Stay tuned for Part 10!

What If...

Hey guys, I know it's hard to admit, but have you ever wondered about the end of Pocket God.1.? What it would be like? How it would end? What would happen? What the game would be like?

Well, personally, I have, and over at the TA Forums, we had a big discussion about it, and I gave my input on how Pocket God.1. would end. Here is my idea:

Personally, I hate thinking about the end of Pocket God.1., but if/when it does "end" (a very loose term), I would like to see this...

The pygmies find a lever on its own island once you flick them in the volcano 9 times in a row. There is a tiny piece of land, just like a clump of sand in the middle of the ocean, with a silver lever on it, with a red "handle". If you drag the pygmy to the lever it tries to pull it, but is unsuccessful. The only way the pygmy is ever able to pull this lever is if you reach Demi-God (subject to change) in every Achievement in Pocket God.1.

If by chance you do happen to reach Demi-God (per-say) in every achievement, then you have to flick the pygmy 9 consecutive times in the volcano (shouldn't be hard for a pro), and then the pygmy goes on the island, and pulls the lever, and then the screen pans out and you see the volcano erupt violently, and shake the screen, then lava rains down on Octopus Island, only, and then finally after all the pygmies on the island jump in the water and drown, and the statue crumbles, the top if the screen fills up with lava (like James Bond), and then the screen cuts to a drawing (by Allan) of a pygmy pulling the lever (the pygmy has the same face basically as the icon of "New Home", when he found the egg). Then the screen slowly goes black, and says, "Stay tuned for Pocket God.2. (insert name of the new Pocket God)". Then an option comes up after a determined time, and reads, "Click to keep on playing, or link to Pocket God.2. in the iTunes store."

That's my idea anyway ...

Comment below or e-mail me at with your idea, and I'll post it here!
Try to attach a picture (drawing, painting, computer art, sculpture, animation...etc...) of your idea as well, and I'll post it here :)


Find The Differences Results

Hey guys, I know it's been a while from when I posted the "Find The Differences" game, but I have the results of who won, and I'll give you all the answers so you can check to see if you got them right!

Congratulations to PocketGuy11 for finding all 16 differences BEFORE anyone else :) Great job PocketGuy11!

Here is the Pocket God World without any changes:
(Click to enlarge)

Here is the Pocket God world with all 16 changes:
(Click to enlarge)

Here are the answers:

1. Looks like Mister Chill has a new flying friend over at Ice Island
2. The Doodler seems a little "sketchy" in my opinion
3. Mister Chill loves the holidays
4. Hmmm, is that and Ice-Hole I see...
5. Down under Ice Island it seems like there's an extra school of fish
6. Weren't those Pocket God signs white?
7. It seems like the underwater statue has attracted some coral
8. Those pesty ants... we need an exterminator
9. What if a pygmy wanted a coconut...
10. This poor pygmy gets skewered every time
11. The T-rex has got a cavity
12. Dino Island has a new "fishy" pal
13. Say howdy to my new friend on Pocket God sign #3
14. I thought I made the Pocket God World... not Maclom?
15. Looks like another piranha has gotten loose
16. Hmmm, wasn't there a glacier somewhere in the background?

Once again congratulations to PocketGuy11, great work!

Comment below, and tell me if you liked this game or not, and if I should do another one!

Pygmy Search Results

Hey guys, after weeks of looking for more glitches, trying to find more cool pictures, looking for news on the new update, beta-testing, and trying to manage the blog during this period of long-wait, I have FINALLY gotten around to revealing the winner and the answers to the "Pygmy Search" game!

Congratulations to Brendan for finding ALL of the pygmies faster than anyone else!

In total, there were 16 pygmies to find, and some were pretty tricky, because a bunch of you who sent in guesses, thought there were only 14, or 15.

Here is the Pocket God World with 16 hidden pygmies:
(Click to enlarge)

Here are the answers:

1. Looks like Mister Chill has bitten off more than he could chew
2. Some little pygmy has found warmth in the igloo
3. One pygmy wants to keep Pocket God sign #1 close to his heart
4. The underwater statue is looking pretty hungry
5. I never knew a pygmy could fit in one of those meteor holes
6. One adventurous pygmy is going shark-riding
7. I guess this guy gets flicked to the volcano everywhere he goes
8. Does that T-rex have a beard?
9. If I were a pygmy, I wouldn't want to get stuck between those two bickering piranhas
10. I hope that fire isn't too hot
11. Hmmm, I never knew pygmies could tame birds
12. Looks like pygmy twelve likes Pocket God sign #3
13. Now that's one sticky pygmy
14. Pygmy fourteen can't get enough of Ooga Jump
15. Looks like pygmy fifteen loves to hang out in the corners
16. Pygmy sixteen loves Bait Master, or maybe it's just the anchor...

Once again, congratulations to Brendan!

The "Find The Differences" results will be posted later this weekend, along with many Poll Results coming later this month, and a ton of fan art, and new features!
Hopefully we'll have a News Update shortly, Dave is really busy!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cool Pictures (Cold is the new "Hot")

Hey guys, believe it or not things are about to get even chillier, take a look at some awesome photos of an extreme cold front rolling into Pocket God. Check it out:

What are you looking at?!?! (by Malcom)


"Someone play with me :'( " (by SIDART)

Hot, hot, hot!

I'm hungry

Part 35, "Houston, We've Got Glitches" will feature:
Get off my nose!!!
+1 more (name to be announced)

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Prison Break: Battle From Within

Hey guys, I just got back from vacation, and I had no internet, so I couldn't post that much, but I'm back now, so here is the long-awaited sequel to Malcom and my Pygmy Adventure Series: Prison Break. Part 2, entitled Prison Break: Battle From Within.
The concept and summary was by me (swigo8), but the story itself was written by Malcom, and he did an amazing job! Sorry it took so long! Take a look:

Prison Break: Battle From Within

Ryan jumped out of his bed shocked by the startling noise. As he hastily got up, he tried to figure out where the noise came from, but then felt something gently touch him from under his bed. He looked under his bed and saw something very familiar... Ryan grabbed what was under his bed and dragged it under his bed lamp. Once he got a clear visual, he immediately dropped it as soon as he saw that he was actually holding a real pymgy!

"Hello Ryan, you know me right? Im your favorite Pygmy when it comes to torturing, right? After all I am The Boss... and being The Boss has its privileges," the pygmy said, "Tribe Nuwakuu, get Ryan!" Ryan, whom still could not believe that the Pygmies came out of his iPod, into real life, tried to move but couldn't. Something was holding him. He turned around and saw that the other 5 pygmies were holding him, and he realized that he couldn't break free from their hold, no matter how hard he tried! The Boss said, "Oh, don't move Ryan, we will just get rid of you slowly and painfully!"

Ryan screamed and looked around him to see if there was something he could use to get rid of the Pygmies, and escape without injury. As he looked around the room, he saw a ball, a bunch of papers, a heavy book, and a hockey stick. "That'll do," he thought to himself. He reached for the stick and swung it at the pygmies holding his feet. He got his feet free and stood up, went for his iPod, which he placed in his pocket, and then for the door. He quickly locked it, but the pygmies were breaking his door down using their bones, and slowly getting through. Ryan tried to think of a good place to hide... The School's Cafeteria, he thought!

When Ryan finally got to his school, he thought to himself, "Why did I choose to go here?" After rethinking his decision, he realized it actually was the best hiding place, and shrugged, then went to the cafeteria. When he got to the cafeteria, he saw mean, old Ms. Schwartz sleeping on one of the tables. He thought that if she caught him being there in the middle of the night, she would (again) shout at him. So Ryan tried closing the door to the cafeteria quietly, but instead it made a loud creaking noise that made Ms. Schwartz wake up. "Who's there?" Me. Schwartz crackled. Then she saw Ryan at the door. "You again? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?!" But before Ryan could answer, there was a noise echoing in the school corridors. Ryan pleaded to Ms. Schwartz, "Shh! They're coming! Quick, hide!!" "Why? Why would I hide? Who's coming? You'd better tell me right now Ryan or i'll give you Detention EVERYDAY!!" "Alright, alright, relax," he mumbled. "These little prehistoric people from a game in my iPod are heading right for us, and now they are out and trying to kill me!" Ms. Schwartz laughed, "Ryan, thats the dumbest excuse you've ever said to me. Now let me check what that noise is, it might be the police looking for you, you little delinquent.

Ms. Schwartz headed right for the door, and then Ryan heard her scream at the top of her lungs. There was a crash, a punch, and a loud thud... then silence. Ryan was hiding behind the garbage can, trying to see what happened to old Ms. Schwartz. "I wonder if she's dead," he thought. But before he could check, the Pygmies came barging into the cafeteria. "I gotta get out of here," Ryan thought. He ran as fast as he could while trying not to be seen by the savage Pygmies. Fortunately, the Pygmies didn't see him... but unfortunately, they heard him.

The Boss said, "After him, don't let him escape! Go wherever you think he may hide, now!" Ryan was now out of breath, he stopped at the janitor's closet and opened the door, but there was a pygmy inside! Shocked by his discovery, he ran into the science lab for safety. Panting like a dog, he opened the door again, only to find that The Boss was searching there as well.

Out of ideas, Ryan ran to the last place he would ever have thought of... The Girl's locker room. Luckily for Ryan, there were no pygmies to be found. "Alright, I think im safe for now. I gotta call for help," he thought. He pulled the iPod from his pocket to Tweet someone because he didn't bring his iPhone. When he looked at his iPod, he saw that the App Pocket God was still on... He tried pushing the "plus button" to see if any pygmies would come out, but to his surprise not even one pygmy appeared.

BAM!!! As Ryan tried to open up Twitter, the door to the girl's locker room was slammed open, and all the pygmies, including The Boss stood in front of him. "Get him," yelled The Boss! Ryan was startled because of the crash, and accidently he dropped his iPod on the ground, and something happened...

All the pygmies (except The Boss) started to levitate! The Boss said to his minions, "What the heck?! You're all still affected by the game?... Good thing Ryan made me Invincible awhile back..." Ryan tilted his iPod where The Boss was standing and the pygmies all flew into The Boss. BANG!!! All the pygmies collided and hit The Boss hard, knocking him to the ground.

Ryan quickly went for the door again. He checked his iPod and he saw that it had only 10% battery remaining. "Oh no! How can I defeat the pygmies without my iPod?" he thought. Ryan was trying to get out of the school when a Pygmy grabbed him by his leg. He screamed and looked at his iPod, then quickly performed the pygmy dance, and the pygmy let go, without a choice.

When he got outside, the Pygmies were coming for him. So he used the Statue's Easter Egg to get rid of all of 'em. "You Know You Like Pocket God!" ... The five pygmies turned into dust! Ryan checked his iPod and saw that the five pygmies were back into the game and were controlled by him again, as if nothing happened. But from the ashes of the dead pygmies, The Boss emerged, still living! Ryan quickly made one of the pygmies in his iPod go fishing,y and then overcook the fish. When the fish was finally overcooked, it disappeared from the screen and dropped from the sky in the real world. "This burnt fish is one of the ways to get rid of Invincibles," Ryan excitedly thought. The Boss was going for the fish, and everything was working out perfectly! The Boss began to lift the fish slowly, and drop it into his mouth, but then, all of a sudden, the overcooked fish disappeared out of thin air.

Ryan checked his iPod and saw that it had no battery remaining! The Boss said, with an evil grin on his face, "Hehehehe, now its just you and me Ryan!" ... ... ... ...

What will happen to Ryan next? How will he get home and put The Boss back in his iPod? Find out in part 3 of 3 in the Prison Break trilogy...

Part 3 will be written by Malcom and I as well, and will be entitled: __________ (To be Announced)

Release date is: ________To Be Announced (soon)

Happy Holidays, please comment below!