Monday, August 24, 2009

Glitches: Idle Hands 2 (part 2)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, when I came across some interesting new glitches! Sorry if these have been posted on GlitchSpot, or any other glitch-related blogs, but these are my own variations, and they were founded by either me, malcom, or our viewers :) So here they are:

This first glitch is where the fishing pole gets bent.
Recreation: Turn on the gravity functionality, then while a pygmy is fishing, pick up half of a coconut, and hold it there. While the pygmy gets a bite, tilt your iphone/itouch to the left, and the fishing pole will be bent.

This next glitch is where you can have anywhere from 2-6 islanders "fishing". (I have all 6 here)
Recreation: Go to the Egg island, and turn on the fishing icon, and the fire icon. Get the pygmys to stack all the firewood on the fireplace, then drop the fishing pole on the fireplace a bunch of times, until a pygmy picks it up. After the pygmy picks the pole up, he will fish, but he can't catch anything, don't touch the screen, but watch for around 5 minutes, and this will happen: The sound of the fishing pole will repeat over and over, one pygmy will slide off the bottom of the screen with a pole, all the pygmys after a short amount of time will fish!

This next glitch is where the lightning goes underwater.
Recreation: Turn the storm clouds on, then get lightning read, but don't use it, then while your still holding the lightning, use your other hand to summon a tsunami, then resurface (never let go of your other hand), and then finally when you resurfaced, let go of your hand holding the lightning, and the lightning will look like it's gone off screen towards the bottom.

If you have any other glitches, comment below or to the side, or e-mail me at

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