Friday, August 21, 2009

First Post!!

hey guys,

thank you swigo8 for a nice intro, and as he said, ill be contributing here in the blog(we should have a proper title for this blog, right?). so i guess ill just introduce myself, im malcomjudd(my real name is a secret but i guess all you have to do is pick one of the two names in my username).im 15 and i live SOMEWHERE in asia and i specialize in photoshop and flash. im much more of a designer than an artist, so if you dont like my drawings, dont complain!

so you might be thinking, what will i do here?well, i manage the designs in this blog so if you'd like to see some changes or something should be added just write a comment. i also give two reviews about PG, first one is about the State of the Island/The Dave Report and the second one is about when the newest update is released...
so before i end this post heres a little something i made. but unfortunately, i dont know how to post gif animations in here. XD!


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