Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to The Pygmy Den!

Hey guys, Malcom and I came up with a great idea, that since we were just featured on The Pocket Blog, and our views have almost doubled, we thought it would be good to re-introduce ourselves to our new viewers, and tell them/you about the blog, and what we do here, in-case you didn't fully read The Pocket Blog summary about us :) I'll go first!

Hey guys, I'm swigo8, but my real name is Oliver, and I'm the main writer, poll-designer, and creator of The Pygmy Den. I'm 14 years old, and I am a senior member in the TA forums, an iPocket God forums moderator, a member of The Pocket God Forums, and an absolute Pocket God junkie! Some of my posts that you will be seeing often or can check out in the blog's archive (on the right side of the screen towards the bottom) are: Cool Pictures, Achievement Tips, Fate of The Island, Fan Art, News Flashes, Ideas From The Viewers, and Polls! Welcome to our blog, and check out anything your interested in!

My other partner here on the blog, is malcomjudd! You can call him Malcom for short(tho i dont know if that's his true name..) He is 15, and is the main designer of the blog, and he created our awesome banner at the top! Malcom's designs and changes to our blog has brought in a truck-load of new viewers, and made the site look more interesting. Malcom is from somewhere in Asia (he likes to keep it a mystery), and he also designs icons for upcoming updates (you'll see that some of them in his posts). He is mostly a designer though not an artist, so if you don't like his art... deal with it ;) Some of Malcom's posts consist of: News Flashes, Malcom's Dual Reviews (he reviews the new Dave's State of the Island and the New Update when it comes out), and Malcom's Art (awesome stuff)!
Check out one of his "icons" that he created:

Here in The Pygmy Den, we usually feature the News Flashes, Rumors, Fan Arts, Glitches, Dual Reviews, Polls, Achievement Tips, and our speciality, the 24 Hour Feature where different time zones are taken advantage...

Welcome to The Pygmy Den, and if you have any questions or want your fan art or glitches to be featured on the blog, e-mail me at swiggy08@aol.com, or leave a comment below!



  1. Hey i have a blog on pocket god check it it out it haz been around for 3 weeks but i went on vacation for a week or to you would make it more popular and i only have 1 follower some kid named hammer25.

  2. hi my name is zane i live in california i am 14 years old as well

    reading what u two have done has inspired me i was wondering if maybe i can join in on some of the blogging i have a lot of opinions and read about pocket god everyday

    it would be so cool if u could respond

    please e-mail me at bladezjr@yahoo.com