Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cool Pictures (Dawn of The Ghosts)

Hey guys, looks like the ghosts are striking again :p Take a look at some not-so-scary ghosts:

This one is called: Bring it!

Bow down... bow down to me!

Gotta love that fish ;)

What the heck is that?!

Fishing for ghosts?

Part 24, Cool Pictures That Speak For Themselves will feature:
~Are we human... or are we... GHOSTS?
Now that's scary!
Told you I could swim :p
Eww, I see your undies

If you have any cool picture e-mail me at!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool Pictures (Letting The Pros Take Over)

Hey guys, this is the strat of something new I am going to add in the cool pictures post! Because it is so popular, I've decided to post 5 pictures in one post from now on, instead of just 4!!! Anyway, this post is for all you extremely dedicated fans out there who always have fan art and cool pictures to send in, and the never seize to amaze me! Also, Malcom sent in his very first cool picture, and it is awesome! Take a look:

This one is called: Before (by spidey146)

After (by spidey146)

Ugh! I hate fish (by pggamer)

Bulimic pygmies (by malcomjudd)

That bats on steroids

Part 23, Dawn of The Ghosts will feature:
Bring it!
Bow down... bow down to me!
Gotta love that fish ;)
What the heck is that?!
Fishing for ghosts?

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy Is Out!

!!!Post Updated!!!

Hey guys, I know I'm a little late here with the news, but I was trying to let the ending of Drifting Through Time and the beginning of Prison Break have their "lime-light". Anyway, Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy has been released, and the update is pretty awesome in some parts and well... not so awesome in others, but I'll let Malcom tell you about that in his Dual Review.
Anyway, this update has a brand-new creature on the island... A gigantic dog-like spider! Also, the battle optimization was changed around quite a bit so now the T-rex can only be hit in the head, and every time he eats a pygmy, he regains energy. You may have noticed that the T-rex is a lot faster now, and can't be tapped off the screen also. There are also new feint-enabled achievements for killing both the T-rex and the Spider in as little spear throws as possible. This is pretty hard, but I've managed to get the god achievements for both the T-rex and the Spider ;)
My favorite part about this update is definately the amazing Halloween DLC! It is incredible, and I can't seem to change my island back to its original contents because it is so good ;) So if you have $0.99, go buy it now!
But if you need more convincing, here is a link of all the DLC (click the buttons like in the game to scroll through) Click Here!

Also, I will post the achievement tips for how to kill both the Spider and the T-rex easily in a couple of days.
Also, also, the winners will be announced within a few days, and I will speak to them privately so I can award the prizes, which I will share with all of you soon.
Also, also, also the Pocket God World is on its way, and it looks awesome!

Here is Malcom's Dual Review:

Hey guys,

So, this update contains a Giant Barking Spider which you can kill like the T-rex but it isnt that easy. They have made the battling system more challenging and a lot harder. The other thing that is new in this update is the Halloween DLC pack which is incredible. Download it if you can, not like me :(, I still dont have any money to buy the DLCs. So get downloading! Oh, and as Allan said, rate PG in the iTunes Store because of their new competitor, Pocket Devil...

So when this update came out, I downloaded it via the repurchase trick and opened it, there was this New Screen which tells you about the latest contents of that update. It really looks great and they should've done that earlier.

The barking spider literally barks and whines like a dog. I dont know if I hate it or like it yet. The spider looks nice, kinda what I expected. Tho I expected that the spider could do something more than "webbing" and eating the pygmies. The battle system is great! It added some kind of challenge in PG which I have been looking forward to. The T-rex (and Spider) are now way harder, better, faster and stronger which adds a very nice mini-game into PG. To all the people who are saying that its impossible to get the God Achievement in hunting these two creatures, it is possible, but its just hard. As dave has said, "It takes some skill and practice to get it." What bugs me is that the spear needs to hit the HEAD not the body. If the spear doesnt hit the head, nothing happens and the creature eats another pygmy. But overall, the new battling system is GREAT but the Spider should do MORE...

The DLCs are great just by looking at them. I just looked at it coz I can't buy any DLC yet. Its perfect for halloween and the skins are awesome like the Sand and Underwater Statue. They really should have a DLC for naming the Creatures of Pocket God or probably skinning the Island Trees...

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



By the way, the new update name is Pyg Chill (as in big chill), and is about... Weather change! Dave said, "expect a new weather front to hit Pocket God"!

Prison Break!

Hey guys, here comes the next Pygmy Adventure Series story... Prison Break! We released it back-to-back with the final part of DTT coz we made you guys wait long enough. This story is about... well, you'll just have to read to find out! :D

Prison Break! By malcomjudd

Lalalalala♪ Ryan Blake was singing happily while he was torturing the Pygmies of Pocket God (a very popular iPhone game) on his first generation iPod Touch. Ryan was very mean to the Pygmies, feeding them to fire ants and flicking then into volcanoes. He spends hours playing Pocket God, he even ignores his school work, his parents and even his friends, in order to play! In short, he is an absolute Pocket God-Junkie who enjoys killing Pygmies mercilessly.

One day, when he took a break from torturing the Pygmies (which happens rarely), he went to his computer and checked the Pocket Blog (the blog where he gets his latest Pocket God news), and saw a very interesting post. There was a Picture Contest entitled: Twitter Yer Picture with Pocket God on yer iPod! It was a contest where he would picture himself with Pocket God on his iPod in a creative way and the winner would win a 64gb 3rdgen iPod Touch. The other winners would win a consolation prize of Pygmy Statues. So he spent all night thinking of ideas on how to win, and he spent the next day shooting pics of himself and hoping he would win the contest. It was nearly twelve, midnight when he finished and uploaded his pictures onto his computer, and sent them to "@pocketgod on Twitpic." After that, he played PG for two more hours and then finally went to sleep.

It was school today. Ryan was frustrated because he couldn't bring his iPod in school because of the new school rule... NO GADGETS ALLOWED! So he spent the whole day, a Pocket God-less day daydreaming that he won the Picture Contest and that he was messing with his Pygmies. His teacher, Ms. Schwartz, was kind of old, maybe in her mid 40’s and was very strict (She’s so strict that if you coughed, she’d send you to the Principal’s Office.) “Ryan Blake!!!” The whole classroom suddenly awoke out of terror by Ms. Schwartz's ear-shattering screech. “What are you doing?! You’re supposed to be finishing the test!” Ryan said, “I was just thinking about how to find of the value of "X", Ms. Schwartz.” “If you are thinking about the value of X, then what are these bone-headed people drawings on your test paper? Are you trying to mock ME by drawing these, these people??” “But…” “Go to the Principal’s Office!!” Ryan chuckled because Ms. Schwartz was red when she was shouting at him.

As he went to the Principal’s Office, Principal Ched was bashing his computer, writing a letter to someone. When Principal Ched looked up and saw Ryan, he said, “You again? What did you do this time?” But before Ryan could answer, Ms. Schwartz came out of nowhere and said, “He was mocking me Principal Ched! He drew these bone-headed people on his test paper.” Principal Ched said “These bone-headed people don't even look like you, Ms. Schwartz.” “I’m sure I was the one he was trying to draw. Give him detention!!” “But I didn’t do anything wrong!” Ryan said nervously, all he wanted was to get home early to see if he won the Picture Contest. “You did something wrong!” She barked. “You drew onn your papers! You violated the Test Paper Law!” “But there’s no such thing", replied Ryan! “OF COURSE THERE IS!... DETENTION RYAN BLAKE, AFTER CLASS!!!”

After three long hours of Detention, Ryan went home bummed, but excited because he really wanted to know who won the Picture Contest. He immediately booted up his PC, it seemed like forever for the startup because of the suspense. When he checked the blog, Ryan’s name was written there BUT he wasn’t the winner. He was one of the winners with the Consolation Prizes, The Pygmy Statues. Checking out what he won, he was shocked to find out the statue was a foot tall, made of stone, and it was a figure of a Pygmy holding out its hands, scared! Thinking that it was better than nothing, Ryan jumped for joy knowing that he won a very nice collectible of Pocket God. As a kind of celebration, he got his iPod out and tortured his poor Pygmies.

A week after that, Ryan received a package from San Francisco at about 9pm. He wondered why the package came so late in the evening. Hurrying upstairs, he opened the box and found another box, an antique-looking box. He found the Pygmy Statue, but changed somehow? The statue was supposed to be stone, but the one he was holding was made of wood, and it had two red crystals for eyes. Ryan didn’t know if he would return the Statue for it to be replaced or to keep it because it looks so frickin’ cool. He then opened up Pocket God and did the Invincible Pygmy Glitch just for fun. After that, he placed the iPod beside the Pygmy Statue for display. Looking at The Pygmy Statue, Ryan saw a small piece of paper in the hand of the Pygmy that he haven't noticed before. The paper was crumpled and old-looking. When he looked at the paper, There were something written in it, and he read it aloud: MARUU KLARII MOONA OOGA!! "Thats dumb!" and Ryan finally went to sleep. The Pygmy Statue’s eyes seemed to glow in the dark. He forgot to turn off his iPod, so Pocket God was still ON. The glow of the Statue’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, it was so bright that it could blind someone. After the light dimmed down, six little tribe-like people emerged from Ryan’s iPod. They were a half-foot tall, had big, round heads, brown eyes, and brown skin. They were the Pygmies from Pocket God, and they were looking for someone... someone that they wanted to get revenge on. “Ryan!” The Boss said. He had a scratchy voice. He had 5 other troops with him: Chood, Bart, Indy, Eros and schWARTS. The boss was untouchable because he was the one Ryan bestowed the Invincible Pygmy Glitch on. “Oh, Ryyyyaaaannnn!," screeched the boss, "We are finally here now, in YOUR WORLD! We will give you hell after because of what you’ve done to US!”

What will happen to Ryan next? What will the pygmies do to him? How will he hide from them? How will he defeat the invincible pygmy AKA The Boss?! Find out in part 2 of Prison Break made by swigo8!

PS: i wrote this story BEFORE i won the picture contest. i wrote it after i released DTT: Hell Day. This is also my first story so please leave some comments. have i told you guys how much i love to see comments on my posts? so please, LEAVE SOME COMMENTS

PPS: The Final Part of DTT and The Dual Reviews are also located BELOW this post...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drifting Through Time: Aguando's Last Stand

Hey guys, I know I've been saying that I would post the ending for sooooooooo long now, but every time the deadline comes for it to be posted, I always get busy with work, Pocket God-related things, and just about everything else :p and never post it!
I am really sorry for this, but I think I have redeemed myself by FINALLY making a deadline and posting the ending to DTT (Drifting Through Time)! So take a look at part 3 of 3 of Drifting Through Time:

Drifting Through Time: Aguando's Last Stand
By swigo8

The Troop-Leader's battle cry startled even the most powerful soldiers, and made the helpless Aguando's shiver out of fear. There were hundreds of "pleeps" staring the Aguando's evil God dead in the face but that did not make frighten him at all, for he knew that the soldiers could not harm him, for he was a God and they were mere "pleeps". The Troop-Leader came forth and said, "You are not wanted here! These natives belong with us now, and they do not wish to return with you."

The God opened his eyes even wider than they were before and became even more infuriated! He summoned lightning from the sky and zapped hundreds of troops, and said, "You are mere humans... I am a God, the most powerful God there ever was! You do no scare me, and cannot tell me how to treat my Aguando!" The Troop-Leader, who was still not frightened at all stepped forth from the crowd once again and faced the God. He spoke up and said with an attitude, "If these Aguando really mean that much to you ~sir~, then you must give us something in return for them, or they will remain here forever!"

The God thought about this idea, and spoke quietly to himself for a while. Meanwhile, the Aguandos, of which there were only 5 left, Aar, Juhi, Apollo, PygmyBob, and Lotrin, began to sneak out from the crowd and head for the gate that they could not escape through earlier. Aar and Juhi were very badly injured and were holding everyone back, and Lotrin (the only female left) was limping even slower because she complained her stomach was sore and she did not feel well. But despite their injuries, Apollo and PygmyBob snuck to the gate, and tried to open it.

After many minutes of pushing and sweating, the Aguandos finally managed to break through it, but it triggered an alarm. *Beep *Beep* Beep* Everyone turned around including the Troop-Leader and the Aguando God. "STOP," yelled the Troop-Leader, "Or we will fire!" But the Aquandos kept on running. Their god was not pleased with this and blamed the troop leader for not being responsible and being a typical, lazy human. The Aquando God flew through the clouds and summoned an earthquake , which stopped all the soldiers in their tracks, and caused many of them to fall unconcious.

With almost all the soldiers unable to fight back, the Troop-Leader had to step in so he could destroy the God. But as he went to grab his gun, the God zapped him with lightning and continued after the Aguandos.

The Aguandos witnessed their God unleashing his fury on all of the troops and knew they could not escape his wrath any longer. Aar and Juhi were in pain, and Lotrin was sick, and even Apollo was becoming disoriented! They stopped running and turned around despite PygmyBob telling them they should continue. Their God approached them with tremendous force. He spoke to them in a loud booming voice, "You have betray me, deceived me, angered me, and worst of all lied to me!" PygmyBob violently responded, "You do nothing but torture us all day, destroy our villages, and bring new creatures such as spiders to bark up our trees and make us crouch in fear! Doesn't this justify all we have done?!"

Their God paused for a split second before answering then responded, "Do you really enjoy being HERE more than your HOME with ME?" He looked around at the pygmies and found his answer.

With disgust he turned away and said, "You will be sorry for this, for if you think I have been an unholy, unjust, and non-civil God, just wait till you see what else is out there." With these last words their God left into the darkness without sound or explanation.

The Aguando's stared back-and-forth between each other with a confused but happy look on their face because they all knew that that would be the last time they would ever see their God again.

Hours went by, soon hours became days, and days turned into even more days, and the pygmies still had no idea where they were or where they were going. They had no food, no water, and Juhi has fainted many miles back, and they were forced to leave him there. Many miles later Aar, Lotrin, Apollo, and PygmyBob stumbled upon water, freshwater, in the form of a shallow lake. They all immediately ran in, except for Lotrin who still complained of stomach aches and who was throwing up their entire journey. After rinsing off and drinking water and eating wild berries around the lake, and sharing everything with Lotrin, they confronted her to see what was wrong. She said that her stomach had been hurting her since they left Aguando Island, and that it just started hurting her even more a couple days ago. As she started to finish her story, and come to an accusation, Apollo, who was swimming in the lake, dissapeared. Aar noticed he was gone and dove in looking for him but could not find him no matter how hard he looked.
PygmyBob dove in and checked every inch of the shallow lake but could not see how someone could go missing in a lake this shallow and small.

After 3 long, grueling hours they gave up on looking for Apollo, and sat down in horror and grief about losing their friend Apollo. After a long night of silence and sorrow, Aar woke up the next morning to find Lotrin covered in blood, and a new-born baby crying beside her deceased body.

Aar and PygmyBob knew something horrible was happening but could not explain it! They knew it wasn't poisoning, water, food, sleep, or any other physical problems, so they concluded that their old God must've done something to them before he left. They immediately ran out of fear, and took the baby with them, and after many hours of running, they came across a gigantic hole in the ground with a sign on the outside reading, "Safety in the hole".

Aar and PygmyBob did not understand what this sign meant since it was in language they had never seen before, but they went in the hole anyway because it was a good shelter, and as the began to relax for a little, a huge, green, flashing light covered the sky, and a big, metal "cloud" began to descend upon them.

A voice echoed, "I... Am... Your... New... G-O-D" "Your.. Old God... Called... Me... Since You Have... Betray Him" "Your Life ... Is ... Going... To Be... Mine Now." "If you thought... GodGuando was bad... just wait.... I am ... e...v....E....n.... WOrSe...."

As Aar, PygmyBob, and the newly named Tahi looked up, they new that there journey was just beginning and that these new green creatures, with jumpsuits on were there new Gods. They both new that they had made a huge mistake leaving "GodGuando" behind, and not returning to their "peaceful", little island!

The End!

Hey guys, I hope you liked it :)
This is the last part (part 3 of 3), which means this is the end of PygmyBob's journey.
But since this pygmy's adventure is over, its time for a new pygmies to start!....
Malcom will post his new story, PRISON BREAK, tomorrow, so stay-tuned!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the story, just comment below, and I'll answer them!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cool Pictures (A Pygmy's Adventure)

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to all those wondering pygmies who seem to be attracted to trouble! So take a look at my tribute to the wondering pygmy:

This one is called: Dead or Alive?


Good... Now touch your toes

"I told you Twister was a bad idea" (By pggamer)

Bonus: Beef-Stew! (By rastamonkey)

Part 22, Letting The Pros Take Over will feature:
Before and After (by spidey146)
Ugh! I hate fish (by pggamer)
Anorexic Pygmies (by malcomjudd)!
That bats on steroids

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Barking Spider Spoilers!

Hey guys, I just came across a video courtesy of the Pocket Blog, and oldskooler81, and in it there is a sneak peak of the new update, Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

The spider is located around 16-20 seconds and 60-62 seconds!
Here is the link:

I also took some "stills" (pictures) of the spider in action, take a look:

Spider in battle:
Spider just getting hit by the spear:
Spear being thrown at the spider:
Angry spider:
The spider retaliating after getting hit by the spear:
A spider eating a pygmy:
Spider either about to shoot out a web, or eating a pygmy:

I can't wait! Thanks Davlan!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fans Have Spoken

Hey guys, here are a couple more awesome ideas, that I thought I'd share with you! Take a look:


Title: The Sky is Coming Down Fast!
Icon: A pygmy standing under a "broken" cloud with a scared/confused look on his face.
Synopsis: The pygmies broke the sky. Theres an option to turn off/on which lets you break off pieces of the sky, and hit the pygmies with them. Behind the sky of course, is covered in static. The pygmies then freak out, but when they run around, nobody helps them. Because when your TV is out, nobody can hear you scream.
DLC Pack: Meteor:
Pumpkin, Magic 8 ball, Bowling ball, Metal, Cloud, Biscuit, Glass sphere.


Title: Pocket God 2: Pygmies in Space!
Prologue: When you start a new game, there is a video of the pygmies on the first island and then an alien ship comes and abducts the pygmies and the ship flies away to the red star at night. Then we see the ship landing on mars and aliens bringing the pygmies in a space station. We see a hologram of the alien leader mocking the pygmies. Later the pygmies are put in cells and find a hole in the wall that they climb through. That is when the video ends.
Synopsis: You have to escape the alien factory, we control ooga. There is a control pad. There is a menu at the top of the screen and you can choose pygmy weapons or alien weapons. There are also functions from the original game like a button for the T-Rex which sends a T-Rex out to kill the aliens. A spider button that sends out a spider that shoots webs at the aliens and then eats them. There is a button for zombies that come and eat the aliens. There is a ghost button also that makes ghosts come and pull the aliens into the ghost world. You can only use the t-rex, spider, zombies, and ghosts, a couple of times, but the weapons are unlimited. The game ends with Ooga freeing all the pygmies and they get astro suits and go to the UFO and fly back home but find that they are on an island in the future----->Pocket God 3!

Great ideas guys! Hopefully they will be in Pocket God one day :p!

If you have any ideas, e-mail me at, and try to attatch a picture along with your idea!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where's ~Waldo~?

***Note: We hit 30,000 views!!!***

Hey guys, my good friend oldskooler81 of the Touch Arcade was inspired by some of my cool pictures here on the blog, and created a Where's Waldo (Pygmy Addition) for the blog! Check it out, and see if you can find everything.
Some things are a lot harder than others, and you have to look very closely and in the background.

You have to find:
A scared pygmy
A cooked fish
A cooked chicken
An out of sized zombie
An out of sized vampire
(Click to enlarge)

Good luck!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spoiler "Game" Hints

Hey guys, for those of you complaining about not being able to find out how to get the spoiler, and bad-mouthing me and the blog, I am sorry. I thought it would b fun for you guys to "earn" and look for the spoiler in a fun way, which would make the spoiler even better when you actually found it. I also thought that since I posted 6 images before this game, that you guys were pretty satisfied for a little bit and a game would've been fun...

Please give me some feedback if you liked the game or hated it or anything in between so I can know for next time. (Juts comment below)

Anyway, if you have not found the awesome spoiler yet, keep looking for the prize!
Here is the link for another hint:

If you still can't get it after that hint, here is the link of the actual spoiler:

Also, someone suggested that I should make a Halloween Pocket God World (special addition), what do you guys think? Comment below and lemme know!

Oh by the way, some of my friends over at the Touch Arcade made an awesome blog a while back that hosts contests for tons of apps including Pocket God, and they give out awesome prizes!
It's called TourneySpot, click the link and check it out!

Note: We are almost at 30,000 views! Our biggest competitor blog, but also co-blog has 32,000 views, so we are very close to passing them ;)

Malcom's Dual Review is located right under this post!

Malcom's Dual Reviews!

hey guys, this week's very nice. my new iPod came and the SOTI came out the next day. the icon's funny and just what i had expected but im still looking for an icon thats better than ROTP icon and SWFLATTH icon...
hehe. i knew it. PG sales will be weird because of the great feedback the 3.0 users make and the BAD feedback(and ratings) of the non 3.0 users who cant update PG. cmon! the update only costs $5. it even has great new features and i still dont know why they cant upgrade. The new DLC pack sounds very interesting. even if i cant buy the DLCs, it looks great! the skins is great for island customizations...
i was expecting more functionality in this update. oh well! i guess the new battle functionality will be great enough to make us forget that. i think the new battle functionality will be great and hard which i was looking for before ROTP was released. i wonder WHY its hard. dave mentioned that the SIZES of the two creatures will make you strategize and what makes the minigame hard. maybe the weapons has some physics in it depending on the position where the pygmy threw it and how far the creatures are. anyway, i still cant wait how the new battle functionality goes.
ok, so the next update will be a clean-up update. i wonder what that cleanup update contains. i think there should be a cleanup update where it contains a bunch of DLCs but no/little functionalities. and if theyre going to do another new location, maybe they should put the Ice Island/Jungle-Portrait Island. for the ice island, you can easily put the temp. change there while the jungle-portrait idea while open up lots of things like plant monsters, giant mosquitos, monkeys and vine swinging...
also, there's some buzz going on the forums because of the new app that is an imatation of PG, Pocket Devil which has used a LOT of PG features. the island-like theme, chapters, the menu. i think that just by looking at the screenshots, PG is WAAAYYY better. im not saying that because im a PG fan. im saying that coz if you look at the artwork, the gameplay and its ORIGINALITY, PG is WAY better...
this is malcomjudd, reporting...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Spoilers!

Hey guys, WOW! Spoilers are rolling in left and right, and I tried to condense almost all of them in the post below (check it out for many spoilers!), but I thought this spoiler deserved it's own post!
I'm not gonna be such a nice guy here, and instead of doing the usual thing, of just posting it, I'm gonna make you work for it!
Hdgreen conducted a game in which you must follow the directions and look for discrete hints EVERYWHERE ON THE PAGE INCLUDING THE ENTIRE WIDNOW!
If you follow the directions correctly and have the brains to figure out how to find the spoiler and get to it, you will see a picture of a brand-new, amazing DLC!

Please do not post the answer on how to get the spoiler in the comments section, it will ruin everyone else's fun! If you figure it out you may say you figured it out, but do not reveal how to do it, or I will unleash my wrath upon you ;)

Here is the link to the spoiler "game", and if you have a very keen eye you may be able to see the prize!

Image and game courtesy of hdgreen!

P.S. I will post how to find the spoiler in the next couple of posts! Good luck, and get hunting!


Do not read on if you do not want to see awesome spoilers ;)!

Hey guys, here are 5 new images courtesy of hdgreen, of awesome new items in the upcoming update Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy! Take a look

This first one is one of the new Halloween DLC skins for the moon:

This next one is awesome! It is a new DLC skin for the bird. It makes the bird only bones:

This next one is a new island DLC skin that can be applied to any island:

This image is of a pygmy stuck on the spider web and one of the baby spiders coming to "eat" it:

This last image is the face of the momma spider on the health bar when you battle it:

Thanks hdgreen!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Pictures (Ghostly Revenge)


Hey guys, looks like the ghosts are striking again ;) Check out these awesome ghosts who just can't get enough of the Limelight:

This one is called: Ugh! Just missed...

I dream of ghosts

HAHA, Your butt is whiter than mine

Attack of the monsters

Bonus: "Should I be more afraid of the ghost, Bob, or the zombie about to eat my brains"

Part 21, A Pygmy's Adventure will feature:
Dead or Alive?
Good... now touch your toes
I told you Twister was a bad idea (By pggamer)
+ Bonus by rastamonkey!!!

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Check out this picture of the new Halloween skin for the meteor on Statue Island:
^Thanks masgroomes97!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New SOTI: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

Hey guys, the new SOTI (State Of The Island) was just released, and wow, it had a lot of information in it!
Dave talked about the new update BSCP (Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy), the new DLC Pack, and even future updates ;)

Here's what Dave has to say about the new update:

About the update, we are introducing a humongous spider into the graveyard island. We retweaked combat with the T-Rex and the Spider to make it more challenging and also added it as a challenge that you can do with friends. There are new achievements for combat based on the lowest number of spear throws it takes to knock one of these down and I have to say, it's pretty hard. Because if the difference in sizes, each monster needs a slightly different strategy to take it down. Some of the betas had a reaction that it was way too hard at first but there are techniques you can learn in order to get better at it over time. I think it will end up being a fun challenge and it brings more life into the T-Rex so those skins don't go to waste. We also made the spider web interactive, you can drag a pygmy into the web, call a small spider down to cocoon it, and then trigger a bunch of baby spiders to eat the pygmy from the inside out.

Dave also let us know that the new DLC Pack is a Halloween skin pack, consisting of Halloween skins for the volcano, the doodler, and many, many other things!

To read Dave's full State Of The Island Click Here!

You should expect the update by this weekend (around Sunday), but you know how Apple is...

Also, !!!Spoiler Alert!!!:
The next update is a clean-up update for most glitches, and will take about 3 weeks to recieve!
The next 3 updates after that will be another trilogy, and it will contain a New Location!
^Maybe we will finally get to know who created all the mysteries in Pocket God ;)
What do you think?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pocket God World has been updated!

Ladies and Gentlemen... it is time again for your favorite 7 words...
The Pocket God World has been updated!
At first, I didn't know if I should update it or not, because technically the zombies and the ghosts are "pygmies", and I decided early on that I would never add pygmies, but after a lot of persuasion from beta-tester Hdgreen, and re-thinking a few things, I decided to add the Zombies and Ghosts. So take a look at the new and IMPROVED (in many areas) Pocket God World, but first, I must crush your dreams a little bit ;)...

These items will never be added to the Pocket God World (sorry):
Storm Clouds
Shark-Fire Button
Ooga Jump
Open Coconut
Grave Engraving lighting up
Bird pooping
Fish/Shark on land
Bathroom door open
Ghost Light
Cooked Things
Anything to do with DLC
Octopus Statue lighting up
Spear being thrown
Fully dug-up Grave
Lava shooting out
etc... (if there is anything I missed, comment below)

Anyway, here is the old Pocket God World, version 9.5:
(Click to enlarge)

Here is the new and improved Pocket God World, version 10.1:
(Click to enlarge)

Stay tuned for the Spider ;)!


***Note: Both glitch contests end when Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy is released!

Glitch Contest!

Hey guys, both glitch contests are still continuing, and no one has claimed the prizes yet... So HURRY UP. The first contest will continue until someone figures out how to recreate that glitch, but the second contest will end when "Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy" is released!


If anyone can recreate this glitch, and give steps on how to recreate it, 5 options of prizes will be available to them!

Here is the glitch:

Sticky Tail
1.) The shark gets stuck in the air randomly!
(This picture was from this update, but the glitch has been around for a long time)
I took this picture, and it is real!

***2nd Place contest:

Recreate this glitch, and provide steps on how to recreate it.
A smaller prize will be rewarded!
Here is the glitch:

Island Mumbo-Jumbo
1.) Things from Egg Island appear on Statue Island
2.) The objects must stay on the island, not just fall from the sky
*Picture taken by me, this update*

E-mail me your entries at

Good luck, and get going!


Hey guys, as you can see I have "upped the awesomeness" of the blog, yet again! ;) Instead of having 2 polls (which is a lot), I have decided to add an extra 2, yes you heard me correctly, I have doubled the amount of polls on the blog! :O!!!
This is my way of apologizing for being late on the Drifting Through Time finale. After I release the awesome ending (soon), I will also post Malcom's amazing new story entitled...
Prison Break!
^I have read the story, and let me tell you, it is his best work yet, and the icon... let me just say you will be impressed! We will release it back-to-back with the ending of DTT coz i made you guys wait long enough...

Our brand-new polls give you the control of what you want the future of our blog to be, and also let's Malcom and I see your input on what you think of Pocket God now, and the State Of The Island!

The results on the last 3 polls will be posted shortly, and I have a special surprise to go a long with them, since the results were almost unanimous!

So check out the right side of the blog, and get VOTING!

***Note: I will post the ending to Drifting Through Time, when we hit 30,000 views!

***Note: We are on our way to almost 50 followers, but still have some work to do. The dead-line is still December 1st (it was changed a while back from December 31st). So get all your friends and Pocket God-junkies to follow!

***Note: Don't forget about the contest having to do with the glitches at the bottom of the "Good Will Haunting glitches" post!!! But more on that later ;)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Will Haunting Glitches!


Hey guys, as you all know, I like to post glitches after the update has circulated a lot, because that way I don't miss any and THEY ALL FIT INTO ONE POST! So here is a very organized list of ALL THE NEW/COOL GLITCHES in Good Will Haunting:

Tiny Ghost
1.) Go to an island with a fishing pole
2.) Make sure the bird is on
3.) When you catch a fish try to make the bird carry a pygmy away
4.) As he carries him away change to the Skull Island
5.) The pygmy will come back as a ghost but he will be a smaller than usual

Awkward Vampire
1.) As a bat is about to bite a pygmy, make the ghost scream
2.) The bat will follow the newly-turned-ghost, and eventually bite him
3.) The ghost will turn into a vampire, but whenever you touch it, it turn back into a ghost
4.) You can control which direction the vampire is facing
5.) You can make the vampire a zombie as well, and the zombies will be "awkward"
6.) There are many more variations of this glitch, try them all!

Ghostly Bouncing
1.) After doing the "Awkward Vampire" glitch above, drag the vampire into the water
2.) He should be stuck below the island, but you can still see him
3.) Then drag a normal pygmy and try to haunt the pygmy in anyway
4.) If done correctly, the ghost will be back on the island and float at surface level
5.) If you drag him up and let go, he'll start bouncing up and down

1.) Spear a pygmy underwater
2.) Go up to Skull Island before he gets pulled in
3.) He will get stuck under the island as a ghost

Scared Forever
1.) Drag a ghost toward a pygmy, but miss
2.) The pygmy will have a scared expression, and will be invincible

Floating Away
1.) Ooga Jump into grave
2.) Create a zombie with that pygmy
3.) Kill the zombie
4.) A ghost will be created, and the screen will follow him wherever he goes
5.) Drag him "Into the Light: and the screen will stay up high
6.) Quit Pocket God to return things to normal

Spooky Fisherman
1.) Drag a ghost toward a fisherman on any island
2.) Many, many things can happen (leave a comment below for some of these things)!

Head In The Clouds
1.) Drag a ghost to the very top of the screen
2.) Drag him again
3.) He will get stuck at the top of the screen

Ooga Ghost
1.) This only works if you cannot access Ooga Jump (very rare) (to undo restart PG)
2.) Throw a pygmy into the air, and make him land on a cloud (turn ghost icon on)
3.) He will enter Ooga Jump bit the screen will stay below (Ooga Jump sounds will play)
4.) Slowly tilt the screen left or right until he falls (takes a while)
5.) After he dies, you will have a tilt-controlled ghost

Sticky Head
1.) Drag a ghost to the farthest left side of the screen, quickly
2.) The ghost will get stuck on the left side of the screen

Sideways Floating
1.) Do the "Sticky Head" glitch
2.) Touch the ghost
3.) The ghost will float sideways

Here are some old glitches that still exist:

Ninja Pygmy
1.) Place a pygmy in the grave
2.) Cover the grave
3.) Right when the zombie comes out, flip the iDevice upside-down and over
4.) A normal pygmy will come down
5.) Tilt it again, he will turn into a zombie

Stone-Cold Dancer
1.) Make a stone pygmy from by using the bonfire
2.) Drop it in the grave (he will become alive)
3.) Turn him into a zombie
4.) Make everyone dance, he won't dance...

Many Fisherman
1.) Have a pygmy stack one log in the fire-pit
2.) Repeatedly drop the fishing rod on the dire pit
3.) If you get lucky, a pygmy will pick up the "rod" and start fishing
4.) The rod keeps spawning though
5.) Add more pygmies and get them to pick up the rod as well
6.) There can be 6 pygmies fishing at once

1.) Turn storm cloud and bird on
2.) Catch a fish
3.) When the bird goes to pick-up the fish, zap it with lightning (takes practice)
4.) Tap the zapped bird
5.) He will fly off into the water

Weird Sunsets
1.) Quickly switch between night and sunset
2.) Ugly Sunset
1.) Quickly switch between day and sunset
2.) Happy sunset

Cannibal Glitch
1.) Everyone knows this one

Endless Fall
1.) When a pygmy falls in Ooga Jump turn the storm clouds on/off repeatedly, quickly
2.) He will fall forever

More Cannibal Glitches
1.) Put a pygmy on one-half of a coconut
2.) Make the bird poop on him
3.) He will pick up the "coconut" and eat it

Dark Sky or White Sky
1.) Refer to Dead Pygmy Walking Glitches

T-rex Belly
1.) Pygmy gets eaten by T-rex
2.) Touch the T-rex right after the pygmy was eaten
3.) The pygmy pops out

There are many other glitches that don't really affect game-play that I did not list!
There are also many variations to the invincible pygmy glitch that I did not list!
There are also many glitches that make the app crash that I did not list!

If you have any cool/new glitches that weren't listed above, comment below or on the side of the blog!


If anyone can recreate this glitch, and give steps on how to recreate it, 5 options of prizes will be available to them!

Here is the glitch:

Sticky Tail
1.) The shark gets stuck in the air randomly!
(This picture was from this update, but the glitch has been around for a long time)
I took this picture! It is real!

***2nd Place contest:

Recreate this glitch, with steps on how to recreate it!
Smaller prize will be rewarded!
Here is the glitch:
*Picture taken by me, this update*

Good Luck! E-mail me or comment if you figure out how to recreate it. My e-mail is!