Monday, August 10, 2009

7 Pygmys!

No, I did not get the title wrong, look at the picture under this sentence, and count the pygmys.....7!, wait what?!?! Yes, there are seven pygmys, and I'm gonna tell you how to get them all, and trick your friends!

I was trying some cool new things on pocket god, and looking for some glitches when I had an idea. I wanted to get 7 pygmys on an island at the same time, so i thought of any possible ways I could of done this...... and after about five or so minutes of thinking ;), I had an idea. Everyone here knows how to do the pygmy cannibal glitch I presume (if not go to the glitchspot look at my full profile). So you start off by doing the cannibal glitch, but right before the pygmy takes a bite out of the burnt bird (pygmy), add all 6 pygmys as fast as you can, and take a snapshot! If you time it right, which is hard to do at first, go brag to all your friends, and show them your pic, and say I have 7 pygmys on my island. :)

This trick looks a lot better if you take away the names of your pygmys (make them nameless by clicking the in-game button "A"), because then it looks like your cannibal pygmy is just holding a regular pygmy, which makes this more believable.

Glitchspot feel free to add this if you want but gimme credit ;)

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