Monday, August 31, 2009

(New Blog Name) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the "Do you like the new name of the blog?" poll is over, and the results are in! I take your votes into serious consideration, along with Malcom, so make them count for the future. Anyway, here are the results:

"Do you like the new name of the blog?"
1st Place: Yes! 60%
2nd Place: You Changed it? 16%
3rd Place: No! 16%
4th Place: No opinion. 8%

Malcom and I have decided to keep the name of the blog the way it is now (The Pygmy Den), because 76% of you liked it! But since this poll is over, its time for a new one to start! Check out the right side of the blog, for our 2 new polls:
What are your top 3 favorite icons? (pick 3)
What is behind the rock on Egg Island?

If you have any ideas for new polls e-mail me at, or leave a comment in the comments section under this post.


  1. wow we both pick Jurassic Park and the same 3 icons

  2. haha great minds think alike!