Monday, November 30, 2009

Malcom's Dual Reviews!

Hey guys,

The SOTI's out and it is time once again for Malcom's Dual Reviews!
The reviews, however, will probably have some changes in it. How/Why is it going to change? Well, I've got some big news for you guys...
Around the beginning of November I received an e-mail from Dave telling me that I am a BETA TESTER!
I have been testing this update for the past weeks and I have to say, this is the BEST update so far!

So the icon is really... nice. I didn't expect that Allan would put the IceMon (Ice Monster) in the icon though. I thought that maybe a part of the new island or something would be put in instead, but it's still really awesome looking! However, I'm still waiting for another EPIC icon from Allan.

On a different note, these are the times I was worried about for Pocket God. The times where Pocket God gets closer, and closer to its end and the time for Bolt Creative to replace it with a sequel or another game :( I cant even think of what kind of update Pocket God will have after the ice trilogy, but I hope before this trilogy ends, Davlan (Dave + Allan) does something special for Pocket God's Anniversary. Unfortunately, Dave didn't say anything about the anniversary though. :(

So the update... As Dave said, its "worth" two and a half updates in one, which makes your wait worth it! This update has NO LAGS, the new island which has an igloo, a tree on the side of the ice island, a glacier in the background that turns into the IceMon when you flick a pygmy into it, and the new map feature! The new igloo also has tons of functionality: the pygmies can "hangout" in it, cook fish in it, blast a pygmy to the ice monster, and even a couple other things ;)

The IceMon is diffrent from the other Creatures of Pocket God though. Instead of using a spear to "kill" it, you flick pygmies. This is great because the IceMon has offenses and defenses based on what you do with him and all you have to do is play with it a little, and you'll get used to battling it... I'll also put an achievement post on how to battle the IceMon easily after the update is approved.

The new map screen is also great. It has a cool transition when it goes on/off. Oh, and the Holiday Skin Pack is awesome! It provides skins for tons of objects, just like the halloween pack. There are skins for the bird, the volcano, the statue and A LOT of other stuff.

My only regret is too bad they didn't do the temperature change in this update. :( But if they did, this update would be the greatest update in Pocket God history. However... Swigo guessed what the trilogy would contain based on Dave's hints and information, take a look:

Ice Island --> The Pyg Chill
Ice Hole --> Great Job, Ice-Hole
Temp Change --> Eight Degrees Below

I may have made up a couple of fake update titles but thats PROBABLY the order of the trilogy.

***Davlan, hear our cry! Please do something REALLY special for the Pocket God Anniversary! Maybe a SPECIAL EASTER EGG or ANNIVERSARY PACK or a functionality that is related to the anniversary a little bit! ***

Overall, I give this update a grade of an A+ for its awesomeness and lots of functionality!
Great job Davlan!!

By the way, please do not treat me differently now that you know I am a Beta Tester, I am still the same-old Malcom, and I will still continue on the blog EVEN MORE than before, and new posts will be posted because of this.

*** A spoiler game is located under this post! ***

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spoiler Game #2

Hey guys, check out spoiler game #2 (Level: Easy):

1 --> 3
2 --> 2
3 --> 1

If you figure out what it is please do not post below (including betas), it ruins it for everyone else.

I will post the actual spoiler tomorrow!

By the way, for those of you wondering about Malcom's Dual Review because Dave's SOTI (State Of The Island) has been released, it will be out shortly :)
And my announcement will be out after I am done with the spoiler posts, along with Prison Break part 2, the poll results, and the usual posts when the update is released :)

Good luck,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spoiler #1 Revealed

Hey guys, it's been a day since I posted Spoiler Game #1, and I've got some mixed feedback, just like my game last time. But overall, the feedback was pretty positive, so I'm gonna keep doing the games for most of the spoilers I have left.

However, I do think I started things off yesterday with a game way too challenging to be the first one, so tomorrow I'm gonna post a much, much easier one for you all to solve :)

Here was the actual game from yesterday:

And here is the actual spoiler:
(It's one of the new DLC for the dodo-bird, and it features him as a toy dodo, which is perfect for our christmas theme)

Lastly, if anyone solved yesterdays puzzle please comment below and share how you solved it for those who had trouble.

Here is my method:
I used Photoshop to rearrange the pieces by cutting and pasting.

Other methods could have included:
Printing it out on a piece of paper and cutting each image out/taping them together correctly
Using Paint

Anyway, stay tuned for Spoiler Game #2 (Level: Easy), coming tomorrow!


A Spoiler A Day Makes The Wait Go Away

Hey guys, I've decided to show you all a spoiler every day for a total of 5 days to make the long wait for the update go faster! :)

I thought it would also be interesting if I made all the spoilers into games and puzzles, and then reveal the original picture (spoiler) after I give you guys a day to try and solve it... So I guess you could call this post, "A Spoiler Game Every Other Day, and A Spoiler Every Other Day Makes The Wait Go Away." ;)

Here's a map of my next 1o posts (1 every day):
Day 1: Today! Introduction + Spoiler Game # 1 (Hard)
Day 2: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 1
Day 3: Spoiler Game # 2 (Easy)
Day 4: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 3
Day 5: Spoiler Game # 3 (Moderate)
Day 6: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 5
Day 7: Spoiler number 4 will be given to you without a game (for you lazy folks)
Day 8: Spoiler Game # 4 (Hard)
Day 9: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 9
Day 10: Announcement of an upcoming update

...So without further ado, here is Spoiler Game # 1 (Level: Hard):

Hint: Readjust the pieces using Photoshop, or printing it out and cutting/pasting the pieces together, or use another method ;)

I will reveal the actual spoiler tomorrow!

P.S. All spoilers are courtesy of hdgreen from The Pocket God Forums.

Best Of Luck,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys, Malcom and I just wanted to take the time and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Good Kwanza, Happy Hanukah, and just all around Happy Holidays :)

We are currently redecorating the blog (just for the holidays), and by the time you guys see this, well, the redecoration will have been finished ;)

Let us know what you think! We are going for the snowy/christmas theme because it is universal, and we think it looks pretty good :p

Happy Holidays, and comment below so we can hear your opinion of the new decorations and blog design for the upcoming month.

Everything will be changed back around January, unless you guys don't like it.

Also, I edited the new banner so lemme know what you think, because it is my first time decoration the blog... I'm usually the writer :p

Lastly, get excited for tomorrow!!!

Also, A new "Cool Pictures" post is located underneath this post, so check it out!

Happy Holidays, and best of wishes,

Cool Pictures (Sticky Visitor)


Hey guys, I'm trying to get back into the regular rhythm of posting, so without further ado, here are some awesome pictures. Take a look:

This one is called: Here we go again, ugh

Don't Blink ;)

Ghost, MOVE!!!

AHHH, now that's a scary shark

"You know you like... the new DLC"

Part 28, Fan-ventures will feature:
Where's my tail (by ryan b)
Say whaaat (by SIDART)
Definition of Head In The Clouds (by SIDART)
Follow the leader (by darkie_manu)
All hale the dodo (by gavinrotty)

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail me at

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Even More Ideas!

Hey guys, check out so more crazy ideas! Take a look:


The heart of a warrior
Icon: A pygmy in a fighting pose wearing a black belt
Sypnosis: The pygmys have discovered a strange item that has washed up on the beach; a black belt. When the pygmys wear the belt a sudden power rushes through their bodies and gives them the great fighting power of a karate master. With their new found power they chop open coconuts, slice open fish, and get back at the shark and dodo for some mean things (pooping, eating etc). But sometimes the pygmys get mad with power and beat up the other pygmys for no reason.


Title: Anniversary
Synopsis: An Island that has a big cake and other stuff. You can light pygmies for candles, you can crush a pygmy with cake, you can burn him with a candle. They can eat cake, but if they eat too fast they choke. You can blow horns or noise makers, and sometimes when lighting fireworks they attach to it. There are also sparklers that sometimes burn the pygmies.
DLC: Bird: Pinata
Fish: Adds party hat
T-Rex Egg: Cake
Outhouse: Adds banners
Spear: A "1" for one year
Octopus Statue: A BIG cake
Oog Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Dino Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Zombie Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Ice Island: Adds banners and other decorations
Meteor: Says, "1 Year Anniversary"

Great work guys, those ideas sound awesome! I hope they are included into Pocket God soon!

If you guys have any ideas, e-mail me at (with a picture!), and I'll try and post it here!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow News Day: Leaderboards and an Announcement

***We just hit 40,000 views!!!***

Hey guys,

it's been a long time since I last posted here and WOW, this place is so dusty! Here's some news that I found, that will hopefully get you even more excited for this upcoming update:


.Eaten by ice monster
.Explode on ice monster
.Bounced off ice monster
.Shot out of igloo
.Bowled over by igloo pygmy (igloo pygmy?)
.Smashed by snowball
.Igloo Cannon

Wow, there is a lot of functionality! I wonder whats this IGLOO PYMGY in the leaderboards is... a new type of pygmy... an eskimo pygmy... a pygmy wearing snow clothes??? Anyway, this update sounds "ICE" (cool) and packed with lots of functionality and probably the rumored Christmas Pack for DLC! HDgreen told us that this update also contains something that a lot of people have been asking for for a long time. :-O

So the guys over at the TA forums already know swigo's special announcement, because someone announced it to them a couple of days ago, and kinda ruined the surprise. But, I'm not gonna tell you what it is yet, I'll let him shock you guys, and make this blog EVEN MORE interesting!!!!!! :O!
He will make this special announcement when the update has been submitted, which has been delayed until roughly the 26th!

This is malcomjudd, reporting!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool Pictures (Creepy Pygmies)

Hey guys, sorry for the 1 day delay, Malcom and I will still keep on schedule with a post every 3-4 days :) I have an announcement to make around the 22nd, and it will explain my tardiness and make The Pygmy Den even MORE INTERESTING! Trust me! Anyway for now here are some awesome pictures, take a look:

This one is called: First the shark, now this

UGH, take your teeth outa my ears

Happy Halloween :)

Head in the clouds?

~Flying Spider, Sticky Pygmy~?

Part 27, Sticky Visitor will feature:
Here we go again, ugh
Don't Blink ;)
Ghost, MOVE!!!
AHHH, now that's a scary shark
"You know you like... the new DLC"

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

News Update-A Post A Day?

Hey guys, your probably wondering what's been going on with Malcom and my posting schedules. We used to post around 1 or 2 posts everyday and now were only posting 1 every 2-4 days!

On the technical side of things:
Well, like we said a couple posts back, since the new update will be submitted on the 22nd, plus apples approval time, we won't be getting this update until early December (most likely).
Malcom and I don't have 40 posts tucked away in the back focusing on new and exciting things to post, that keep you guys interested each day. We have many cool picture posts, a couple fan art posts, and thats really it for now.
If we were to post a cool picture post every day, you guys would get bored of it, and we would run out of cool pictures, the same goes for fan art.
I will post a couple cool picture posts, a couple fan art posts, the pocket god world posts, and a couple poll results posts during this long and trecherous waiting time, and I will space them out so its around 1 every 3 days :)

The reason I posted this long and boring message is to let you guys know that Malcom and I aren't quitting the blog like most other blogs out there (we are one of the last left), but we are merely spacing our posts out to keep you (the readers) interested and give you something o read while you wait for the ice island!

Malcom and I will post news updates weekly, and I am soon gonna start up a forum for this blog, and also we will be starting a new feature on this blog that I am sure you guys will all enjoy ;)

Lastly, Malcom and I have a huge announcement to make later this week (or next week) so stay tuned!

I will also announce pggamer's prizes later this week, I have not yet announced them to him yet either because of my busy schedule, but I will do that soon as well! Once again, congratulations pggamer!

Next Post: Cool Pictures or Fan Art (you guys choose)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Achievement Tips: Hunting The Rex and the Spider

Do you think its hard to kill the rex/spider? Do you want to know how to kill them easily? Then buy our new Book:

Hunting In PG For Dummies In Less Than 12 Spears Without Missing Or Being Eaten By The Spider Or The T-Rex As Fast As Possible (And This Unusually Long Book Title Ends Here)! By malcomjudd *$5 per copy*

Nah, not really. But here's some tips and a trick to kill the creatures under 12 spears:

Step 1: Summon the Rex/Spider with only 1 Pygmy in the island.
Step 2: Give the spear to the Pygmy when the creature is greeting(bark/roar) the Pygmies.
Step 3: When the creature is charging at the Pygmy, immediately drag the Pygmy away from the creature to another place where you can throw another shot.
Step 3.5: When a Pygmy is being eaten by a creature, quickly add another Pygmy and immediately hand the spear to the Pygmy. It takes a split second(Rex) and a second(Spider) before the Eaten Pygmy is gone...
Step 4: Repeat until the creature dies.

•Both creatures gain their health back when they eat a pygmy OR when youre doing nothing to em.
•When you throw the spear to the creature, keep hitting it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE with no bites or misses.
•Where you position the Pygmy is important. A Pygmy shouldnt be too far(will miss) or too close(be eaten or miss) to the creature.
•Dont use all of the 6 Pygmies. Only keep 1-2 Pygmies.
•Never drop the spear into the sea.
•Always aim for the head or the spear will pass through the creature.

There yah go! It took 3 days to fight, test, experiment and win to do this post. Hope that this will help you guys out! Please leave a comment if this Guide helped you or not... :P

PS: I have no idea when will swigo post the next part of Prison Break.
PPS: the picture on the top is just off from the internet and doesnt mean anything at all...

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Cool Pictures (Enough Is Enough)

Hey guys, all I have to say is check out these awesome pictures ;) Take a look:

This one is called: I knew I shouldn't of eaten that XD!

Ugh! Stop whining!

My fish!

Ummm DAVE?!

Oh please Lord, don't let him take me

Part 26, Creepy Pygmies will feature:
First the shark, now this
Ugh, take your teeth outa my ears
Happy Halloween :)
Head in the ~clouds~?
Flying Spider, Sticky Pygmy?

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winners Revealed!

Hey guys, I know its been a while since the glitch contest gas started, but after reviewing the entries, examining the photos, and recreating all the glitches, I think I have found a winner ;)

As you all know there were two contests (1 for each glitch). For the main glitch contest (the one with the shark), I got many submissions and a clear winner, but for the second contest (the Island Mumbo Jumbo one), no one took the prizes :(

Island Mumbo Jumbo glitch:
There were a few submissions, but no one really got close, so I decided to call it a draw and defer to the other MAIN contest below:

Sticky-Tail Shark:

Here was the recreation of the glitch:
1. Go to Skull Island and have the ghosts and shark turned on
2. Summon a ghost
3. Pick up a shark and put it on a pygmies head
4. While the shark is on the pygmies head, hold the ghost with a different finger and make it scream
5. Hold the ghost until the pygmy dies
6. The shark will float in mid-air with its mouth open, and wherever you move the ghost, the shark will follow


"Fisherman Method"

These were the closest recreations we got to the actual glitch, but no one seemed to get the glitch 100% right.
To get the glitch 100% right, the shark's mouth had to be closed while it was floating... but this was close enough ;)

So with a total of 13 people submitting the recreation correctly, I had to choose the winner by how fast the people sent in their entries and if they were correct or not! Here are the top 3:

3. Sean

2. Tex Ratty

In first place, and winning the prize...

1. pggamer

Congratulations to pggamer for being the first person to send in the CORRECT recreation of this glitch!
Please e-mail me at and I will tell you the 4 or 5 prizes and you will have an option to choose 1!

I will tell everyone the prize options after pggamer has selected his :)

Click Here! To watch a video of this glitch! Click Here!

More glitches will be released in the future, along with contests, videos, and more!

Also, we are almost at 40,000 views, and also almost 50 followers!

Once again, congratulations pggamer!

By the way, Episode 29: The Pyg Chill is scheduled to be submitted on November 22nd, with a release date of early December.
Because of this very long wait, we are going to post new features on the blog, but maybe not post as frequently. However, we will always have new things to post though :)
So keep your fan art coming and e-mail me at!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cool Pictures (That Speak For Themselves)

Hey guys, these pictures are just so awesome (!) that I thought they did not need any explinations or anything, and that they could just be admired for what they are... awesome! So take a look at some cool pictures that are just plain-old cool:

This one is called: ~Are we human... or are we... GHOSTS?~


Now that's scary! (courtesy of the Pygmy Palace)

Told you I could swim :p

Eww, I see your undies

Part 25, Enough Is Enough will feature:
I knew I shouldn't of eaten that XD!
Ugh! Stop Whining!
My fish!
Ummm DAVE?!
Oh please Lord, don't let him take me

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!

Monday, November 2, 2009

7 Poll Results!!!

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted the results for a bunch of polls lately, so I thought I'd make up for that, by cramming most of them into one BIG post :)! So take a look at the results for 7 polls:

Do you like the Pygmy Adventure Series?

1st place: Yes, I love them! 48%
2nd place: What the heck is that?! 12%
3rd place: No, I hate them! 11%
4th place: Ehh, It's OK, post more though 19%
5th place: Where am I? 7%
6th place: Ehh, It's OK, post less though 6%
7th (last) place: It's OK, keep it the same. 3%

Well I'm glad to know you guys like the Pygmy Adventure series since we just started a new one, Prison Break (by malcomjudd). I have to say though, I was quite surprised to find out that 7% of you did not know where you were... And lastly, for those of you who hate the Pygmy Adventure series, we don't post them that often :p

Who created all the mysterious things in Pocket God (lasers, statues, etc...)?

1st place: Aliens 44%
2nd place: Something to lead into Pocket God 2... 23%
3rd place: Super-Pygmy 10%
4th place: Dr. Evil 6%
5th place: Mysterious Force (Invisible) 6%
6th place: None of the above (leave comment) 4%
7th place: Beings From The Future 3%
8th (last) place: Robots 0%

Although this poll took place a month ago, we still do not have the answer to the mystery, but I believe that it has something to do with the upcoming Ice Island ;) But it looks like 44% of you think/or want ;) the mystery to be Aliens. And for those of you who selected "none of the above, leave comment", please leave a comment and I will feature it on future posts.

Should Davlan (DaveAllan) show pictures of the update in the State Of The Island?

1st place: Yes, duh! 78%
2nd place: No! It will ruin the surprise 10%
3rd place: Leave things the way they are 6%
4th place: No opinion 4%
5th place: What the heck is a Davlan? 0%
6th (last) place: Get rid of the SOTI (State Of....) 0%

Personally I voted for "Leave things the way they are", because I feel as though if you give too much information away, the update will be very anti-climactic. But with a total of 78% I can see that I have been out voted, and that you guys want/need pictures in the SOTI!

Do you want the underwater area to have it's own theme-music?

1st place: Yes, it has its own icon... 82%
2nd place: Who cares... Post more cool pictures! 6%
3rd place: Leave things the way they are 4%
4th place: Who cares 3%
5th (last) place: No, it doesn't deserve it 2%

With a total of 82% voting for "Yes", that means we have a new record for the most percantile ever for one choice! :D I personally agree, but for those who don't, it looks your getting your way for now... And about the cool pictures option, whoever chose it will be happy when the next couple posts come out ;)

What color should the font be on the blog?

1st place: Green 42%
2nd place: What does this have to do with Pocket God? 31%
3rd place: Blue 12%
4th place: Red 7%
5th place: Black 3%
6th place: Yellow 2%
7th (last) place: White 0%

Since almost half of you suggested we keep the font green, thats how were gonna keep it. But since 12% of you guys also voted for blue, we are gonna make the links we post on the blog in blue, and once clicked they will become red, for the 7% who voted red. And for those sly 31%, I have no idea what this has to do with Pocket God ;)

Looks like were now on our way to very recent polls :D!

Where do you post about Pocket God the most?

1st place: None of the above 68%
2nd place: Touch Arcade Forums 13%
3rd place: Pocket God Forums 9%
4th place: All equally 8%
5th place: Underwater Apps 0%
6th (last) place: iPocket Games Forums 0%

Currently I post very frequently in the Touch Arcade Forums, along with 12% of the people who follow us, and 9% for the Pocket God Forums. I was very shocked to find out that 68% of you guys don't post about Pocket God at all :o! Click Here for the link to the Touch Arcade Forums to stay tuned with the news, and fan art that I don't post on the blog.
^Told you the link would be in blue/red ;)

What is the next location gonna be?

1st place: Ice Island 59%
2nd place: Space 21%
3rd place: Jungle 9%
4th place: Inside a brain/animal/dream 3%
5th place: Other, leave comment! 2%
6th place: Volcano 1%
7th place: Atlantis 1%
8th (last) place: Desert 1%

Well it looks like 59% of you guessed correctly, the next location is definately the long-awaited Ice Island! For those who guessed "Space" it looks like you have to wait for Pocket God 2. And for those who guessed "Jungle, Brain/animal/dream, volcano, or desert", who knows what could come next :)
Also if you guessed Atlantis, I think we already have that. And if you guessed Volcano, well lets just say that idea has been stolen by some rivals, who created Pocket Devil (please do not post about that here, thanks).

***Once again, if you choose an answer like "Other, leave comment", please LEAVE A COMMENT and I will feature it in my posts if I like the idea :)

The results for the polls:
Do you want to see what Malcom and I look like?
What new feature should be posted on the blog regularly?
These polls will have their own posts, because they will include a small surprise in essence to go along with them :)

By the way, 3 new polls are located on the right side of the blog, so get voting!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

Hey guys, the time has come again for your favorite seven words...
The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

I just finished updating the Pocket God World to version 11.1, and it took a lot of work! I also took the advice from a bunch of people over at the TA forums and made a halloween/DLC Pocket God World! The halloween world is very messy because of the new sky, and I had to replace EVERYTHING so that U could put new things in, but at least I tried :p
Anyway, take a look at the new and IMPROVED Pocket God World:

This is the old version (10.1):
(Click to enlarge)

This is the new version (11.1):
(Click to enlarge)

I added:
A new cloud on the left side of the screen
And of course the Barking Spider
I also improved a couple errors as always :)

Here is the Halloween/DLC version as well:

For a full list of things that WON'T be added to the Pocket God World check out the Pocket God World post before this one!

By the way, my good friend hdgreen has a site where he features the Pocket God World, and he writes a caption of what each thing object does and how it affects the game. Scroll over the object to read a little caption about what it does.
To get to this site Click Here!

I can't wait to add the new Ice Island and the baby spiders ;)

P.S. The winners will be announced later this week!