Monday, August 17, 2009

Fan Art (part 4)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the pocketgodforum's fan art section, and I came across some pretty awesome fan art, and thought I'd post it here. So keep posting there or e-mail me at if you want your fan art to be featured on my blog:)

This first picture was created by masgroomes97, and its a picture of a ghost pygmy! That'd be an awesome update!

This next picture is s series of pygmy "people" or "characters" that have been created for comics and other things. These are great sprites if you wanna make some awesome pocket god comics.
This is a comic created by Kyle of the pocketgodforums and a big pocket god junkie, thanks kyle! Keep 'em coming, they're really original :p

This picture was created by me, and it was meant to be a fake icon for the shark update :p

EDIT: Thank you error, for giving me the idea for the new poll, that is located on the top right of the blog!


  1. thanks for putting up the poll and is the icon jump the shark upside down?

  2. yeah it is lol, plus a few changes obviously XD!
    but im not a very good animator :p, and it was the best thing i cud find