Friday, August 14, 2009

Fate of the island (creatures part 1)

Just thought I'd start off with a really cool picture I found on the pocket god glitch guide.

Anyway, Hey guys, since we've talked about god powers, and new islands, I thought it was time to talk about the other animals that inhabit those islands, and what animals should inhabit them :p Here's the list of fan favorite creatures, and just some that I thought were cool:

Spider: A spider could inhabit the cave on the other side of the Dino island, and they would drop down from the ceiling, and bite a pygmy, and poisons it.
Jellyfish: Underwater, there would be a school of jellyfish, and if the pygmys "accidently" swim through them, they will get either electrocuted, or they would get tangled up and drown.
Giant Squid or Kraken: This creature would be located on Octopus island, and if you click it's icon in the menu bar, it's tenticals surface out of the water, and you can drop pygmys on the tenticals, and watch the kraken shake the pygmys/throw them/bring them underwater!

Monkey: This is a fan favorite that has been begged for since the beginning. Nothing goes more perfectly together than palm tree, island, and monkeys :) If you click the icon in the menu bar, a monkey would climb into the tree, and trough coco-nuts at the pygmys, and through poop at them (lol).
Vultures or Owls, and Mice: These scavengers would come and eat the fish and/or the dodo bird, and the pygmys! The mice would be in the cave area, and the owls would come out at night, and lastly the vultures would be in the high skies, waiting for the dodo bird to be struck by lightning.

That's all for part 1 , but there will be more creatures being featured. Hopefully some will get incorporated into pocket god!
Part 2 will consist of:
Dogs or Wolves
Aliens or Other visitors
Smokey (from lost) or Parrots
Dragon Flies or Termites
^Vote and comment on what you want to be featured in part 2, and e-mail me your suggestions or just fan art at

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