Sunday, August 9, 2009

Achievement Tips (part1)

Have you ever wondered how people in the leaderboards get such high scores, and get them so quickly, well I'll tell you!

Coconut Bounces:
The key to a high score here as how closely you put your pygmys together. First make sure its night time, then get all 6 pygmys on an island. Align them perfectly, so that they are all sleeping right next to eachother, but spread out enough do that you've formed a sort of platform. Then drop the coconut on the pygmy's, but let both halves fall off. Then pick up one half and drop it in the middle of your pygmy platform, then quickly pick up the other half of the shell, and drop it in the middle of the platform, when the other half is just about to fall off. Repeat the picking up of the shell over and over, and in no time, you'll have over 100!

Shark Snaps:
Never let go of the pygmy! If your finger gets tired, just move the pygmy up away from the water, and relax, then when your ready, start again, and your score will resume. Move the pygmy side-to-side to get quick shark snaps, and frequently. Up and down takes much longer.

Hurricane Zaps:
This is a really simple tip, make the winds go really, really fast, then zap once, spin really fast, zap once, spin really fast, etc...etc... Then when your pygmys are gone, use your thumb to add more while you spin your other finger really fast. :)

Bird Bombs:
Put your pygmys to sleep, and create a "pygmy platform" again (just like in the coconut bounce achievement), then drop 2-3 bird bombs in the platform every fly-bye, and in no time you'll have over 100!

If you have any other tips I didn't include just leave a comment, and I'll add them.

Part two will include:
Ooga jump
Bait Master

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  1. Awesome tips! Thanks. They really helped me achieve these achievements :). Can't wait for part 2.