Monday, August 31, 2009

Were on The Pocket Blog!

Hey guys, our site has finally made it to The Pocket Blog, and Malcom and I can't thank Allan enough! Since were on the blog, I thought we should have a pretty cool post waiting for our new viewers, and what better than some crazy, awesome Pocket God pictures! These pictures are not glitches, but merely some awesome/weird/funny circumstances that I put my pygmys through, for you enjoyment, and that can be done by anybody ;) So check out my cool pictures (part 5):

This one is called: "Wow, that's a big Dino!"

During the Eclipse...

Party on the roof (I got this one from someone else in the TA forums, and its done by using a glitch)

Fishing for Birds

"Help... it's too crowded!!"

Part 6 will feature;
Shoo, get outa here
"Ahhh, our God is back... quick, hide!'
"Yay, no more Jimbo!"

If you have any other cool photos, or fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll try and feature it here!

Thanks Allan!

(New Blog Name) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the "Do you like the new name of the blog?" poll is over, and the results are in! I take your votes into serious consideration, along with Malcom, so make them count for the future. Anyway, here are the results:

"Do you like the new name of the blog?"
1st Place: Yes! 60%
2nd Place: You Changed it? 16%
3rd Place: No! 16%
4th Place: No opinion. 8%

Malcom and I have decided to keep the name of the blog the way it is now (The Pygmy Den), because 76% of you liked it! But since this poll is over, its time for a new one to start! Check out the right side of the blog, for our 2 new polls:
What are your top 3 favorite icons? (pick 3)
What is behind the rock on Egg Island?

If you have any ideas for new polls e-mail me at, or leave a comment in the comments section under this post.

New Location Update!

hey guys,

what a slow news day! the ONLY news we had today is a confirmation from dave that the new location IS the other side of egg island. he didnt say what was on the new location...

so here are the things we DO know about the new location. its NOT going to be underwater, it will have lots of functionality, it IS the other side of egg island, we wont be able to guess what's in the other side and they wont say anything about it until the New Location Update is out....

To all people who is wondering when the next update will possibly be out, dave said itll be out a week from monday...

PS: the picture above has absolutely no meaning at all between Pygmy and Aang. i just love Avatar and Pocket God! XD


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cool Pictures (part 4)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God again, and I thought of some pretty cool new predicaments to put my pygmys in! These aren't glitches, but merely some funny/odd/cool circumstances that I put my pygmys in for our entertainment, and this can be done by anyone, so take a look:

This one is called: Dance of Death



Upside-Down Ooga

DreamWorks Cinema (I found this one in the TA forums, and the only way to do it is with a glitch, but it's still a cool picture ;) Also google DreamWorks cinema in the images section, and you'll appreciate this a lot more!)

Part 5 will feature:
"Wow, that's a big Dino!"
During the Eclipse....
Party on the Roof
Fishing for Birds
"Help.... it's too crowded!!"

If you have any other cool photos, or fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll try and feature it on my blog!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glitches: Idle Hands 2 (part 3)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, when I came across some interesting new glitches! Sorry if these have been posted on GlitchSpot, or any other glitch-related blogs, but these are my own variations, and they were founded by either me, malcom, or our viewers :) So here they are:

This first one is really easy! Get half of a coconut, and let one of the pygmys pick it up, then switch islands while he's biting down, and he will eat nothing when he's on egg island.

This next one is pretty cool, but I think GlitchSpot has already posted it. Right when the your about to drop a pygmy on the ooga jump cloud that triggers ooga jump, get ready to turn on the storm cloud. Then right when you drop him, and he touches the cloud, click the storm cloud on. If you time it right (it takes practice, don't get frustrated) the sky will turn white, and he will play ooga jump!

This next one isn't really a "glitch" like the other ones, but it's more of a coding error. When you summon the T-rex, put a pygmy to the right of him, and drop a spear in his hands until he hits the T-rex enough to push him back enough so he is "standing" on water.

This next one is extremely easy. Go to octopus island, then summon one pygmy, and enable the fishing rod. Then let the pygmy pick up the rod, and as the fish comes out from the right side, touch the octopus statue 3 times, really quickly, then you'll have an invincible pygmy. The only way to kill him is to turn off the fishing rod, turn it to night, make him a vampire, then turn it to day!

This last one is also really easy, and is a variation of the Lava glitch that has been around since episode 1.14. Flick the pygmy into the volcano twice. Then flick the pygmy into the volcano again, but while he is in mid-air, switch islands, and when he lands, even though he's on egg island, you see him enter the "volcano", and it begins to pour down lava!

For much better glitches, and really unique/weird ones, check out glitches part 1.5 and part 2 in the blog posts archive!
If you have any glitches, e-mail me at

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cool Pictures (part 3)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God again, and I came across some funny circumstances and moments in it. Some of the pygmys were doing some pretty strange things, and sometimes, I was putting them in "awkward" situations :p These are not glitches, but merely odd/funny moments in Pocket God, that I took pictures of, so check them out:

This one is called: Afro Pygmy

"Wow dude, where'd you come from"

Head in the Clouds

~~The Hangover~~

"Dude, what are you looking at?"

If you have any other funny pictures of odd moments in Pocket God e-mail me at

Stay tuned for part 4, featuring:
Dance of Death
Upside-Down Ooga
DreamWorks Cinema
Party On The Roof

Thursday, August 27, 2009

(New Blog Design) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the poll about "Do you like the new blog design?" is over, and i have the results, and have taken them into consideration. Here they are:
1st Place: Yes, It's awesome! 60%
2nd Place: What Changed? 12%
3rd Place: I Hate it! Change It Back! 12%
4th Place: It's Ok. 6%
5th Place: No Opinion 6%
6th Place: It's Ok, but I liked the other one more. 3%

I have decided to keep the changes the way they are, because 72% of you guys like it, and so do I, along with Malcom as well!
Since this poll is over, its time for a new one to start, and thanks to error, for giving me awesome ideas for polls, but I'm gonna go with my own on this one ;) I take your votes into serious consideration, so make 'em count!
The new polls can be found on the left side of the blog (the top and middle).

Here they are:
Do you like the new name of the blog?
What are your top 3 favorite icons? (select 3)

Malcom's Dual Review Part 1

hey guys! im writing this from my old PSP which i havent touched since i got my ipod last february. its kinda hard to type something this long coz the keyboard of the PSP is, well, you know. So this is the first of the Dual Reviews im talking about. i always do reviews when the new thread is out and when the new update is out....

so the latest thread is out! first i want to comment about the new icon. it really looks cool. dave said it was allan's best work but i disagree! the ROTP icon was more awesome. no offense to allan coz his works are super great.

so the next update will contain frickin sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their frickin heads? i thought they would add more functionality to the shark(cooking, toothless) except the part that they would put it underwater. maybe a Shark update PART 3? they finally made a Map Icon for the underwater area(yes!) and i like the control functions in aiming for the pygmies and i wonder how the shark will eat the pygmies. maybe the shark will bite them and split them into half. >: D

dave and allan only meet once a month?! cool. i wonder whats this pocket god: suicide squad thing. maybe its related to their meeting with Apple last week...

the only thing we DO know about the next update is that it WILL include LOTS of functionality and no clues until it has been submitted. Dave, have you started working on it?

in game loading?? id rather wait for a minute instead of that dave! please dont consider it!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fate of the island (small features)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the TA forums, and some other fan blogs, and I came across some awesome new ideas for small features, or things that wouldn't take up full updates, that I've never seen before. Take a look:

Rain Dance: Tap the screen to make the pygmys dance while the storm clouds are out, and instead of fireworks, a light drizzle of rain will come from the clouds, and the pymgys hair will fall over their faces.

Ooga Jump Update: This isn't really a new god power, but I think that Dave and Allan should update Ooga Jump every 2-4 updates, and add new features or designs to it, to keep people playing it. Some new features may include:
Spinning Bone: The pygmys done starts to spin and he flies through the air, since he stepped on the "bone" cloud.
Doodles on the Right: The Doodle-guys appear on the right side of the screen and the left once you reach a certain height.
Return of the Ooga: Once you step on a cloud with a number on it, the pygmy gets "bullets/coconuts", to through at the doodle guys. The amount of ammo that the pygmy gets, is determined by the number that is on the cloud. These clouds are very rare!
Golden Cloud: This is also a very rare cloud, but if you jump on it, all the clouds become thunder clouds for a short while.

Thunder: During the storm or hurricane, the sound of thunder will play in the backround, and the pygmys will look scared for a second.

Soup: The pygmys can now find a pot near the fire, then fill it with water, and put fish, dodo bird, and coconuts into it. Also the tree on the second island would be a banana tree, and a spider or monkey would live inside it.

Underwater Vent: In the underwater location, there would be a heat vent/underwater volcano that you can turn on and off in the menu bar, and if the pygmys go to close, their skin bubbles, then they either "pop", or turn to ash :) Google underwater volcano to see what I'm thinking of, Click here if your too lazy ;)

Awesome Signatures

Hey guys, I was just searching through the Pocket God Forums again, but not for fan art this time ;). I was looking at some of the member's signatures, and I found a couple that really stood out, and screamed Pocket God! Here take a look:

This first one is from the member Arikags, and it features him (a pygmy) finding an egg, but not noticing what's behind him XD!

The next one is from The_Dude's signature, and it features a bunch of pymgys on a sinking boat, near a shark! I really like this one because I've always wanted to see a boat in Pocket God, and I hope one day there will be an update about it :)

This next one is my personal favorite because it portrays Pocket God in a very "dark" way. Metalbear's signature is about pygmys discovering fire, and some being able to control it, and others who are not-so lucky ;)

Awesome signatures guys!
I also found a pretty cool photo while searching through the Pocket God Forums, and it features me in it as well :D! Take a look at the "Pocket Sages":
If you have any other awesome signatures or funny fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll feature it here!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SWFLATTH Update ;)

If you do not know what SWFLATTH means yet, your on your own (go to wikipedia)!
Well the new icon came out for Episode 25: SWFLATTH, and it's awesome! Take a look:
The new colors are awesome, and it kinda looks like lava......... (who knows :p)

Also, Dave's new Touch Arcade post is coming out later tonight, so I'll edit this post when it does with the link for his full story (spoilers included!).

Edit: Here's Dave's state of the island: Click Here!

Fan Art (part 5)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the Pocket God Forums fan art and comics section again, and I came across some pretty interesting and unique Pocket God-related pictures. If you have any fan art or comics that you want to get noticed, post it in the Pocket God Forums, the TA forums, or e-mail me at

This first picture, is a spoof on the Ipod commercials that Apple airs.

The next picture is a picture of what a moon/outer-space location would look like. It features low gravity, great graphics, and a flag and a spaceship for the pygmys to play with. Great animation guys, I hope "Pocket Planet" comes put soon :p

This next picture is from the wallpaper contest that Dave and Allan held a while ago for Pocket God. Personally, I think Pocket God is well enough know to have it's own custom made backdrop in the Itunes App Store, like Flick Fishing and Hero Of Sparta, and if they did, I'd like to see something like this!

This last picture is from the PGF, and it is a distorted Ooga Jump icon. Check out the Doodle-Guy, he looks pretty cool in dark Green :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Glitches: Idle Hands 2 (part 2)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, when I came across some interesting new glitches! Sorry if these have been posted on GlitchSpot, or any other glitch-related blogs, but these are my own variations, and they were founded by either me, malcom, or our viewers :) So here they are:

This first glitch is where the fishing pole gets bent.
Recreation: Turn on the gravity functionality, then while a pygmy is fishing, pick up half of a coconut, and hold it there. While the pygmy gets a bite, tilt your iphone/itouch to the left, and the fishing pole will be bent.

This next glitch is where you can have anywhere from 2-6 islanders "fishing". (I have all 6 here)
Recreation: Go to the Egg island, and turn on the fishing icon, and the fire icon. Get the pygmys to stack all the firewood on the fireplace, then drop the fishing pole on the fireplace a bunch of times, until a pygmy picks it up. After the pygmy picks the pole up, he will fish, but he can't catch anything, don't touch the screen, but watch for around 5 minutes, and this will happen: The sound of the fishing pole will repeat over and over, one pygmy will slide off the bottom of the screen with a pole, all the pygmys after a short amount of time will fish!

This next glitch is where the lightning goes underwater.
Recreation: Turn the storm clouds on, then get lightning read, but don't use it, then while your still holding the lightning, use your other hand to summon a tsunami, then resurface (never let go of your other hand), and then finally when you resurfaced, let go of your hand holding the lightning, and the lightning will look like it's gone off screen towards the bottom.

If you have any other glitches, comment below or to the side, or e-mail me at

(Favorite New Idol) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the poll for your favorite new idol animation has ended, thanks to error for the idea :), and the results are:

1st Place: Pants Falling (with censor bar) 34%
2nd Place: Hair Falling 27%
3rd Place: Pants Falling (revealing underwear) 13%
4th Place: Thought Bubble 10%
5th Place: Sneezing 10%
6th Place: Beating Chest 3%

But there are two other new polls (located on the right side of the blog):
Do you like the new design of the blog?
Do you like the new name?

Whatever your vote is, Malcom and I will take into consideration, so make a good choice :p Also, if you have an good ideas for polls, leave a comment or e-mail me at

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glitches (part 1.5)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, and I came across some cool new glitches. Sorry if some of these have been posted, whether it be by Glitchspot, or any other blog, but I've got some new ones, with a bunch of variations :)

This glitch is where a pygmy sliding to the right faces to the right. Usually he faces left.
Recreation: While the pygmy is sliding to the right, touch him once or twice (doesn't always work, it takes practice, and works like 25% of the time).

This is a glitch where the pygmys stare at nothing and there is no sun or moon.
Recreation: Slide the moon down really slowly, and then when the sun comes up, raise it up high as fast as you can, then make it sunset as fast as you can. Repeat this a couple times (this doesn't always work, so don't get frustrated).

^These are two variations of the "sunset" glitch I posted above^

The next glitch is where the bird flies at the bottom of the island, and the fisherman pygmy begins to sink off the screen (many other weird things can happen also).
Recreation: Get a fisherman pygmy to catch a fish, then as the bird is about to pick up the fish, zap it with lightning, then tap the burnt bird, and watch it fly down low, and fall off the screen (many other strange things can happen also, depending on the timing of the zap and tap).

This glitch is where a pygmy gets stuck in the sky even after you remove your finger off the screen. The only way to get him down is to move the clouds.
Recreation: I have not/do not know how to recreate this glitch, but I was playing Ooga Jump for a while, and then this happened, leave a comment if you can recreate it :)

For more glitches, go to the Pocket God Glitchspot.
Stay tuned for part 2!

News Update!

The title for episode 25 has been switched from: Sharks with friggin' laser beams on their heads (SWFLBOTH) to Sharks with friggin' lasers attached to their heads (SWFLATTH).

Also, three new sacrifices/achievements have been added to the leaderboards:
1. Eaten by shark underwater
2. Blasted by shark
3. Most shark blasts (mini-game!)

What do you guys think the new mini-game is?
Could it be a Tap-Tap Revenge crossover, where a line of sharks come underwater, and shoot lasers at the pygmys on the bottom, and we have to tap the pygmys while the lasers hit them ;)
Comment below and tell me what you think!

EDIT: Malcom's iphone/itouch has been "stolen", and he will not be with us this week, 'nor will he be in the TA forums, but he will be back in one week, so good luck with everything Malcom!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cool Pictures (part 2)

Hey guys, I was playing Pocket God, and found some really cool new photos, of funny or odd circumstances. These are not glitches, but merely funny/cool/odd pictures of weird moments in Pocket God. Check out part 1, if you haven't read it already, they are really funny, and easy to replicate ;)
This first one is called: Running On Water

Lava Magnet

"Raised "By Another (Lost reference :p)

Stay tuned for part 3 :)
If you have any other cool pictures of odd or funny circumstances e-mail me at, and I'll feature it on the blog.

News Flash: The Reason WHY...

hey guys, ever wonder WHY does it take more than two weeks to approve an app at Apple? well i found this in the official site of Apple:

Apple generally spends most of the review period making sure that the applications function properly, and working with developers to fix quality issues and software bugs in applications. We receive about 8,500 new applications and updates every week, and roughly 20% of them are not approved as originally submitted. In little more than a year, we have reviewed more than 200,000 applications and updates.

no wonder why it takes more than two weeks. they have 40 "fully trained reviewers" for the app store.(shouldnt they add MORE people??).

PS: here at our blog, we can do a 24 hour news/update service coz swigo and i have different timezones. I sleep when he wakes up and i wake up when he sleeps...


Friday, August 21, 2009

First Post!!

hey guys,

thank you swigo8 for a nice intro, and as he said, ill be contributing here in the blog(we should have a proper title for this blog, right?). so i guess ill just introduce myself, im malcomjudd(my real name is a secret but i guess all you have to do is pick one of the two names in my username).im 15 and i live SOMEWHERE in asia and i specialize in photoshop and flash. im much more of a designer than an artist, so if you dont like my drawings, dont complain!

so you might be thinking, what will i do here?well, i manage the designs in this blog so if you'd like to see some changes or something should be added just write a comment. i also give two reviews about PG, first one is about the State of the Island/The Dave Report and the second one is about when the newest update is released...
so before i end this post heres a little something i made. but unfortunately, i dont know how to post gif animations in here. XD!


New Co-Admin

Hey guys, my friend malcomjudd, who contributes to the TA forums very frequently, and has been a senior member there for a while, and has given me a countless number of ideas, that I've written on our blog, is going to join me as an Admin for this blog. He is a really creative graphic designer, and his fan art has been some of the best in the TA forums! As you have noticed, my blog looks much more presentable, and creative, this is all thanks to Malcom. He has given this blog an "extreme facelift", you may call it. Malcom is a very creative guy, and is really great with design, which balances me out, because I'm not that great at design, but good with writing ;)

He and I will both be posting on here regularly, and since we have double the staff, we'll have double the news and creativity. I don't want to write everything about him in my post, so I'll let him tell you more in his first post, which will come soon!

Here are two of his first artworks he made a little while ago, using flash, but I'll let him tell you more:

Welcome malcomjudd!


Hey guys, the only reason I am telling you the new name of the update, is because it has been leaked in many places, and Dave has said it once before. This is not a joke, this is the update name, and I know it is random and strange, and "WTF" is what is going to go through your head! Without further ado, and I hope this is OK, I'm pretty sure it is, the new update name is:

Episode 25: Sharks With Friggin Laser Beams On Their Heads
I know, I know! Weird, but do you guys think there will be a mini-game attached? Sounds weird and awesome, I wonder how It'll work ;).

If you have any new information, ideas, fan art, cool pictures, or comics, e-mail me at or post in the comment section!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Idols

Hey guys, I was just looking through some forums, and websites about Pocket God, and I found this really cool animation, of a pygmy throwing up! This idea was submitted to Dave and Allan by many people, but did not make it into the top 5 :(, but that didn't stop people from imagining what it would look like, so here is an animation of what a pygmy throwing up would look like:

Here is the link to view the entire animation:

Here is another "idol", of a pygmy "losing" his arms:


If you have any new idols, or any other fan art or ideas, comment below, or e-mail me at

(Favorite Feature) Poll Over

Hey guys, the poll about your favorite on my blog is over, and here are the results:
1st Place: News/Update Ideas 75%
2nd Place: Glitches 62%
3rd Place: Fate Of The Island 50%
4th Place: Achievement Tips 50%
5th Place: Fan Art 25%

That poll is over, and I have taken the results into consideration from now on, when I post. But don't forget to vote on your favorite new idol! The poll is located in the upper right corner of my blog :)

And like always on a slow news day, I'll end with a cool Pocket God-related picture:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idle Hands 2 Approved!

EDIT: This is what Allan has to say about the problems concerning Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down:
We are going with option 2, reverting to Bait Master. Apple will put it back up on the store within 24 hours. We will then combine Ep 24 and Ep 25 in the next update!

Well Idle Hands 2: Caught with your pants down has been approved, and once again (in case you missed it before) the 5 new idles are:

1. Losing their Skirt - two variations, one where they have underwear on and one where they are going comando style but a censor bar appears so you can't see their junk.
^congrats saintsalive
2. Beating their chest

3. Sneezing

4. Taking the bone out of their hair and their hair falling over their face

5. Thinking with a thought bubble - lots of variations for this, they think about all the different kinds of food. Maybe we can expand the thought bubbles in future.

^Pictures of these idles can be seen in an earlier post on my blog, or just update pocket god :p

Also the buddy challenges are working, and they don't require 3.0 firmware, so what are you waiting for, add friends and start battling! My feint name is swigo8. Prepare to get owned :p jk