Friday, August 21, 2009

New Co-Admin

Hey guys, my friend malcomjudd, who contributes to the TA forums very frequently, and has been a senior member there for a while, and has given me a countless number of ideas, that I've written on our blog, is going to join me as an Admin for this blog. He is a really creative graphic designer, and his fan art has been some of the best in the TA forums! As you have noticed, my blog looks much more presentable, and creative, this is all thanks to Malcom. He has given this blog an "extreme facelift", you may call it. Malcom is a very creative guy, and is really great with design, which balances me out, because I'm not that great at design, but good with writing ;)

He and I will both be posting on here regularly, and since we have double the staff, we'll have double the news and creativity. I don't want to write everything about him in my post, so I'll let him tell you more in his first post, which will come soon!

Here are two of his first artworks he made a little while ago, using flash, but I'll let him tell you more:

Welcome malcomjudd!

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