Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fan Art (part 5)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the Pocket God Forums fan art and comics section again, and I came across some pretty interesting and unique Pocket God-related pictures. If you have any fan art or comics that you want to get noticed, post it in the Pocket God Forums, the TA forums, or e-mail me at swiggy08@aol.com.

This first picture, is a spoof on the Ipod commercials that Apple airs.

The next picture is a picture of what a moon/outer-space location would look like. It features low gravity, great graphics, and a flag and a spaceship for the pygmys to play with. Great animation guys, I hope "Pocket Planet" comes put soon :p

This next picture is from the wallpaper contest that Dave and Allan held a while ago for Pocket God. Personally, I think Pocket God is well enough know to have it's own custom made backdrop in the Itunes App Store, like Flick Fishing and Hero Of Sparta, and if they did, I'd like to see something like this!

This last picture is from the PGF, and it is a distorted Ooga Jump icon. Check out the Doodle-Guy, he looks pretty cool in dark Green :)


  1. Yay! That's my ooga jump logo thing!!!
    ps I'm jamesbond007 on PG forums

  2. I love the picture dude, keep 'em coming!