Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fate of the island (new locations)

This is a regular post that I'm gonna be doing every once in a while, in this post, I take ideas that i've heard, about new god powers, new achievements, and new mini-game ideas, and make a list out of them, and get your feedback, along with everyone else who is following :)
Today's topic is going to be......New Island Ideas:
1 A jungle island (Dave has heard this idea many times before, and it is not new to the people who follow touch arcade. Dave has said that he and allan have considered this idea before, but have not found a way to merge it into pocket god. But that won't stop us from asking :p)
2 What the **** is behind those rocks? (This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions in the TA forums! What the heck is behind those rocks on Dino island? I want to hera your feedback on this, and post some fan art if your a good artist or computer techy :) I hope that there will be a cave, with stalactites (rocks hanging from ceiling), and you can "spear" the pygmys with them, and also some dripping liquids from the top, that can be poisinous to the pygmys, and they can choke. Also, we can have bats and spiders and other deadly creatures hiding out in there!)
3 The Volcano! (This has been brought up numerous times... "can we please, please, please make the volcano and island, and flick pygmys there and let them stay there for a little bit and sweat, and maybe fall in and burn themselves"..etc.. What do you think)
4 A dungeon underneath atlantis
5 Outer Space!!!!!!! (This is by far the most begged for feature in pocket god, outer space. People want UFOs and aliens , and floating pygmys, and space helmets, and craters, and planets, well we have the red dot in the sky, and a mystery that needs to be solved, so lets keep our fingers crossed :))
6 The water in between islands (maybe with a mini-game :p)
I know there are many others, but these are just some frequently asked ones, so leave comments and fan art, and maybe ill put them in my next installment :)
7 Ice Island (When that long-awaited update finally comes (temperature change) I know this will happen... an ice island... Here is a picture that was submitted to TA a long time ago, great animation guys :))

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