Monday, August 10, 2009

Fate of the island (achievements)

What's up everyone! I was just commenting in the TA forums, when I thought of some ides about new achievements that should be added:

1 Consecutive Volcano Flicks (this is self explanatory)
2 Whirlpool Spearing (this achievement would be just like the hurricane zap achievement, and the way to get a higher score would be how many pygmys you could spear without slowing down the whirlpool.
3 ??? Do you guys have any other ones...


  1. win 1 buddy challenge,win 10,win 100,win 1000

  2. Hmm... Maybe consecutive vampire drowns? Like, keep adding pygmies til you get tired? Or how about consecutive gravity kills? Like, either falling into the sky, or being drowned off the side.

    (This is saints, btw)

  3. Saints thats u :0 (u have so many accounts) :)
    i really like that idea error, but maybe not consecutive, b/c then every1 wud all platy the worst person XD!

    saints kool ideas, we shud PM dave