Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keep Dreaming

This post is about all the crazy ideas that pocket god junkies have mentioned in the past, but ideas that Dave has said cannot be entered into pocket god, because of either: collaboration problems, graphics problems, not enough space in the game, or just too much work and optimization. So I've decided to give these great ideas a rest once and for all, until Pocket God 2 that is :).

The ability to make islanders look different from one another
Clothes, facial expressions (always), hair color, height, age, weight, etc...

Pocket God in portrait mode
Pocket God jungle islands with vines hanging from the, ooga jump, etc...

Girl Pygmys
Sorry Pocket Godders who have had there eye out for some baby pygmys and love connections, its not gonna happen :(

Pocket God alien wars
The alien idea has not been 100% dismissed so don't worry! (we still have that red dot remember :p). The idea that has been dismissed is the idea of pygmys in UFOs flying in space and shooting eachother, with wifi connect, so your friends can play against you. Way too complicated guys...

Momma and Papa T-rex
Just like how the pygmys aren't gonna change the way they look, chances are that your not gonna see a bow or a comb in one of the T-rex's heads :)

I wish i had some fan art to put under some of these ideas, but I haven't gotten any new stuff in a while. If you are an "OK" artist or programmer, e-mail me at with some fan art:)

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