Monday, August 24, 2009

(Favorite New Idol) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the poll for your favorite new idol animation has ended, thanks to error for the idea :), and the results are:

1st Place: Pants Falling (with censor bar) 34%
2nd Place: Hair Falling 27%
3rd Place: Pants Falling (revealing underwear) 13%
4th Place: Thought Bubble 10%
5th Place: Sneezing 10%
6th Place: Beating Chest 3%

But there are two other new polls (located on the right side of the blog):
Do you like the new design of the blog?
Do you like the new name?

Whatever your vote is, Malcom and I will take into consideration, so make a good choice :p Also, if you have an good ideas for polls, leave a comment or e-mail me at


  1. should pocket god do future things (like sharks with laser and aliens) or should they stay in the past (like t rex)

  2. That sounds like a pretty kool poll, i may use it after my new one about the title of my blog is over :)