Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glitches (part 1.5)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, and I came across some cool new glitches. Sorry if some of these have been posted, whether it be by Glitchspot, or any other blog, but I've got some new ones, with a bunch of variations :)

This glitch is where a pygmy sliding to the right faces to the right. Usually he faces left.
Recreation: While the pygmy is sliding to the right, touch him once or twice (doesn't always work, it takes practice, and works like 25% of the time).

This is a glitch where the pygmys stare at nothing and there is no sun or moon.
Recreation: Slide the moon down really slowly, and then when the sun comes up, raise it up high as fast as you can, then make it sunset as fast as you can. Repeat this a couple times (this doesn't always work, so don't get frustrated).

^These are two variations of the "sunset" glitch I posted above^

The next glitch is where the bird flies at the bottom of the island, and the fisherman pygmy begins to sink off the screen (many other weird things can happen also).
Recreation: Get a fisherman pygmy to catch a fish, then as the bird is about to pick up the fish, zap it with lightning, then tap the burnt bird, and watch it fly down low, and fall off the screen (many other strange things can happen also, depending on the timing of the zap and tap).

This glitch is where a pygmy gets stuck in the sky even after you remove your finger off the screen. The only way to get him down is to move the clouds.
Recreation: I have not/do not know how to recreate this glitch, but I was playing Ooga Jump for a while, and then this happened, leave a comment if you can recreate it :)

For more glitches, go to the Pocket God Glitchspot.
Stay tuned for part 2!

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