Sunday, August 16, 2009

News On Next 2 Updates

Hey guys,I was just looking through some TA posts, and my friend error found something that allan posted in the comments section on pocket blog, saying that the shark will definately be underwater, but he is looking for an interesting way to get him down there. What ways are there, that are not expected?
Tsunami while holding shark
Press Menu Button
Drop Anchor (3) times
Also, Allan mentioned putting in an octopus or sea monster, because it is way over due! I don't know if he is planning on putting the octopus in the new island update or shark update, but either way, it's been long-awaited, and is going to be awesome!

Here is Allan's full post (thanks error):
"The update I'm working on is basically a way to get the sharks underwater (which has been requested a million times)....however, we're putting a funny spin on it i think nobody will expect. Then, we want to open up a new area. but an octopus or similiar sea monster is way overdue!"

Edit: Well it turns out the way to get the shark underwater is by using a chum bucket, that Dave and Allan are implementing as I type this ;) I like this idea, and think it is both funny, creative, and entertaining, great idea Dave and Allan!

Here's what Dave said:
We are adding a Chum Bucket in the under water area.