Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poll Result + New Feature!

(This awesome comic was made by Zack of the Pocket God Forums, and is part of their brand-new feature "Daily Comics". I will feature some of these comics on the blog, but check out the Pocket God Forums for all of them.)
(Click to enlarge)

Hey guys, to celebrate our 65th thousandth view, I have decided to reveal the results to a poll and add a brand-new, regular feature to the blog! I am very excited to add this new feature, and I think it will be a favorite immediately! So without further ado, and to stop all this suspense here is the result to a poll and the announcement of our very new feature here at The Pygmy Den:

  • What new feature would you like Malcom and I to post on the blog regularly?

Our interpretation of the new icon... --> 48%
Pocket God-junkie of the week --> 23%
Videos --> 9%
Old update pictures compared to new --> 7%
3 polls! --> 6%
Pictures of fans --> 4%

Now if you are wondering which is our new feature, I will tell you shortly, and explain how I came to my decision. 

First off, for the 4% of you who voted on pictures of the fans, I think thats a great idea, but not great enough to have its own post. However, if you want your picture posted on the blog, e-mail your picture to and I will post it like fan art. :)

Second, I tried putting 3 polls on the side of the blog a few months ago, but it didn't seem to work that well, and crowded the side of the blog too much. Also, that's not really a new feature... just an extension ;)

Third, videos. Videos are awesome, but I didn't think it could be its own post, since the Pocket Blog posts videos regularly. However, Malcom and I will start posting videos in some posts, and you guys can provide links to us in the comments section linking to your youtube videos, or any other videos you have, and we'll post them here.

Fourth... Old update pictures compared to new. Awesome idea, that I think will probably be added to the blog in the near future when Pocket God 1 begins to slow down a lot more, and new Blot Creative projects (maybe Pocket God 2) begin. 

Hmm, fifth... now this was a very, very hard choice. Both options were such great ideas and both got high percentages, however, Malcom and I had to go with one, and only one FOR NOW. Coming in a close second place was "Pocket God-junkie of the week". This feature will probably make its way to The Pygmy Den in the near future, but for now, the new feature is "Our interpretation of the new icon"!

If you are wondering what this new feature is going to be like, its pretty simple, and pretty awesome! After the update comes out, Malcom and I are going to talk to each other and create a design of what we think the icon should look like based on what is in the update (sort of like Malcom's shark icon and eel icon from a while back). Then Malcom will draw and animate it, and we will post it on the blog shortly after the update has been approved!

If you have any ideas for polls, fan art, cool pictures, pictures of you, awesome videos, or any other Pocket God related things, e-mail them to!

Stay tuned for a new contest coming shortly to end Poll Week Madness and our brand new feature!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Poll Results

(An awesome Space "Island" made by Oldskooler81)

Hey guys, Poll Week Madness is sadly coming to an end, but I have 2 more poll results right now and a new poll has already been added to the side of the blog. Within the next two days I will post the results to a poll we had a while back, and will announce the new feature in the same post! Shortly after, I will post another poll result, with a new contest to close Poll Week Madness (more like 2 Weeks Of Poll Madness :p). Anyway, here are the results to 2 more polls:

  • Should Malcom and I continue the Pygmy Adventure Series?

Yes, its ok --> 30%
No, I don't like it that much --> 26%
No, stop it now! --> 15%
Yes, it is the best post on the blog! --> 14%
Only until Prison Break is over, then stop --> 13%

Malcom and I have had so much controversy regarding the Pygmy Adventure Series, and still haven't really made up our minds 100% on what we should do with it. Since 44% want it to continue and 54% of you want it to stop now, Malcom and I are torn between the two possibilities. As of now, we will post the third and final part of Prison Break shortly (Date to be announced later), and then we will see if we will continue with a new story.

  • Should Malcom and I post a piece of fan art above every post?

Yes! --> 59%
No opinion. --> 27%
No! --> 10%
just post my fan art already! --> 3%

As you can see, Malcom and I have gone with the 59% of you who said yes, and are starting to post a piece of fan art above almost every post (the ones without pictures at least). For the 3% of you who haven't had their fan art posted, I promise it will be posted soon, but keep sending more in to

That's all for now, stay tuned for a new feature and new contest coming this week,


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 Poll Results

(By pygkid104)

Hey guys, since its "POLL WEEK MADNESS," I have the results for 3 more polls, and 2 new polls are gonna be posted on the blog when the 2 current ones end! Without further ado, here are 3 more poll results, with a little news about the new update at the end ;). Take a look:

  • Which blog design do you like better?

The Original --> 24%
Neither, please change it --> 17%
The Christmas one --> 15%
Both Equally :) --> 13%
Change it to ______ (Leave comment UNDER A POST) --> 5%

Well, because 32% of you guys preferred another blog design to this current one, Malcom and I will be switching the blog design during all major (world-wide) holidays, then back to the original once the holidays are over, for you 24% who prefer the original ;). Also, for those who chose the "Leave a comment option", no one actually left a comment under a post, so I have nothing new to share about that, but for future posts, leave comments and I'll feature them in the results post.

  • Which "island" is your favorite?

Ice Island - The most desired --> 54%
Pygmy Graveyard - Zombies, ghosts, and spiders, oh my --> 19%
Octopus (Oog) Island - I'm a loyalist --> 12%
Underwater - Who doesn't love sharks with lasers --> 7%
Dino Island - I love my Dinos --> 6%

I wasn't very surprised when I saw these results, because personally I love the Ice Island too, and think it is the best and most interactive of them all. But ***SPOILER ALERT*** the underwater location is gonna be a lot of people's new favorite with its new mini-game, and special something people have been asking for for a while ;). *** I guess I'll have to post this poll again after the update...

  • What is your favorite Pocket God trilogy of updates?

The Ice "trilogy" --> 51%
The Graveyard trilogy --> 29%
The Dino trilogy --> 13%
These were all my least favorite updates --> 5%

Once again the Ice Island dominates the polls with 51%, and not surprising only 5% of people didn't like the trilogies at all.

***For another spoiler go to the Pocket God leaderboards for sacrifices (etc...) on Open Feint, and scroll all the way down to episode 1.30 for a sneak peak at a new sacrifice in the new update!

Stay tuned for poll result week, with a new contest and new feature coming!


Monday, February 15, 2010

3 Poll Results

Hey guys, this week is going to be poll result madness and at the end of it all, I will announce our new feature on the blog, while also submitting a glitch post, and a "what's it like being a beta tester" post! I thought it would be cool to post some poll results from old polls to see if we predicted what Pocket God would be like in the future as well. So without further ado here are 3 polls I have the results for:

  • What is the next DLC?

1st Place: Your Mom :p 25%
2nd Place: Monsters 22%
3rd Place: Holiday Theme 17%
4th Place: Naming The Creatures 8%
5th Place: Sharks/Fish 7%
6th Place: Statues/Islands 6%
7th Place: Spider 5%
8th Place: Other... 4%
9th Place: Dodo-Bird 1%
10th Place: Doodle-Guy 1%
11th Place: Volcano 0%
12th (Last) Place: Meteor/Coconuts 0%

These results were pretty scattered, which I thought was interesting, but the 17% who guessed "Holiday Themed" were right because this poll took place before the Christmas DLC when The Pyg Chill update came out. ... And no, my Mom wasn't the new DLC thank you...

  • What should the next update contain after The Pyg Chill?

1st Place: The second part of the Ice Trilogy 55%
2nd Place: A huge anniversary update 25%
3rd Place: Pocket God.2. instead 12%
4th Place: A DLC pack for the anniversary 12%
5th (Last) Place: I don't want to know 1%

Well, 55% of you were right that the next update, Great Job Ice-Hole would be next, but the 37% wanting something to do with the anniversary of Pocket God were a little off, but I would've liked something for the anniversary also ;).

  • How often do you check the blog?

1st Place: Every Day 53%
2nd Place: Every week or so 13%
3rd Place: Hardly ever anymore :( 11%
4th Place: EVERY SECOND 6%
5th Place: Every hour or so 6%
6th Place: Once in a blue moon 5%
7th Place: Every month or so 3%
8th (Last) Place: Whenever I get a notification 0%

I was very happy when I saw that almost 60% of you guys check the blog daily or more :D! But for those who check the blog every week or so, I found that really interesting and cool... I was wondering how you read the posts then, because you would get roughly 5 posts a week on this blog, so do you read them all at once or just the ones you like? Comment below if you are one of the people who check every week or so.

P.S. The "trouble-making" piece above was created by gavinrotty, great job!

Stay tuned for 3 more poll results coming later this week with new polls!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Pictures (Cold Front)

Hey guys, it looks like things are getting chilly again, take a look at some cool, but cold pictures:


Shhh you shatter boxes

Hmm, that's odd

Hmm, that's even weirder

Hey Dave, overpopulation alert!

Part 39, Just Because Their Cool will feature:
Gigantic Eclipse
Nooo, I thought he was mine >:|
Snowball fight!
Ahhh, this looks like a nice play for a nap
--Sorry, you do not meet the reuirements--

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cool Pictures (Homies At Our New Home)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, Malcom and I have been contemplating the future of our blog, and what new things were gonna do to make it even better. We've been doing a few things, that I can't just say yet, but its a HUGE change, and gonna be a big improvement, that some viewers will not like, but most will, and eventually everyone will come around, and see what the new "decision" enables us to bring to the blog. Anyway, more on that later, time for a cool pictures post dedicated to our new creatures on our newest home. Take a look:

Burn damn you, burnnnn!

"Close your eyes, I'm almost done..."

Mmmmm, tastes like chicken

Such a nice day to fish ¶ la la la la la ¶

Ugh... I don't think that's the best idea

Part 38, Cold Front will feature:
Shhh you shatter boxes
Hmm, that's odd
Hmm, that's even weirder
Hey Dave, overpopulation alert!

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fan Art 11 (A Tribute To Spidey)

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to one of the biggest contributors here at the blog, a huge submitter of fan art, and an all around Pocket God-Junkie, Spidey146! Take a look at some of Spidey's crazy, awesome, and outrageous pieces:

This first piece is a play on the "Return of the Pygmy" icon, except a little more gory. For those of you with weak hearts, or queezy stomachs, look away now, and maybe for the next 3 pieces as well ;). Great work Spidey, take a look:

Spidey's second piece features...a Spider (lol). Once again he made Pocket God a little less PG, and a little more...well...graphic. Take a look:

This last piece of Spidey's (in this post) is a modified version of "Good Will Haunting's" icon, except he zombified it a little. Awesome work Spidey, but I think you made it a little too graphic... Take a look:

These next two pieces weren't done by Spidey146, but are still awesome!

This image, was created by superskatesman of the Pocket God Forums, and if features his perception of what Episode 29: The Pyg Chill would look like. Believe it or not he wasn't that far off besides the lack of Mister Chill, the Igloo, and our Christmas tree. Great work Skate!

This last photo is the new banner for The Pocket God Forums, and it is awesome! Take a look at our crowded world growing bigger, and while your at it, check out the new Pocket God Forums (Link on the left side of the blog).

Great work guys, keep 'em coming!

If you have any pieces of fan art that you want to see featured on the blog, send an e-mail, and ill feature it here!

Stay tuned for Part 12!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool Pictures (Malcom's Hot 'N Cold)

Hey guys, check out some awesome new cool pictures supplied by Malcom, featuring the new update and temperature changes! Take a look:

1, 2, 3 Smile (by Malcom)

Heads Up! (by Malcom)

Hmmm, that's confusing... (by Malcom)

The Fantastic Four (by Malcom)

Ugh...Help! (by Malcom)

Part 37 will feature:

To be announced!

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Major News Update + "Spoiler"

*** Update: My idea for the update with help from a Pygmy Den-junkie***

I just got an e-mail from a fan of the Pygmy Den with his prediction of the update, and I think he may be spot on, or wayyyyy off...

His name is Gavin, and he said that he thinks that it will be like Doodle Jump, where you name your pygmies (doodler) different things to access different scenery and "easter eggs".

Playing off of Gavin's idea, I think it might be an underwater Doodle Jump-esque game and can only be accessed if you change your pygmies name to "bubbles" or something to do with water.

About the actual minigame, maybe if you get the pygmy high enough in the sky, when he falls he'll fall through an island and create a geyser that floods the screen, or maybe just goes down to a new underwater location.

Or maybe, there will just be a ship flooding underwater, and the pygmy has to Ooga Jump his way out (that would be awesome)!!!


Hey guys, Dave just announced (minutes ago) what the new update would contain (roughly), and how iot might influence the Pocket God game completely.

Here is his direct quote (do not read ahed if you do not want to be "spoilerified" (I know the word is spoiled but I like this more ;) ). He is speaking about what the next update will contain:

"its a new mini game with a new underwater location. and a new feature that everyone will like. it's a unique feature to the game. building off the way you can name pygmies."

My guess is as good as yours because we beta testers have not received any news or builds on the update yet, so we are completely in the dark!

...A new mini-game, hmmmm.

  • Rolando?
  • Minigore?
  • Lost-themed?
  • Impossible Quiz?
  • The Creeps?
Your guess is as good as mine. Comment below with your predictions and ideas, and I'll keep you updated on the beta tester news, and the public's news.

P.S. The updated Pocket God World can be found in the post below this!