Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fate of the island (small features)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the TA forums, and some other fan blogs, and I came across some awesome new ideas for small features, or things that wouldn't take up full updates, that I've never seen before. Take a look:

Rain Dance: Tap the screen to make the pygmys dance while the storm clouds are out, and instead of fireworks, a light drizzle of rain will come from the clouds, and the pymgys hair will fall over their faces.

Ooga Jump Update: This isn't really a new god power, but I think that Dave and Allan should update Ooga Jump every 2-4 updates, and add new features or designs to it, to keep people playing it. Some new features may include:
Spinning Bone: The pygmys done starts to spin and he flies through the air, since he stepped on the "bone" cloud.
Doodles on the Right: The Doodle-guys appear on the right side of the screen and the left once you reach a certain height.
Return of the Ooga: Once you step on a cloud with a number on it, the pygmy gets "bullets/coconuts", to through at the doodle guys. The amount of ammo that the pygmy gets, is determined by the number that is on the cloud. These clouds are very rare!
Golden Cloud: This is also a very rare cloud, but if you jump on it, all the clouds become thunder clouds for a short while.

Thunder: During the storm or hurricane, the sound of thunder will play in the backround, and the pygmys will look scared for a second.

Soup: The pygmys can now find a pot near the fire, then fill it with water, and put fish, dodo bird, and coconuts into it. Also the tree on the second island would be a banana tree, and a spider or monkey would live inside it.

Underwater Vent: In the underwater location, there would be a heat vent/underwater volcano that you can turn on and off in the menu bar, and if the pygmys go to close, their skin bubbles, then they either "pop", or turn to ash :) Google underwater volcano to see what I'm thinking of, Click here if your too lazy ;)

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