Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malcom's Dual Review Part 1

hey guys! im writing this from my old PSP which i havent touched since i got my ipod last february. its kinda hard to type something this long coz the keyboard of the PSP is, well, you know. So this is the first of the Dual Reviews im talking about. i always do reviews when the new thread is out and when the new update is out....

so the latest thread is out! first i want to comment about the new icon. it really looks cool. dave said it was allan's best work but i disagree! the ROTP icon was more awesome. no offense to allan coz his works are super great.

so the next update will contain frickin sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their frickin heads? i thought they would add more functionality to the shark(cooking, toothless) except the part that they would put it underwater. maybe a Shark update PART 3? they finally made a Map Icon for the underwater area(yes!) and i like the control functions in aiming for the pygmies and i wonder how the shark will eat the pygmies. maybe the shark will bite them and split them into half. >: D

dave and allan only meet once a month?! cool. i wonder whats this pocket god: suicide squad thing. maybe its related to their meeting with Apple last week...

the only thing we DO know about the next update is that it WILL include LOTS of functionality and no clues until it has been submitted. Dave, have you started working on it?

in game loading?? id rather wait for a minute instead of that dave! please dont consider it!!


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