Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glitches: Idle Hands 2 (part 3)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God, when I came across some interesting new glitches! Sorry if these have been posted on GlitchSpot, or any other glitch-related blogs, but these are my own variations, and they were founded by either me, malcom, or our viewers :) So here they are:

This first one is really easy! Get half of a coconut, and let one of the pygmys pick it up, then switch islands while he's biting down, and he will eat nothing when he's on egg island.

This next one is pretty cool, but I think GlitchSpot has already posted it. Right when the your about to drop a pygmy on the ooga jump cloud that triggers ooga jump, get ready to turn on the storm cloud. Then right when you drop him, and he touches the cloud, click the storm cloud on. If you time it right (it takes practice, don't get frustrated) the sky will turn white, and he will play ooga jump!

This next one isn't really a "glitch" like the other ones, but it's more of a coding error. When you summon the T-rex, put a pygmy to the right of him, and drop a spear in his hands until he hits the T-rex enough to push him back enough so he is "standing" on water.

This next one is extremely easy. Go to octopus island, then summon one pygmy, and enable the fishing rod. Then let the pygmy pick up the rod, and as the fish comes out from the right side, touch the octopus statue 3 times, really quickly, then you'll have an invincible pygmy. The only way to kill him is to turn off the fishing rod, turn it to night, make him a vampire, then turn it to day!

This last one is also really easy, and is a variation of the Lava glitch that has been around since episode 1.14. Flick the pygmy into the volcano twice. Then flick the pygmy into the volcano again, but while he is in mid-air, switch islands, and when he lands, even though he's on egg island, you see him enter the "volcano", and it begins to pour down lava!

For much better glitches, and really unique/weird ones, check out glitches part 1.5 and part 2 in the blog posts archive!
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