Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drifting Through Time

Hey guys, this is part 1 of our 3 part Pygmy Adventure series, and I have the honor of starting it off! This series is based upon The_Dude's idea, and is so unpredictable that not even Malcom nor I know what is gonna happen next. I will be writing part 1 (this story), then Malcom part 2, then I will finish it off with part 3! So stay tuned, we'll be posting 1 or 2 every week! (Thanks to Malcom for the Icon!) Well I tend to babble, so without further ado, here is part 1:

Drifting Through Time
By swigo8

Deep, in the middle of the wild Pacific, a group of stranded Pacificers formed a tribe known as the Aguando. The Aguando were a peaceful young tribe, made up of strong, young men, and they were a brave people, but they lived in fear of their God. This God had many names, and was feared by the Aguando because it liked to inflict pain upon innocent pygmys, and kill them for no reason! But the Aguando would not end after the death of a pygmy, it would then "respawn" that same pygmy, and torture it again, whether it be by lightning, tsunamis, volcanos, or animals that lived on the island, their God forced all to torture the innocent Aguando.
After years of being stranded, and trying to start their own village, one pygmy, pygmy Bob, was fed up with their huts being destroyed, and their lives being put in danger, so he gathered all the Aguando, while their God was tending to other business, and he told them
his plan to get off their island, and away from their evil God. His plan was not too elaborate, but he stated that they must build a raft from the drift wood that just floated up on shore, and that they must hide it from their God, otherwise he would destroy it! So after what seemed like months for the Aguando, they finally had their raft built, and pygmy Bob told them to execute the next part of their plan. After taking a vote on who they should be the one to "anger" their God, it was decided that it would be pygmy Bob's close friends Apollo.

Apollo stepped out from the trees where all the other Aguando were hiding on their raft, and he started dancing. This dancing irritated their God, and it showed that Apollo was happy, and their God did not want any pygmys to be happy, so he summoned a tsunami to get rid of Apollo, and send him to the dangerous waters below, where the piranhas, and super-sharks slept! But as the tsunami crashed down, Apollo ran back to the raft, and jumped on, and the giant waved crashed on the raft, and sent the Aguando flying off the island. But they stayed on their raft, because of their tight grips!
A few hours passed, and their was no sign on their God. The pygmys began to relax, but not pygmy Bob, he knew of the journey that they would have to face next, and he wasn't smiling...
After a few days on the raft, some pygmys began to go crazy, and others were unsatisfied with all the coconuts on the raft, and began to think about eating eachother, and they turned to their leader pygmy Bob, and asked how close they were to new land, and how much longer this journey would last. But pygmy Bob just told them to relax and eat their coconuts, even though deep-down, he knew something bad was about to happen.
Many more days past, and sharks began to follow the raft and eat the trail of coconut husks that were being dumped over board. Lightning began to almost strike the raft, but pygmy Bob did not seem to be affected by the lightning or the sharks, he seemed worried about something worse, much worse...
With only enough coconuts for 2 days worth, the pygmys desperately needed to see land, and thanks to Apollo's keen eye, they did... but it was not like anything they've ever seen before!
Way off into the distance, 30 or more miles maybe, there stood a huge piece of land, that made their island look like dust. As the raft drew closer, the pygmys became more anxious, and began to celebrate! Everyone jumped high in the air, despite their lack of energy, and they began to sing, dance, and cheer, but not pygmy Bob... He still had the horrible look on his face, as though the worst was about to happen, and that everything until now would fail in comparison to what was about to come!
When the pygmys finally got near-enough to the land to make objects clear, they became a little unsettled by what they saw before them. Their were huge hard things shooting out of teh ground, fast metal things with wheels, oddly shaped "pygmys", black grounds, dirty air, loud-noises, and huge metal rafts...
After almost 3 weeks of drifting through time on the pacific, and losing 9 out of the 13 pygmys aboard, the shock of looking at this new land, they were about to enter, scared them even more than losing their family and facing sharks!
Bob, after not speaking or moving for more than 2 weeks, stood up, walked onto "shore", and took a deep breath, and knew this was going to be the hardest obstacle of all, surviving in___________!


Stay tuned for part 2 of 3 written by Maclom!
He will tell you guys the title later this week :)

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