Thursday, September 3, 2009

(Favorite 3 Icons) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the poll for your favorite 3 icons has ended, and I have the results, take a look:

1. Place: SWFLATTH (laser) 59%
2. Place: Return Of The Pygmy (spear) 31%
3. Place: Ooga Jump (doodle-guy) 23%
4. Place: Stop! My App Is On Fire (bonfire) 22%
5. Place: Idle Hands 2 (underwear) 20%
6. Place: The T-rex Strikes Back (dino) 19%
7. Place: Bait Master (piranhas) 17%
8. Place: Flipping The Bird (bird) 16%
9. Place: A Storm Is Coming (lightning) 10%
10. Place: Jump the Shark (shark) 9%
11. Place: Surf's Up (underwater) 9%
12. Place: Hi Dracula! (vampire) 9%
13. Place: Say My Name (name tag) 8%
14. Place: March Of The Fire Ants (ants) 8%
15. Place: A Mighty Wind (hurricane) 8%
16. Place: A New Home (egg) 7%
17. Place: Something's Fishy (fish) 6%
18. Place: Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do (finger) 6%
19. Place: Fun'n Games... (trophy) 5%
20. Place: On The 7th Day Rest (sunset) 5%
21. Place: Idle Hands 1 (smile) 4%
22. Place: You Always Hurt The One You Lava (lava) 3%
23. Place (Last): Just Give Us 5 Minutes (boulder) 2%

Great job with the art Allan, as you can see, it just keeps on getting better, and better!
Since this poll is over, it's time for a new one to begin, so check the right side of the blog, for our two new polls:
What is on the other side of Egg Island?
What should be added to the Pocket God World next?

If you have any new poll ideas, leave a comment below!


  1. cool im the 10000 person to go on your blog

  2. lol im the one who started the hit counter thing