Monday, September 7, 2009

Cool Pictures (Attack Of The Fans!)

What's up guys! I was going through my e-mails, and I found some awesome new photos submitted by our fans! Check out some of these funny, odd, crazy circumstances that we put our pygmys through:

This one is called: Hungry Dino (By error)

Break-Dancers (By seoirsem)

Hollywood Stunt-Doubles (By sylux024)

"Ouch!" (Idea by duckcarer)

Part 8 will feature:
Ant's Garbage (By sylux024)
Where's My Blood (Idea by darkie_manu)
Tribute To Dave Allan
Coconut God
Party On Octo Island!

Thanks to error, seoirsem, sylux024, and duckcarer for your awesome photos, keep 'em coming guys! And if anyone has any fan art, cool pictures, or ideas about Pocket God, e-mail me, and ill feature you on the blog!


  1. whats this pygmy fish on the side of the blog and my fav is hungry dino

  2. It's very zen, and matches the color of the blog... do you like it, truthfully?