Sunday, September 6, 2009

Major News Update!

Hey guys, the new title for Episode 26 has been released, and we all know that it is a new location on the other side of Egg Island, but let's see if you can guess what the location is based on the title, and the leaderboard sacrifices... The title is: Episode 26: Dead Pygmy Walking!

And the brand new sacrifices on the leaderboards are:

1.)Brains Eaten
2.)Buried Alive

My bet is a graveyard with Zombie-Pygmys, and some new creatures, and something special happens when you click the gravestones... maybe zombies appear :0!
Also, I think the icon will be a pygmy walking with his arms out, and he's pale and looks like a zombie with his eyes, and "smile". Then the background is a graveyard or just black and grey colors with a weird sunset or something!
That's just my idea, leave a comment below, and tell me what you think the new location and/or icon will be!