Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flash Report!!

hey guys, just received word that the next update might be submitted friday night and the next update is also going to have a DLC pack of t-rex skins which costs $0.99. so here are some news that might interest you guys.

Apple seems to have some problems about the app distribution process so the next update MIGHT be in its way. :-O!! LINK

here's some bigger news.

does anyone here also has tap tap in their iPods? look what i found in the Tap Tap Report:

- We have received unverified accounts that there is a tribe of people living on a remote South Pacific island, with no outside contact, that have fashioned 3 rails out of fallen palm trees, and smash coconuts as they come rolling down them. Is Tap Tap Revenge in our DNA? We've dispatched Ed on the S.S. Tapulous to investigate, and will report back.

do you know anything about this Dave? :D

new leaderboards are up! seems like there ARE lots of functionalities in the next update. they are:

1. Carried Away by Ghost
2. Pulled into Ghost World
3. Scared to Death
4. Hard of Hearing
5. Become Ghost

i wonder what these new things DO...

for the people who are waiting for the next part of Drifting through Time, the next part MIGHT be out on the weekend.

this is malcomjudd, reporting.


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