Thursday, September 10, 2009

(What's Behind The Rocks) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, the poll for what's behind the rocks on Egg Island has ended... and the results are in! We had a record-breaking 395 votes, in only 5 days! Even with that many votes though, the votes were still scattered like crazy, take a look:

1st Place: A Cave 34%
2nd Place: Dr. Evil's HQ 14%
3rd Place: Other... 12%
4th Place: Jurassic Park 12%
5th Place: A Kraken/Octopus 10%
6th Place: Jack Sparrow 7%
7th Place: Atlantis Marine World :) 4%
8th Place (Last): A Ditch/Hole 3%

Even though we now know that it is going to be a graveyard-like scene, with zombies, it's funny how 34% of us thought it was going to be a cave! It looks like the 12% of us that picked other were correct, but who knows if any of them actually guessed graveyard...

Since this poll is over though, it's time for a brand new one to start! Take a look on the right side of the blog, for 2 brand new polls!
Also tell me what you think of the new feature on the side of the blog called, Pygmy Fish, do you like it or not?

BTW, I'm running out of ideas on new polls, so if you guys have any awesome ideas, comment below, or e-mail me at, and I'll feature your idea here!


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  2. btw the forums are at

    If you dont want to be mods join it and post! I am about to make forums where you can write about your blog :)