Sunday, September 13, 2009

(Pygmy's Name) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, my curiosity got my best of me on the poll for what did you name most of your pygmys after, and the results were really surprising! Take a look:

1st Place: Friends/Family 39%

2nd Place: Random Names 20%

3rd Place: Other... 17%

4th Place: Teachers/Enemies 11%

5th Place: Sports Figures 5%

6th Place: TV Characters 2%

7th Place: Yourself 1%

8th Place: Book Characters 0% (1 vote)

9th (Last) Place: Celebrities 0% (1 vote)

I was really surprised that not that many people named their pygmys after TV Characters (that's what I did), and that 39% of you like to kill your friends and family :p

Since this poll is over though, it's time for a new poll to start, so check out the right side of teh blog for some brand-new polls!

P.S. I'm running out of ideas for GOOD Pocket God polls, so please comment below and leave some ideas! Also comment below if you chose "other..." for the poll above, and tell me what you chose!

Stay tuned for our awesome brand-new (never before seen by Pocket Godders) idea when the counter hits 15k!!

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