Monday, September 7, 2009

Glitches: SWFLATTH (part 2)

Hey guys, I was just searching through the TA forums, and our comments section, and I found a whole bunch of new glitches! Some of them are really awesome, and have cool consequences, but others are pretty lame, or way too complicated for a bad result, so take a look at the ones I thought were pretty awesome (also check out part 1 for a ton more glitches!):

Put a pygmy in ooga jump then you hit the tsunami button and before the Pygmy appears underwater, you go to an island and the Pygmy is controlled by tilting and can't move on his own. Sometimes he'll just be invincible but that doesn't happen that often. This takes a little bit of practice, so don't get frustrated if your pygmy lands in the water at first :)
(I can't really get a picture of this, it looks normal, but try it out and see!)

The next glitch is a continuation to the Underwater-Statue-Underwater-Egg-Underwater-Statue-Underwater-Egg glitch (if you don't know what this is, go to my blog archive (right side of blog towards bottom) and click glitches SWFLATTH part 1). While your on Statue Island, pick up the magnifying glass and hold it, then hit Underwater-Egg really quickly, while your still holding the magnifying glass, then you should be on Egg island with the magnifying glass floating in mid-air, and all your pygmys can't be touched by you, but you can kill them with almost anything! Turn on the gravity also, but the magnifying glass won't be able to fly off screen, and if you position it perfectly, every pygmy that walks in front of it burns :)

To do this next glitch, have a pygmy pick up a piece of wood, and as he's walking with it, click Underwater-Statue really fast, then after he places the piece of wood down (while he's on Statue Island), click Underwater-Egg. Then get the pygmy to pick up another piece of wood, and let him drop it. There should now be 2 pieces of wood in the fir pit, and 2 pieces to the left. Let him pick up another piece of wood and drop it again, and there should be 3 pieces of wood in the fire now, so zap the fir pit to start the fire. then let the pygmy pick p the last piece of wood and put it down on the fire (there should be 4 pieces there now). Then click Underwater-Statue, wait a minute, then click Underwater-Egg, and the pygmys should warm themselves around a fire that isn't there, and if you let the pygmys add all the fire wood, it will go under the fir pit. Also, to make the fire reappear (visually) click where the fire would be! Take a look at all the things that I mentioned:

Switch islands really quickly, and the wood gets stuck in the sky.

Throw the bird into the water, then zap the spot with lightning where the bird landed, and the bird will get electrocuted even though he has already drowned!

Also the cannibal glitch is still around so check that out!

If you have any other glitches, comment below, or e-mail me at!