Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cool Pictures (Messing With Pygmys)

*****!!!!!!****!!!!!!Note: The next couple of cool picture posts have loads of zombies, and a lot of fan art also, so get ready! Also, once I post that one, I'll be all caught up for new cool picture posts. So if you're waiting for your picture to be posted, keep in mind, I have the posts written with your fan art in them... I just don't post them all at once... because that would get boring, and I'd run out of ideas, also it would get really repetitive...
Stay tuned for the posts... Cool pictures: Zombie Invasion, Even More Zombies, World Tour, and Wrong Place Right Time (there's plenty more coming!)
P.S. I'm gonna name the title of the next Cool Pics post at the bottom of the current post, along with the titles of the pictures in that post, to keep you guys excited, and guessing ;) I'm babbling again, Anyway...

Hey guys, I just got a blast of new ideas for cool pictures, but the pygmys suffered a little bit this time... ;) Check out these awesome new photos that my poor little pygmys suffered through for our entertainment:

This one is called: "Whaaaaaa"

"Your wish is my command"

A New Way To Make Fire!

Where's Dale? (By darkie_manu)

Part 12: Zombie Invasion will feature:
Vampire Vs Zombie (By spidey146)
"I told you I could fit your head in my mouth"
~Can't Touch This~

If you have any cool pictures e-mail them to me at!


  1. for the DLC poll dave said it wasnt just going to be skins in the future he said he might also add customization to the pygmies and the islands in a DLC

  2. cool pics are gonna be great with DLC

  3. Woohoo, thx a lot swigo for using my pic and its great to have you back :)

    p.s. I have a lot of other pics if u want ;P

  4. @pocket god: yes. that was what dave said in the new thread. BUT we just found out that they ARE going to put skins, t-rex skins, in the next update. it costs $0.99

    if you dont believe me, just go to the TA threads and ask the people there. they are going to tell you the same thing.