Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cool Pictures (part 6)

Hey guys, I was just playing Pocket God again, and I thought of some pretty cool new predicaments to put my pygmys in! These aren't glitches, but merely some funny/odd/cool circumstances that I put my pygmys in for our entertainment, and this can be done by anyone, so take a look:

This one is called: Shoo, get outa here

"Ahhh, our God is back... quick, hide!"

"Yay, no more Jimbo!"


Part 7 will feature:
Hungy Dino (by error)
Break-Dancers (by seoirsem)
Hollywood Stuntdoubles (by sylux024)
"Ouch!" (by duckcarer)

If you have any cool pictures or fan art, e-mail me at, and I'll try and feature it on my blog!


  1. Hey guys I sent you an email if I could join your team. I could get more people to your blog too :). I used to run but I retired because school started back and I didn't have enough time. So can I join your team please?

  2. I'll have to ask Malcom, but tell me what new would you bring to our team?