Monday, September 28, 2009

Drifting Through Time: HELL DAY

Hey guys, so this is my most random story yet. I couldn't think of anything else to do with the Aguandos, so here is part 2 of Drifting Through Time!
Drifting Through Time: Hell Day

The Aguando's God was furious when the Aguandos escaped his fiery clutches. He said to Himself, "When I find those coward Aguandos who cowardly hid from me in a cowardly way, I'll torture them like I've never tortured them before! I'll zap them while the piranhas are eating them, I'll burn their flesh while they are being eaten by Ants!! I'll make 'em pay. I'LL MAKE THOSE AGUANDOS PAY!!" After the Aguando God said those things, he left the Island to find (and torture) His poor Aguandos.

Meanwhile, back at the strange land where the Aguandos landed, PygmyBob was figuring out where they landed with his close friend, Apollo. They saw ugly "pygmies" wearing some kind of green-camouflage skins holding metal, noise-making sticks. PygmyBob then decided to call these strange "pymgies," Pleeps. The place where they landed was chaotic! All of the Pleeps were wearing the green things and they followed their leader, who had a gold star on his green outfit. He usually shouted and the other Pleeps would follow. When the leader with the gold star saw the Aguandos, he shouted and then the other Pleeps tied their hands together and they were all knocked out.*

When Apollo awoken, he saw that they were in a dark room with only one hanging light at the top and they were strapped in chairs. He tried waking up the other three Aguandos: PygmyBob, Aar and Juhi but there was no luck. Trying to untie himself from the chair, he overheard one of the Pleeps talking to another Pleep. After hearing them, he then knew where they were. He tried getting out of his chair but the rope was tied very well. During his struggle, the Pleep told him to shut up but he ignored him. He continued breaking out, because the information he overheard from the Pleep scared him. Still trying to get out, one of the Pleeps hit Apollo with the end of their metal sticks, an Apollo was out cold again.

PygmyBob now slowly began to awaken, and he tried waking up Apollo, but it seemed he was still out cold. He then tried Aar and Juhi but they were already awake. Before PymgyBob could ask what was happening, The leader with the gold star came out of nowhere, and asked, "Who they were and where they came from?" Upon hearing this, PygmyBob stood up to the leader with the gold star and said, "Why are you asking us these questions?" Intimidated, Pygmybob said, "W-we just want to be like those other Pleeps." Pointing at the people who were doing thousands of push-ups. Surprised, the leader with the gold star said, "Well, are you now? Allright. Since you are new- comers, we will give you Hell Day..." Then he left. PygmyBob woke up Apollo and told him that he "tricked" The leader with the gold star, and Apollo screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHAT?! You made us join a MILITARY CAMP?!?Thats almost as BAD as our torturing God!" PygmyBob's eyes bulged. He frantically ran around the area and he suddenly grabbed Apollo. "We have to get out of here! What have I done!!"

When darkness was upon them, PygmyBob had another ingenious plan to get out of the military camp. The plan was simple, when the big steel gate opens, they would make a run for it, and try to get outside. PygmyBob told the Aguandos that this would be like a prison break and that they would have to be very careful. So when everyone was asleep, the Aguandos went close to the metal gate, unseen, waiting for it to open. The Aguandos patiently waited for the gate to open but it didn't. They waited for hours on end, and then, the gate finally opened, slowly. The blood in the Aguandos veins stirred up and they ran as fast as they could! They were running and running until an open field was shown in the distance, they ran for it, then, BAM!!! They ran into another metal gate but this gate was much larger than the last one. This place was suddenly filled with light, and there was a booming voice, a familiar voice that told them, "There is no escaping my Camp! Oh, you people are Dead! Drop and give me 5000, ready, BEGIN!!!!" The Augandos were doing 5000 push-ups when they saw that the leader with the gold star was the one talking. The Aguandos spent the whole day training, doing push ups and other gut wrenching stuff.*

Meanwhile, the Aguando's God was now following the coconut husk trail in the sea, asking directions from the Sharks that once followed the Aguandos in the Raft...

Sir 967 Sir! Sir 968 Sir! Sir 969 Sir! Then the Aguandos threw themselves to the floor, tired of the horrifyng things that they did that day. The Aguandos couldn't stand it, this place was equally as bad as their old home. They did more than 10,000 push-ups, and had lots of bruises, and didn't have any food, water, or rest. The Aguandos had a Hell Day today and were not looking forward to tomorrow. They pleaded, cried, screamed for freedom but none of their cries were heard. The leader with the gold star didn't have any mercy. The sun was rising, and it was time to start the day with 50 laps around the camp. After that, 5000 push ups and 3000 more for being lousy. While the Aguandos were being tortured, the sky suddenly went dark, and there was a strong downpour of rain and lots of lightning. The Aguandos knew what was happening, but didn't know how to react, should they be happy or frightened? The Aguando's God came out in a thick black smoke with a booming voice, and said, "Who is responsible for bringing my Aguandos HERE?" Suddenly, all the hands pointed to the leader with the gold star. "YOU?! Did you torture my Aguandos?" The leader with the gold star gulped. "Nobody tortures MY Aguandos but ME!!" As the Aguando God launched forward, the leader with the gold star pulled a rifle from his back and shouted an epic battle cry!

Stay tuned for the last part of Drifting Through Time made by swigo8! The next story after Drifting Through Time is being written and its title is somewhere here (hidden), written in my part 2 of Drifting Through Time...


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