Monday, September 21, 2009

(Different Systems) and (Next Update Wishes) Polls Are Over

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've updated all the polls, and given you the results on old ones (that you probably don't remember, which will make this even more fun to look back on). But I have added two brand-new polls, and I am delivering the results now :)! Take a look at the results for the "Would you buy Pocket God if it was on a different system (choose a sysytem)" poll:

1st Place: Nintendo (DS or Wii) 64%
2nd Place: Computer 40%
3rd Place: Playstation (including PSP) 31%
4th Place: Only On Iphone! 26%
5th Place: Phones 22%
6th Place: Xbox 21%
7th Place: Other... 15%
8th Place: GameCube 13%
9th (Last) Place: I Hate Pocket God 4%

If you just read this and yelled at your computer, swigo8 your an idiot, the percentages are so off! They add up to over 200%, not 100%! Then your screaming what I'm screaming (partially). I think there may have been a bug in the system while I was away, so the percentages got all screwed up :p Anyway, that doesn't affect the results, of which I agree with them, and voted for Nintendo also :D
For those of you who said I hate Pocket God... your on the wrong site, and I know your just kidding. And for those who voted Other, leave a comment below and tell me what system you are talking about.

I know the "Next Update Wishes Poll" has been over for a while, but since I was gone for a long time, I'm just getting around to posting the results! This poll was pretty focused on a few answers, and I know that Davlan (Dave + Allan) have checked our blog, so this has definately helped them see what viewers want, and when they want it! Take a look at the results:

1st Place: More God Powers 42%
2nd Place: A New Location 26%
3rd Place: More Creatures 22%
4th Place: More Idols 2%
5th Place: A Crossover 2%
6th Place: More Achievements 1%
7th (Last) Place: A Mini-Game 1%

I wasn't shocked to find out that more than 40% of you guys want more god powers for this update, and even I voted for more god powers as well! Luckily for you guys the next update is gonna have more god powers (kinda), and also more creatures (kinda) :) Also for those of you who want ANOTHER new location, I think you'll be happy in about 3-4 updates... (look at the right side of Skull Island, it doesn't end, and the bushes are starting to get higher...)

Since these polls have ended, its time for 2 brand-new ones to start, to take a look at the right side of the blog to get voting :)

PS Stay tuned for the Pygmy Adventure Series Part 1: Drifting Through Time (it will most likely be released by tuesday/wednesday night!)! So keep checking back, and follow us if you haven't already :)


  1. The poll added up to over 100% cuz you could vote for mre than one option.

  2. Ohh, That makes sense, thank you.