Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glitches: Dead Pygmy Walking (part 1)

Hey guys, I know your probably wondering why I didn't post about glitches sooner, well I was trying to make sure I got ever last one of them, and put them in one easy place to find, instead of switching from blog to blog :) So without further ado, here are all the GOOD glitches in Dead Pygmy Walking *next update ill post them sooner, promise ;)*! Take a look:

Crazy Rod: Go to Egg Island, and only turn on the egg, the dino, and the fish. Then get a pygmy to pick up the fishing pole, and while he is fishing drop the egg on him. Then let him pick up the pole again, and then drop the egg on him again, and this time when he picks up the pole again, he will be in the water fishing or the rod will go crazy.
This can also happen, if you drop the egg on the pygmy when he has a fish on the line:

Invisible Spear: This next one happens at random times, so if you find out how to recreate it, let me know!

Popcorn Pygmy: Summon a vampire on Skull Island, then summon a pygmy also, and the vampire will try to attack the pygmy. But when the vampire tackles the pygmy, the pygmy will just bounce off of him, and land on the island. If you do this in the corners, the pygmy will bounce forever.
Put a pygmy in the grave, then throw him out, and he will bounce off the vampire into the grave etc...:

Transparent Pygmy: While the pygmys are spinning (from when you bring them underwater), quickly drag a piece of chum from the chum bucket, and drop it in the pygmys hands while they are spinning. The pygmy will become transparent, but will still be part of the game. If this doesn't work on the first try, be patient, timing is key, take a look:

Black Sky: This glitch makes Skull Island a lot creepier, but can be done on any island. Start on Skull Island, then make all your pymgys zombies, and then tap the screen repeatedly to make them dance. While they are dancing, use your other finger to press the storm button on and off really fast, then start dragging the sky quickly. Make sure the zombies don't stop dancing, and stop the dance at the right time, and the sky should turn dark black, but without the storm clouds there, take a look:
This can also happen, if you stop the sky at the right time:

Invincible Burnt-Pygmy: Put a pygmy in the fire, and make sure he becomes burnt. then take that pygmy to Skull Island, and put him in the grave, he should become alive again, take him out of the grave and he will be burnt. Then turn him into a zombie, and when he comes out he will be normal, and invincible, but if you touch him, he will become a zombie, and if you touch him again, he will disintegrate, take a look:

Ooga Zombie: Play Ooga Jump with a pygmy, and when he falls try and make him fall into the open grave (takes practice). When he lands into the grave, he will still be alive, and your Ooga Jump score will remain in the upper right corner. TURN GRAVITY ON! If you turn the screen upside-down when he is in the hole alive, he will fly out and the screen will be messed up. If you turn him into a zombie, then turn the screen upside-down then quickly back, he will not be able to move. And if you burry him halfway, then turn the screen upside-down and back quickly, he will fly out of the hole and many things can happen.
You can also "mess" the screen up so the water isn't visible but the clouds are if you Ooga Jump the pygmy into the grave, then tap him. He will fly out of the hole and then shoot up, and splat down like in Ooga Jump, and this will happen to the screen:

Where's My Wood: This glitch has been around forever and is still here! Turn the fire wood on/off really quickly, then switch islands really quickly, and this will happen above every island:

Storm Ooga Jump: Right before you drop the pygmy on the cloud, and as he is about to hit it, press the storm icon repeatedly, very quickly (takes practice), and your pygmy will either Ooga Jump on a white background:
Or, he will Ooga Jump while the storm icon is on:
Also, while he is falling, press the storm icon really quickly for a long time, and the pygmy will fall forever, take a look:

Wondering Spear: While the Dino is out on Egg Island, drop the spear in a pygmys hand, and while he is about to throw it, and begins to release, switch to Skull Island, and the spear will land there! (Thanks to spidey146 for the picture and glitch!), take a look:

P.S. I know there are many variations of the glitches I posted above, and also many glitches that make the app crash, and just some tiny glitches that don't really affect the game, but i decided not to post those, and let you find them by yourself by following these glitches, and doing your own variation ;)

If you have any glitches e-mail me at!

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