Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15k and some news

hey guys,

so there's still no news about the next update and the DPW. so here's some news that might interest you guys:

swigo is out for a while coz he's in a school trip and will not be posting for a while.

so since the counter has made it to 15k, i am going to announce our new segment here in this blog! swigo was supposed to be the one to tell you guys about this but... So our new segment here in the pygmy den is called The Pygmy Adventure Series!

so you might be wondering what this pygmy adventure is. Inspired by the_dude's idea, we are going to make a Three-Part Fanfic Series here in the blog. what is special about this Series is we dont even know what is going to happen next in the story! Swigo is the one who's going to start the story and ill continue it, then him, then me... so after the three chapters of the story, there wil be new stories, new adventures and many places to go. im sorry i ntroduced this in such a boring way coz im writing this post from a computer in our school and im in a hurry. the first story will probably be out soon by the end of the weekend.

the first story will be entitled: Drifting through Time!


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  1. Can I join the team? I have time for it...and I am REALLY bored. Can I PLEASE join the team?