Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fan Art (part 6: Viewers Special 1)

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to out viewers here at The Pygmy Den! Thanks guys for e-mailing your awesome pictures to me! Check out this awesome Pocket God-related art:

This first picture was drawn by braden.cmeyla, and features a pygmy on Octopus Island, check out the drawing t see what he's thinking!

This next photo was sent in by sylux024, and it's called Sumo Smackdown! Check out how the pygmys react when a Sumo-Pygmy gets dropped down on Egg Island XD!

This next photo was made by our very own pyromaniac, oldskooler81! Check out what happens when a pygmy starts playing with fire!

This picture was created by hdgreen, and it features a "quilt" of icons that he "sewed" together! He updates this every update, so check out the PGF if you wanna keep up with this!

This last picture was created by saintsalive, but I've done a bunch of modifications to it, such as adding the ant hill, anchor, piranhas, bat, shark, fish (in the water), and the meteor. Over the next few updates, I'm gonna add the laser shark, but not the pygmys, fire, logs, spear, or fishing pole unless you guys want them! I'll post this picture with it's updates every once in a while, so stay tuned ;) The new one has been made, and will be posted soon (new location...etc...)

Thanks to everyone who submitted fan art, and if anyone has anymore fan art, e-mail me!

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