Monday, September 28, 2009

Malcom's Ghostly Review!

Hey guys, the state of the island is now out and the update is going to be great!

Nice! Now that we found out what dave has been doing in two days, he finally released the new SOTI (State Of The Island). What I kinda don't like about SOTI is sometimes, dave talks about things I don't really care about. Like, who's Vicki and her boyfriend? No offense here dave but do we really need to know that? Sure it told us what have you been doing in the last two days but is it really that necessary?

For me, I really don't like the new title. A few days ago, he was choosing from Good Will Haunting, Pygmygeist, or An App Full of Boo. I liked the Pygmygeist better! DX The icon really looks cool BUT I think the icon looks very familiar. Remember what the vampire will do if sunset is upon him? But as I have said, it looks really cool and I have no idea how Allan does those icons with Flash.

The ghosts really sound cool! So if a pygmy dies in the Graveyard, it will do a lot of things right? I'm sure theres an icon toggling this feature on and off. I really look forward to this update because I really want to do something more with the Graveyard. I wonder what the ghost's idle animations are.

So the DLC packs! This will really help PG even if its just for the t-rex. Why? People have been begging for island customizations since the PG update: Idle Hands. The other thing people won't get are babies or girls. It wont come guys! This will really satisfy the people's requests...

So the update could come out on october 9, Dave has the game faster with their optimizations and they have befriended the guy behind geoDefense Swarm. Too bad im not smelling crossovers coz they already have The Creeps! as the Defense Type game.*

So, overall, I can't wait for this update, love the icon but it looks familiar, the update functionality is great and I need to earn myself 99 cents for the DLC packs.

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


NOTE: We are almost at 20,000 views and 100 posts!!! My god, we have come a long way!

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