Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malcom's In The House

Whoa! this frickin update, frickin sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their frickin heads is Frickin awesome! i had a feeling that it would come today. Welcome to the second part of Malcom's Dual Reviews!

So, the review. the mini-game's really good. i liked it better than the bait master mini-game. i thought that since the underwater area has a Map Icon, i thought it should have its own music. the shark should also have its laser gear in Dry Land. i also found some... abnormalities. when you give a chum to a pygmy in the LOWER part of the underwater area, the shark wont go after the pygmy. oh yeah! i forgot that this update is a double update to other people(i didnt have any problems with my iPod). the new idles are good (except the sneezing one. couldve been better) and if you guys want to challenge me, just add me up on Feint. the username is malcomjudd.

im still wondering what that Pocket God: Suicide Squad is. i have an idea about it. it can be a promotional(free) game of PG having a new game mechanic. kinda like the Quest of Knights of the game, Knights Onrush...



  1. Swigo here is what I could bring new to the team:

    walktrhoughs on how to get high scores on all the minigames.
    I could tell everyone to email me their fan art and I will post it here
    I could hold fan art contests.
    Help you guys if u accidentally mess up on something.
    Help with the site editor (if u guys want me to)

    if u think of anything more I could do then tell me :D

  2. That actually sounds pretty productive, and we do need help on those things, but the final decision is up to Malcom, b/c i decide on our last person, either way if you don' make it on the team, still submit your post ideas, and ill write them w; u and give u credit, b/c u seem like youd bring a lot to the table, and you seem smart :)

    thanks dude

  3. Thanks! That's how I did my old blog until I retired because of school. So did you ask Malcolm? Hope he says yes...

  4. He'll e-mail you, idk the answer, but good luck, he's tough

  5. Get ab account on the TA forums, and PM malcomjudd, thats the only way to contact him, or e-mail him

    make an account there, then PM malcomjudd