Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool Pictures (Wacky Bird Addition)

Hey guys, I'm still on my trip, but I have internet for like 5 minutes, so I'm in a hurry, sorry! I will be back before Monday and write the first part of the story (prequel) as soon as I get back! Great job running the blog while I've been gone Malcom! Anyway, I wrote this post a long time ago, so it's easy for me to post with a few edits. Anyway take a look at some crazy, "koo-koo" birds that take the spotlight in these photos:

This one is called: Boulder-Runner

I Spy... A Bird

Fishing For Birds (By Grace)

Part 11 will feature:
"Your Wish Is My Command"
A New Way To Make Fire!
Where's Dale?

If you have any cool photos, e-mail me at!

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