Friday, September 18, 2009

Update Out and Dual Reviews!

Hey guys! I just got from home yesterday from a school field trip and it was very boring. Good thing that when i got home, the new update is out and too bad swigo isnt here to play the new update. He is still on his school trip and has been sending messages to us from his friend's phone. XD!*
So the new update inculdes Zombie-Brain Eating Pygmies, a creepy new island with a creepy theme, and my favorite: the thriller dance! Anything else ive missed?*

So, the new update is out and it is better than a new home. Why? Coz in A New Home, the only things that were added are the new island, the outhouse and the egg which is boring.

The music is cool. No, not great. Just cool. Thats what i imagined they would do but i thought Davlan usually makes something unusual and unexpected. Oh well, i guess i was wrong.*

The new island is looking very nice. I like how they kinda put fog in the ocean but it would be better if the sky was more grayish. Yes, i know i can do that when turning the storm icon ON but it would be better if its permanent. The tree is not what i imagined but its perfect for the island. Thats what im talking about. Unexpected and Unusual of Davlan! So ive noticed two things in the island that might be future updates. The Web and The Other Gravestone. Obviously, the web is for the spider but i am hoping that the other grave is to turn the Pygmies into GHOSTS! Allan said there's this Horror Trilogy planned and i hope ghosts are in the 3 planned updates. Is the new tree very sturdy? The tree (or anything else) moves when i whip up a hurricane.*

The Zombie Pygmies are very cool. Except for the fact that they explode when someone touches them. It would be nice if the zombies can be God-Handled for a minute. That way users wont be able to complain much. I know why the zombies explode when they are God-Handled. Its because they will have to recode EVERYTHING*for the Zombies. I would also like to tell theunholyone's idea about the vampire vs. zombies. It could have three variations, a fight with the zombie winning, a fight with the vampire winning, a fight where both fails and falls into the water.

Dave has been asking us whether they should upgrade PG to 3.0 and i say, they should! Coz the upgrade is very cheap now and if they do wanna upgrade to 3.0 they should put a warnibg sign in the app description of the next update saying that theyll upgrade.

So far, the only clue we have for the next update is that it is Spooky! Allan has said it a couple of times and i still want ghost pygmies.*

My rating for this update is B+

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



  1. malcomjudd have you been on skippers tiny chat yet dave is on it now


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