Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Back and Busy!

What's up guys, I just got back from my field trip!!! and was checking over the blog, and I feel really confident that Malcom can run it pretty well without me, if I ever have to go away again, great job Malcom :)!
Anyway, I just got back, and immediately went and did four things:
1.) Update -> Sync -> Play Pocket God Episode 26: Dead Pygmy Walking, and I couldn't agree more with Malcom's Dual Review!
2.) Checked the TA Forums, and found out some pretty interesting news... and a lot of SPAM!
3.) Checked the blog, and was extremely happy with it, but I still gotta get some new polls going, write THE BRAND NEW STORY!!! and post a few things.
4.) I checked my e-mails, and to my surprise I had around 400 fan art and cool pictures e-mails :O!!! So I'm pretty busy right now, and you can expect the new story by Tuesday night (so keep checking back)!

With the new update out everyone is focusing on two awesome things... the next update (duh!), and the brand-new updated Pocket God World! Well, even with all my work, I managed to make the new PGWorld, so take a look at version 9.3:

(New features include: New location, expanded underwater, fixed doodler and clouds, new Pocket God sign, dug-up dirt, and extension to the boulder!)
(Click to enlarge)

Back to the news about the next update!
The title has been released, by Dave, and it is called Episode 27: Good Will Haunting!
The title is a spoof on the movie good-will hunting, but has nothing to do with that movie at all, Dave has already announced that it has to do with Ghosts, and the new update has 33 new animations! So Davlan (Dave + Allan) have their work cut-out for them.

P.S. Expect some brand-new posts, new stories, new polls, many glitches, new fan art, and cool pictures coming in these upcoming weeks! Malwig8 (tell me how that sounds) is busy!

P.P.S. The first part of The Pygmy Adventure Series will be entitled: Drifting Through Time!

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  1. Welcome back! And no one would have known about the 33 new animations if I hadn't asked him to chat!