Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Elements Idea!

Every once in a while, I bump into an amazing, new Pocket God idea that is so unique, I feel I have to post it, and today someone found just that, and it immediately grabbed my attention, so take a look:

As you can see, the image at the top is meant to be a finger, this would deactivate the ability to pick up and throw things (if you want to see how they live life without you)

Next is the fire button, when this is clickified, it allows you to touch something and watch it burn, if it is a pygmy, when you let go it may attempt to jump in the water, but it has to do it fast. You can also burn the tree, turning it into a black charred thing.

The next is the wind, easily controlled with just one finger, you swipe once to start getting the pygmies off balance, twice and some might fall over and the coconut falls out the tree and on the third swipe, unless they grab onto the tree, they will fly away!

Third is rocks, there are two kinds of rocks: stones and rocks(i am a genius). When you tap the screen with this selected a rock will fall, a rocks will knock a bonehead unconscious, whilst a stone will make them stumble around and maybe even fall of the island. If you drag down with your finger you should have a huge number of rocks fall on whoever is underneath, and they should have to rescue themselves, then the rocks will tumble into the water

Then last but not least is water. There is one way to use water, but it has a special link! If you tap on the island a puddle will appear, the pygmies will jump around in it and be happy and play in it hurray! But if you swipe along the island a much larger puddle will appear and if for any reason they are not walking normally, they will slip up. Also you can electrocute the puddle,meaning anyone in it will go bye-bye (also the shark would stay in the puddle for a while, so you can now get revenge. Thanks, hope you like my ideas!

Keep the awesome new ideas and fan art coming! Also stay tuned for our brand-new idea that has never been done before! Also stay-tuned for our brand-new thread, and upcoming contest! It's gonna be a great september for the Pygmy Den! :D

BTW if anyone here can help get our site become a mobile version let us know, and we will give you a reward!

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